If you room planning on booking flights come Malta, climate you might be wonder what language the locals speak. Discover some helpful phrases.

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If you space planning on booking flights come Malta, then you might be wonder what language the locals speak. The Maltese population speaks English to a relatively high degree, but did you recognize that they also have their very own language too? The bi-lingual Maltese world will be an ext than happy come speak come you in English. Saying that, it’s always nice to discover a few local words and phrases to slip right into conversation.


The Maltese language is an amazing mixture the Arabic, Italian, and also English, and it’s the just Semitic language written in Latin letters. A the majority of the pronunciations have Arabic origins making them daunting for europe language speakers to master. However, the local human being will constantly appreciate friend making the effort to speak in their mother tongue. Check out on the discover a perform of several of the most beneficial phrases the you should learn prior to coming come visit the wonderful archipelago of Malta!

Maltese Phrase

Phonetic Pronunciation

English Meaning















Good morning

Kif int?

Kiff int

How are you?

Jien tajjeb grazzi (M)

Yee-in tai-yeb, grats-ee

I’m fine, say thanks to you

Jiena tajba grazzi (F)

Yee-ina tai-ba, grats-ee

I’m fine, say thanks to you.



What is her name?



My name is…

Għandi pjaċir

Aan-dee pya-cheer

Nice to accomplish you

Jekk jogħġbok

Yek yoh-jbok


Grazzi ħafna

Grats-ee hawf-na

Thank you really much

Mhux problema

Mush prob-lay-muh

No problem (you’re welcome)

Ma nifhimx

Maa ni-fimsh

I nothing understand

Titkellem bl-Ingliz

Tit-kell-em blin-gleez

Do girlfriend speak English?



Goodbye (informal)





As you have the right to see, it deserve to be somewhat difficult to obtain to grips through the language, mainly, as mentioned, due to the fact that of that Arabic roots. However you can also plainly see the impacts of other European languages with words such together “problema” and “bonġu”, which have phonetic similarities to Italian and also English.

Of course, with such a high level the English in Malta, no one is expecting girlfriend to it is in fluent prior to you arrive. If, however, you have the right to drop a couple of Maltese words right into a conversation through a local, climate you will notice that it bring a cheerful smile and also look of surprise to your face. By doing so, you’re reflecting the locals that you respect that they have their own distinctive language and culture. Walk the extra mile choose this makes all the distinction to the neighborhood population.

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Visiting Malta is an incredible experience and also you will be spoilt for choice when it involves fun points to see and do. Perhaps before you plan your second, third, or 4th trip, you deserve to spend a bit an ext time to brush up her Maltese language an abilities and go past this list of beneficial phrases.