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‘The pilgrimage is significant down together a return journey, but it is not well-known when he went ago to the capital.’‘He was halfway through on his return journey when a irradiate flicked on in the passageway.’‘I bought a document on the return journey last night and had a walk at the crossword.’‘I would finish each job dripping through sweat, the return journey was nearly all increase hill.’‘We follow the mysterious trip of a male who walks right into a city that rejects him.’‘Of course not all train journeys room mere holiday excursions set on for the benefit of time-rich tourists.’‘Jumbo jets the fly passengers on lengthy haul journeys throughout the world will not be comes to Southampton Airport.’‘To include insult to injury, numerous journeys can be to walk in 20 minutes or less.’‘Several travelled long journeys to pay your respects and also sympathize through the family.’‘This is no a difficulty on brief journeys but on a lengthy haul it have the right to literally become a ache in the neck.’‘The very first part the my trip was the train journey from Edinburgh come London v a stinking cold.’‘It was also said the one leg of a to plan flight affiliated a trip from Manchester.’‘It may be a lengthy journey, but a trip of a thousands miles begins with one step.’‘I had to gain off the bus halfway v my journey, find one more bus and return house to check.’‘Often his journeys involve lengthy treks with remote regions, providing him time to look and also think.’‘Travelling to and from work additionally frequently entails long journeys in a resolved position.’‘Passengers to be warned to leave extra time for their journeys yet some civilization missed their flights.’‘I go on two train journeys, the an initial to go and visit my mother, and also the second to go back to London again.’‘It method rail passengers will no longer need to transfer to buses because that journeys about Stockport.’‘The trip begins and also ends in London, and also has stops in 30 cities along the way.’