A repertoire of useful phrases in Slovenian, a south Slavic language spoken in Slovenian, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Key to abbreviations: sg = singular (said to one person), pl = many (said to more than one person), inf = informal, frm = formal, m = claimed by men, f = stated by women

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Englishslovenščina (Slovenian)
Welcome Dobrodošli
Hello (General greeting) Pozdravljeni Živjo Zdravo (in cities)
Hello (on phone) Halo
How space you? Kako se imate? (frm) Kako se imaš? (inf)
Reply to 'How room you?' Dobro, hvala, in vi? (frm) Dobro, hvala, in ti? (inf)
What's your name? Kako ti je ime? (inf) Kako vam je ime? (frm)
My name is ... Ime mi je ...
Where are you from? Od kod ste? (frm/pl) Od kod si? (inf)
I'm native ... Sem iz ...
Pleased to accomplish you Me veseli
Good morning (Morning greeting) Dobro jutro (until 8am) Dober dan (from 8am until sunset)
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Dober dan (from 8am until sunset)
Good night (Evening greeting) Dober večer
Good night Lahko noč
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Nasvidenje Zbogom Zdravo Adijo
Good luck! Srečno
Cheers! great Health! (Toasts supplied when drinking) Na zdravje! (to your health) Živeli
Have a nice day Lep dan vam želim! (frm) Lep dan ti želim! (inf)
Bon appetit / have actually a pretty meal Dober tek!
Bon trip / have a an excellent journey Srečno Srečno pot
Yes Da
No Ne
Maybe Mogoče
I don't know Ne vem
I understand Razumem
I don't understand Ne razumem
Please speak more slowly Govorite, prosim, bolj počasí (frm) Govorite počasí, prosim (frm) Govorite počasneje, prosim (frm) Prosim, govorite počasneje (frm) Govori počasneje, prosim (inf) Prosim, govori počasneje (inf)
Please say that again Lahko ponovite? Lahko ponovite, prosim?
Please write it down Lahko come napišete, prosim? Ali napišete?
Do friend speak English? Govorite angleško? Ali govorite angleško?
Do you speak Slovenian? Ali govorite slovensko?
Yes, a little(reply to 'Do girlfriend speak ...?') Ja, malo
Do friend speak a language various other than Slovenian? Ali govorite samo slovensko? (frm) Ali govoriš samo slovensko? (inf)
How carry out you speak ... In Slovenian? Kako se reče po slovensko ...?
Excuse me Oprostite (frm) Oprosti (inf)
Sorry Oprostite (frm) Oprosti (inf)
How much is this? Koliko je to? Koliko to stane?
Please Prosim
Thank you Hvala Hvala lepa Najlepša hvala
Reply to give thanks to you Prosim Ni za kaj
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Kje imate stranišče?
This gentleman will certainly pay for everything Ta gospod bo plačal vse
This lady will certainly pay for everything Ta gospa bo plačala vse
Would you prefer to dance through me? Bi radi plesali z mano? (inf) Smem prositi za ples? (frm)
I miss out on you Pogrešam te
I love you Ljubim dare (m/f) Rad car imam (m) Rada te imam (f)
Get fine soon Čimprej se pozdravi
Go away! Pojdi stran!
Leave me alone! Pustite me na miru! Pustite me pri miru!
Help! Na pomoč!
Fire! Gori!
Stop! Ustavite se! (frm) Ustavi se! (inf)
Call the police! Pokliči policijo! (inf) Pokličite policijo! (frm)
Christmas greetings Vesel božič
New Year greetings Srečno novo leto
Easter greetings Vesele velikonočne praznike
Birthday greetings Vse najboljše Vse najboljše za rojstni dan
Congratulations! Čestitke!
My hovercraft is complete of eels Moje vozilo na zračni blazini je polno jegulj
One language is never ever enough En jezik ni nikoli dovolj

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Collections of Slovenian paragraph (some v audio) http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/other/quickfix/slovene.shtml http://www.ijs.si/lit/slovene.html http://www.101languages.net/slovenian/basics.html

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