The way we ask and also tell period in Spanish is in reality quite different from exactly how we do it in English. In English, we usage the verb to be. Us say "I"m twenty-five years old." we ask "How old room you?"

In Spanish we carry out not usage the verb to be to ask and tell our age. Us actually use the verb to have. If us were come tell our period the method they execute in Spanish, it would go something choose this: "I have twenty-five years." or "How numerous years do you have?"


It can sound strange to us English speakers, however this is in reality the way many languages attend to the principle of age.

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Alright, currently that we understand in what form we ask and also tell age, let"s perform it in Spanish. We need to know how to to speak "to have." that verb is tener.

Tener is known as a stem-changing verb, it"s irregular, and also it"s a go verb. I have other lessons the go end what those terms mean, so ns won"t define them all here.

We conjugate tener in the following way:

yo tengo- ns havetú tienes - girlfriend haveél/ella/usted tiene - he/she/you (formal) havenosotros(as) tenemos - us havevosotros(as) tenéis - you every (Spain) haveustedes/ellos(as) tienen - you every (Latin America + Spain(but formal in Spain)/they have


Now, favor I declared above, in Spanish we would certainly say "I have actually twenty-five years" and would questioning "How numerous years execute you have?" so let"s watch some instances of various subjects asking and also telling around age.

Yo tengo veinticinco años = i am twenty-five years old.¿Cuántos años tienes tú? = how old space you (informal)?Mi mamá tiene cuarenta y cinco años = My mother is forty-five years old.Nosotros tenemos diez y quince años = We room ten and also fifteen years old.Vosotros, ¿cuántos años tenéis? = You every (Spain), exactly how old space you?Ellos tienen más de cincuenta años. = They room older 보다 fifty.

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This is a lesson whereby you need to understand your numbers, for this reason go evaluation those and find out just how to say your period so you can tell anyone you know!!!!

Again, this is the formula for exactly how to tell her age:

"Yo tengo ________ años." = ns am _______ years old.

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