One that the numerous gimmick matches the The Undertaker took part in was the buried Alive match, which first debuted at In Your house 11 in 1996. To win the match, you had actually to bury your enemy alive by tossing him right into a grave and also then dumping dust on him.The very first Buried Alive match saw The Undertaker take it on Mick Foley, who talked v Inside The Ropes about how they initially pulled it off. Foley revealed that there was a type of underground layer in ~ the grave, complete with an oxygen tank.“I acquire chokeslammed and I walk in there, and also Undertaker beginning shoveling that planet on me. I don’t care if they have actually a mask to breath in or not, it’s a scary feeling,” Foley said.“He’s extending me v earth and also I’m being buried alive. Come this day, ns think Dale Doback and also Brennan Huff owe me a debt of gratitude. There’s no means they ask each various other alive in action Brothers; yes sir no way!”Foley then provided that the Executioner who had actually joined him versus The Undertaker fight Taker v a shovel. The Executioner then helped pull Foley the end of the grave and also tossed The Undertaker into it.“He traction me out of the grave, and I’m no acting as soon as I come the end of there gasping for breath. After 17 minutes of tough work and being hidden alive, now we have to figure out how to fill a 6 foot x 8 foot x 4 foot feet with earth in 5 minutes of TV time,” said Foley. “There’s a reason why every subsequent hidden Alive complement has had actually a backhoe to simply push the planet in there.“It’s me and the Executioner, and then man Bradshaw Layfield pertains to help, and Triple H together well. Slowly however surely we’re extending that earth, and also at a specific point, they go a magician switch-a-roo where the live body went into the secret layer, and also they lugged out a second shelf the was filled v earth.”Foley recalled see a dad in the group trying to comfort his child, together the two assumed they just saw a person being hidden alive. He also detailed that for these In Your home PPVs, over there were frequently dark matches the took ar in enhancement to the televised card.“In this case, we bury The Undertaker alive, at which point, a bolt of lightning comes down from the scoreboard in industry Square Arena and also strikes the planet not 3 feet from where I stand,” stated Foley.

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“The Undertaker’s hand come up indigenous the earth, and also Jim Ross goes, ‘He’s alive! The Undertaker’s alive!’ The display goes off the air, and also The Undertaker’s hand come down, and out to the ring walk The new Rockers to confront The Bushwhackers.“You’d think in ~ the really least, they’d have actually a team that EMTs digging out The Undertaker before they continue. Nope! simply pretend girlfriend didn’t check out that.”


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