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If we had to name factors to adore and also learn Hungarian, its ethereal descriptions and also refined distinctions because that the most basic things would definitely be high on ours list. The language periodically throws words in ~ you for situations, personal traits and also actions you weren’t even consciously mindful of for this reason far. At various other times, you’ll realise that you just learned a brand-new vocab you were often desperately searching for in English.

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After analysis our favourite 23 native that carry out not exist in English, you’ll discover that the can absolutely fill some gaping holes you might’ve felt in other languages therefore far. Here we go:

1. Szerelem (n.) – Romantic Love

The Hungarian Language has actually two separate words because that love. Among them – szeretet – you deserve to feel towards everyone. You deserve to szeret your children, her dog or your life. Yet this special word – szerelem – is a feeling just reserved for your partner or the person you want as her partner. Girlfriend can definitely not szeret your dog through szerelem! but you can still szeret her partner, despite – v szerelem, ideally. Hope you acquire the idea!

Example Sentence: Csodálatos szerelem; tiéd vagyok, kedvesem.

Meaning: Wonderful romantic-love; I’m yours, my darling.

Literally: Wonderful romantic-love; your am-I, darling-my.


Lots the “szerelem”-locks

2. Tutyimutyi (n. & adj.) – a Weak-Willed person who fear Every Action

A tutyimutyi human being is a person with a weak will and also a details inability to take action. He move super carefully through life and is constantly fear of make mistakes. However tutyimutyi is even an ext than that – it additionally refers come the physics behaviour that that human – his activities are rather careful yet still inept. And since he fears to do a wrong motion this is precisely what happens all the time. Yes, you guessed right: being tutyimutyi is definitely no preferable trait!

Example Sentence: A tutyimutyi ember csak akkor csinál bármit is, ha ráparancsolnak.

Meaning: A tutyimutyi human being will only do anything if someone commands him to.

Literally: The tutyimutyi person only then does anything, if on-commanded.

3. Elvágyódás (n.) – The Desire to acquire Away from whereby You right now Are

If you know the word “wanderlust” you’re currently close to the Hungarian “elvágyódás”. Yet while wanderlust defines the concrete desire to travel, “elvágyódás” is no really around travelling, but the feeling of wanting to obtain out and away. It’s no as energetic and doesn’t have zest for action wanderlust has and also is not necessarily around a place. Girlfriend can also “elvágyódni” in another time or era. All in all, it’s a rather melancholic emotion of lacking something that you’re no sure around where in the world to find and wanting to escape your present reality. Sigh.

Example Sentence: Él bennem egy állandó elvágyódás a jelenből térben és időben.

Meaning: There is a constant feeling within of me the I want to gain away indigenous the existing – in room and in time.

Literally: Lives inside-of-me a continuous wanting-to-get-away-feeling the future-out-of the time-in and space-in.


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4. Aranyhíd & Ezüsthíd (n.) – The have fun of the setup or increasing Sun and also Moon in the Water

Let’s stick come the romantic stuff. Aranyhíd literally equates to “golden bridge” and also is together romantic as it gets. A beautiful word, though! It explains the have fun of the rising or setup sun in the water which actually looks choose a glittering bridge spanning throughout the two financial institutions of a lake or river. Friend can catch the many beautiful gold bridges in Hungary in ~ Lake Balaton – friend will almost feel choose at the sea through the right mindset. Check out for you yourself below!

The term because that the reflection of the moon on the other hand is “ezüsthíd” which literally way silver bridge. Isn’t that lovely?!

Example Sentence: Az aranyhíd a nap tükröződése a vízen, amely fényes sávot képez az egyik parttól a másikig.

Meaning: A gold bridge is the enjoy of the sunlight in the water which create a shiny path from one bank to the other.

Literally: The golden-bridge the sun reflection-of the water-on, which shiny path(acc.) generates the one bank-from the other-to.


Aranyhíd in ~ Lake Balaton

5. Báty, Öcs, Nővér and also Húg (n.) – four Shades the Siblings

In Hungary, we don’t to speak elder or younger brothers or sister. Us instead have a different word for each that them. Her “báty” is her elder brother and your “öcs” or “öcsi” is the younger one. Her elder sister is your “nővér” (which is also the word for nurse, through the way) and – girlfriend guessed right – her younger sister is her “húg”. The word for sibling on the other hand is “testvér”, literally translating come “body-blood”. A typical example for three words through one stone!

Example Sentence: A húgom (öcsém / bátyám / nővérem) a legjobb barátom.

Meaning: my younger sister (younger brothers / older brother / older sister) is my ideal friend.

Literally: The younger-sister-my (younger-brother-my / older-brother-my / older-sister-my) the finest friend-my.

6. Hiányérzet (n.) – The feeling that Something that You can not Really surname is Missing

Hiányérzet defines a feeling of missing something the you cannot yes, really pinpoint. Imagine you simply read a publication that to be good, but somehow not outstanding. If someone asks friend what you didn’t like about it, girlfriend cannot also tell – girlfriend missed other – probably a much better ending or better characters. That’s once you have “hiányérzet”.

I’m certain you know that feeling once you just packed her backpack and also left the flat for your next travel, however you have actually the feeling and also you’re almost sure the you forgot something. That’s one more kind of “hiányérzet”. It’s the intuition that something’s missing, however you are not sure, what.

Example Sentence: Hiányérzetem van; tuti otthon hagytam valamit.

Meaning: I have actually hiányérzet; I’m certain I left something in ~ home.

Literally: Hiányérzet-my is; sure at-home left-I something(acc.).

7. Káröröm (n.) – The Happiness around Someone Else’s injury / Misfortune

Do you understand that feeling once you are covertly happy if something poor happens to someone else? Don’t worry, you’re no the just evil person! appears like numerous Hungarians feeling the same and therefore created an own word because that for this: “Káröröm” literally converts to “damage-joy”. It’s commonly accompanied by the emotion of envy though – don’t we wish only bad luck to those who room usually top top a lucky stream your whole entire life and also rub it in our deals with the whole time?!

Example Sentence: A legszebb öröm a káröröm.

Meaning: The biggest joy is “damage-joy”.

Literally: The most-beautiful delight the damage-joy.

8. Elmosolyodik (v.) – The act of beginning to smile (in a Really ethereal Way)

“Mosoly” is words for smile, however to “elmosolyodni” is something a lot more subtle than a full, bright smile. It’s rather a microexpression forming about your lips which commonly happens when you didn’t discover something funny in the first place, however somehow still can’t help but smile at the end.

Example Sentence: A végén mégis elmosolyodtam.

Meaning: In the end, I had started to laugh after all.

Literally: The end-on, nevertheless started-to-smile-I.


She just had actually to elmosolyodni in ~ the end.

9. Bezzeg (adv.) – A filling Word friend Use when You Name instances of just how Others to be Treated in different ways Than you (Unjustly)

“Bezzeg” is super difficult to describe and also we’re in reality struggling as we’re writing this, so if you have the right to come up with a far better explanation, don’t hesitate come comment it!

Anyways, below we go:

Let’s speak a partner of yours gets a value raise and you don’t – unjustly, as you feel. In Hungarian, you would tell her friends something choose “I didn’t gain a raise, bezzeg my colleague did!” In this case, “bezzeg” would be comparable to “but”, however in English you would need a certain tone in your voice come make her dissatisfaction clear. Bezzeg already bears this negativity of being treated unjustly.

But bezzeg can also mean so many things much more – Hungarians use it come highlight details claims or to teach a lesson in a subtly teasing way, together in: “You didn’t desire to date me ago then, bezzeg now that I became famous friend do!” here again, it’s similar to “but”, yet bears a specific kind the negativity and also has an education tone.

Then over there is additionally the verb”bezzegezik” (to “bezzeg”) which method to frequently and also repeatedly to speak “bezzeg”, an interpretation that you can’t stop comparing your instance to others’ and also feel that you’re worse off. Yet it can also mean the simply everything is bad nowadays, as compared to the past: “Bezzeg 20 years ago people were more polite!”, “Bezzeg when I was young, every little thing was an ext affordable!” The last is mostly done by larger people, who cannot expropriate that life transforms over the years.

This is just one of those native you more than likely need to acquire a details feeling in bespeak to use it correctly.

Example Sentence: Már megint nem kaptam fizetésemelést, bezzeg a kollégám kapott.

Meaning: I didn’t get a salary raise again, however my partner did, the course.

Literally: Again not did-get-I salary-raise(acc.) but-of-course(ironic) the colleague-mine got.

10. Házisárkány (n.) – domestic Dragon, aka your better Half

Házisárkány literally translates to domestic dragon and also is a lovely nickname for your mam at home. Don’t worry, despite – we don’t understand of anyone that would earnestly usage this word to describe his much better half. It’s fairly ironic and a not authorised joke and we strongly encourage girlfriend to save treating it together such! This word probably emerged due to the fact that of the stereotype the the nagging and constantly dissatisfied housewife.

Example Sentence: A házisárkány soha nincs megelégedve.

Meaning: A domestic dragon is never satisfied.

Literally: The domestic-dragon never ever is-not satisfied.

11. Mentegetőzik & Szabadkozik (v.) – To define Oneself after a Lazy or not correct Behaviour

Here is a prime instance of also two Magyar words for which English has actually none: “Mentegetőzik” and also “szabadkozik” both median the very same thing: the attempt to describe oneself after ~ behaving improperly or conducting a lazy job-related or being accused the such.

We all understand that instance when you speak to someone on your faults and mistakes and also that human being starts to come up through a thousands words and also excuses for why he has actually done points that way. Still, in the end, none of the excuses is legit and a weird and awkward situation emerges.”Mentegetőzik” and also “szabadkozik” room the words for describing this chain the explanations, words and also excuses.

You deserve to “mentegetőzni and “szabadkozni” also legitely, though! the happens as soon as someone accuses you for behaving improperly, choose talking behind someone’s ago or act lazy work, although you room not actually guilty of any of this. To define yourself, also if friend haven’t done anything wrong is another kind of “mentegetőzni and also “szabadkozni”.

Example Sentence: A kollégám állandóan csak mentegetőzik / szabadkozik, ahelyett, hogy rendesen dolgozna.

Meaning: My colleague is constantly excusing himself instead of functioning properly.

Literally: The colleague-my constantly just excuse-himself, instead-of, the orderly working-would-he.

12. Nincs & Sincs (v.) – The Words because that Non-Existence

Nincs & sincs both fill a gaping feet by relenten the same and also – as much as we recognize – only exist in Hungarian. Nincs method the absence of something, while sincs describes the lack of something further. Castle literally interpret to “there isn’t something” and “there isn’t that other something either”. Confused? The following instance will carry out the trick:

Example Sentence: -Van kávé? -Nincs. -És tea? – Az sincs.

Meaning: -Is over there coffee? -No, over there isn’t. -And tea? – No, there isn’t tea either.

Literally: – Is over there coffee?- No, there isn’t. -And tea? -That isn’t either.

Note that both nincs & sincs additionally have a plural, which are “nincsenek” & “sincsenek”. In the case, you’re referring to the lack of multiple things, and multiple further things.

13. Irgum-Burgum (interjection) – an Expression of playful Anger, greatly Used through Children

We love irgum-burgum – it’s such a nice and playful word! It’s among the so-called Hungarian interjections and is a indigenous of simulated anger and also one for an north threat. If your boy behaves improperly, girlfriend will call on him speak irgum-burgum! What friend actually mean is “stop act that, ideal now”, yet your tone will expose that you actually cannot be angry. We have no idea that the origin of the word, however if you to speak it the end loud the sounds like the humming that a bear. Awesome!

Example Sentence: Irgum-burgum, mindjárt megharagszom.

Meaning: Irgum-burgum, I’m gonna it is in mad soon.

Literally: Irgum-burgum, shortly mad-going-to-be-I.

14. Piszmog (v.) – to work-related only Seemingly and also without a actual Purpose

This is probably the colleague the gets ~ above the nerves that everyone. Us all know that human in the office that spends fifty percent of his working hours on facebook and is busy yet not productive the other half. Still, nobody really appears to notice, since he or she is hiding this nice well. That’s specifically the plot of “piszmogás” – to always keep up appearances but actually not contributing anything helpful work-wise. To “piszmog” doesn’t always happen ~ above purpose, though – some civilization are simply too detail-oriented and also get shed in the not important things method too much, so the they are merely incapable of working productively and also in a result-oriented way.

Example Sentence: Ne piszmogj, dolgozz rendesen!

Meaning: Stop piszmog-ing and start functioning properly!

Literally: not piszmog-you, work-you properly!

15. Bumfordi (n. & adj.) – Someone that is Slow and also Inept in Both Mind and also Physical Movement

Bumfordi is one more word you certainly shouldn’t target for. It defines someone whose motion is inept and also slow, when his or her mind is largely not the sharpest, either. It’s used for world who just cannot get it ideal – neither mentally, no one physically. This doesn’t average that they have negative intentions but somehow castle were amongst the last as soon as dexterity and also savvy to be distributed.

This indigenous is also often supplied for people, pets or points that are merely huge. A dog deserve to be bumfordi, and a 2m-high and 1m-wide person. And even a huge cupboard indigenous grandma’s times.

Example Sentence: Egy bumfordi folyamatosan rálépett a lábamra a buszon.

Meaning: A bumfordi was constantly stepping on my feet ~ above the bus.

Literally: One bumfordi continually stepped the feet-my-on the bus-on.

16. Nebáncsvirág (n.) – A Super-Easily Offended Person

A “nebáncsvirág” official is a touch-me-not plant, however in Hungarian, this botanical term literally translates to hurt-me-not-flower. As you sure have thought thought, Hungarians don’t just use the hatchet in its factory sense. A “nebáncsvirág” is additionally a person, who is offended super-easily, starts crying yes, really quickly and also is just not created this cruel human being that us live in. We usage it likewise for civilization who blush yes, really quickly and also don’t have a sense for dirty jokes and also humour.

Example Sentence: A kis nebáncsvirág azonnal sírva fakadt, amikor emelt hangon szóltak hozzá.

Meaning: The little hurt-me-not-flower began to cry instantly, when someone talked to her with a raised voice.

Literally: The little hurt-me-not-flower soon cry started, when elevated voice-on talked-they to-her.

17. Kertel (v.) – to talk Your means Around Something; to avoid the Answer come a certain Question

To “kertel” literally way to garden – us guess this way that rather of act the house, you execute the garden and don’t acquire to the core of things. A human being who “kertel” will certainly answer a very straightforward question v 100 sentence of i beg your pardon none will make really sense. Another method of “kertel” is to constantly adjust the topic and avoid a particular issue. A an extremely popular and common task among politicians!

Example Sentence: A politikus kertel, amikor a tavalyi választási ígéreteiről kérdezik.

Meaning: The politician is kertel-ing, when asked about last year’s choice promises.

Literally: The politician kertel, once the last-years election-y promises-of ask-they.

18. Pihentagyú (n. & adj.) – A person Who has a an extremely Tiring sense of Humour

We all know that person who speak super lame jokes every the time and also never seems to tires of them? In Hungarian we have a word for them! Pihentagyú literally converts to “well-rested brain”, probably an interpretation that this people’s brain will never get tired of their own jokes. Still, they will know how to tire you really quickly and also effectively.

On the various other hand, a pihentagyú human being is additionally known because that finding in which method weird but innovative services for every little thing – they just think in a method other civilization probably wouldn’t. The hatchet is no entirely negative after every – somehow, everyone requirements a pihentagyú person in their lives.

If “pihentagyú” is too lengthy for you, you can simply go with “pihent” which way “rested”. You can apply it to tired jokes, tired people and everything else the is just lame however somehow quiet funny.

Here are 19 things only a pihentagyú human would perform – they will certainly sure offer you a great idea about what this ax is every about!

Example Sentence: A pihentagyúak mindenből viccet tudnak csinálni és mindenre valve megoldásuk.

Meaning: The pihentagyú persons deserve to make a joke the end of everything and also they have solutions for everything.

Literally: The pihentagyú-s everything-of joke(acc.) can-they make and also everything-for have solutions.

19. Megcsörget – come Ring who on your Cell only once So the they call You back and you Don’t acquire to Spend any kind of Money

With ever-decreasing call-prices and cost-free roaming this is a rather diminishing term however trust us – it play a really big role a few years ago! to “megcsörgetni” someone method to ring their cellphone only as soon as or twice and also hope because that a speak to back, so the the ringer doesn’t get to spend any kind of money top top minutes.

Fun fact: a couple of years ago, you can even send a cost-free text post to someone asking for a ringback. An extremely popular at times when many of united state went v pre-paid SIM-cards!

Example Sentence: A barátom már megint csak megcsörgetett – biztos nincs már pénz a telefonján.

Meaning: My friend simply “megcsörget” me again – i guess the doesn’t have any kind of money left on his phone.

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Literally: The friend-my again just rang-me-up – sure there-is-no money phone-on-his.