I have been debating this deep thoughtful question all morning.  I chose to Google the (no i am no going to make 'Google' a connect - if you do not know what that method - gain a shovel and also dig yourself the end of that deep black hole you are living in).  I discovered a hysterical (long) thread on this really topic on one of my fav scrappy web page - two Peas in a Bucket.  You can read the thread HERE.  Evidently they too ponder such things.

I am going come go through HOOT..I chosen whoo and hoo and also woo too, but I think 'HOOT\" is the best technique here.  What carry out you think?


So I ultimately made part Owl tards.  If you space hitting this and know nothing about me - friend are probably thinking come yourself..  \"ok.. This genius misspelled cards..\"  ummm..read THIS post and also then that will come to be perfectly clear that you were best on one of those 2 thoughts.  No ns am not a genius and also yes ns misspelled cards - however with a crafty function in mind - therefore it's allowed!

So rapid story (snort) and also then I'll offer you the cards (you gotta endure a small with me first).  This owl card pic is the critical one ns took with my camera prior to my lens decided to separate itself indigenous the camera and also take that lengthy lens trip to the ar lenses walk to die.  i was required to bespeak a brand-new lens (it to be painful in the pocketbook - however I did that anyway). 

So how did this pertained to pass you might be asking yourself (and if you space not walk ahead and skip come the following paragraph).  I decided to set my light crate up in the toilet (so maybe I to be a genius after ~ all).  I had actually a perfect space for the in the craft room yet decided the the guest bathroom to be going come waste (no pun intended - i swears).  somehow it got captured on a drawer handle and went crashing come the floor.  it was no a slow movement kind of point (like you always hear human being talking about).  It was in my hand one minute (not - ns repeat not strapped about my neck favor a great little photographer) and also the next break-up millisecond it was in two pieces top top the floor v these cute little plastic circle things laying all roughly it like small bodies.  RonChops called to me ever before so lovingly from the kitchen..  \"ummmm...that did no sound good.  Was that what ns think it was???\"  He had actually to repeat himself because somewhere in over there someone yelled a fairly loud expletive (I think it to be DogChops...but ns cannot it is in sure).  My brand-new lens gets right here today (I hope).  If does not - you room going to need to put up v some dog photos or perhaps some shots of mine yard.  i dunno. Over there is a nervous in the crafty force-a-brewing.  Spooky!

So without further delay...Owl Tards (PDF format).  Make sure you check out this post HERE therefore you get some nifty advice on just how to reduced them out and also this short article HERE on how to do them right into cards!  

Circle Owl TardsA B C D E F G H ns J K l M N O ns Q R S T U V W X Y Z BLANK

Scallop Owl TardsA B C D E F G H i J K l M N O p Q R S T U V W X Y Z BLANK

Right now the following batch will certainly be the Henny coin Orange ones..  a distinct request indigenous my new friend coin from Sew take it a Hike.  carry out you think Grizzly or shining Flowers have to come next after Henny Penny?  allow me know!


P.S.  You have actually just a few hours left to go into my giveaway this week!  that ends tonight at 9CST.  You have the right to see what ns am offering away HERE.  You recognize you desire that rock!