Visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, and also Curacao have the right to be a dream come true to some. Imagine you yourself strolling throughout the white sandy shorelines of clear jade waters in Aruba’s breathtaking beaches through your love ones — yup, the a satisfying way to unwind and also let her hair down during a vacation.

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Yet, your expedition may also be more meaningful if you dive into the culture of the country you visit. What if a Dutch aboriginal speaker greeted you but you have no idea what lock said? friend can try learning their language; the the most basic and an essential step you deserve to do in understanding a new culture. So, if girlfriend stick approximately in today’s blog, you’ll know some an easy Dutch greetings that the natives constantly use.

Dutch Greetings: how To say Hello In Dutch


Apart from the common handshakes and cheek kissing (which are also common in Malay and also Serbian greetings), there room various means to to speak hello in Dutch. In today’s lesson, let’s see what are the words and phrases supplied in netherlands greetings.

1) Hallo — Hello

Yes — every society has this generic way of saying hello and also in Dutch, it’s hallo! If you speak English, climate you’d certainly have no problem remembering this word. Hallo suits largely all occasions — that the common, universal way to speak hello in Dutch.

2) Hoi — Hi

This one is rather casual. You can use it around with those she close with — friends, families, and also colleagues.

3) Hey!

Similar to hi, this is another way of greeting a friend. Most of girlfriend would just casually say hey when you watch your friends. That a remark the will help you appear more friendly and approachable to the native community.

4) Yo!

A most youngsters and also millennials choose this kind of greeting. The a renowned English slang that has apparently been supplied by people all roughly the globe, consisting of the Dutch.

5) Goedendag — good day

A good way that greeting people during the daytime. Feel totally free to roam approximately the Netherlands while greeting world with ‘Good day’ by saying goedendag.

6) Goedemorgen — good morning

If you desire to speak hello to someone in the morning, you can greet them with a smile and also say great morning; goedemorgen! You would hear a the majority of these particular words in tourist attractions like shops, restaurants, museums, and hotels. Sometimes, this great morning phrase is reduce to only morgen. It’s generally used by the netherlands to greet who they’re much less acquainted with, for this reason it’s a an ideal word for you to address an excellent morning to strangers, authorities, and also superiors.

7) Goedenmiddag — great afternoon

Similar to an excellent morning, you can say goedenmiddag come greet civilization past 12 p.m. Sometimes, it’s additionally abbreviated to middag, which essentially means the exact same thing; an excellent afternoon.

8) Goedenavond — an excellent evening

As daylight move to nighttime, it’s much better for you come greet a human by saying an excellent evening; goedenavond, i m sorry means great evening in Dutch.

9) Hoe gaat het met u? — just how are you? (formal)

After greeting your remarkable or a stranger through a hello or hello, you have the right to say this expression to do the conversation flow. It’s best used in a official setting.

10) Hoe gaat het? — just how are you? (informal)

Similar come the instance before, this expression own the same definition but through a touch of informality and also casualness. If you desire to speak Dutch, feel totally free to usage this details phrase with your friends and family.

11) Hoe is het met je? — How have you been?

If she greeting who you haven’t checked out for a while, this is the most suitable phrase to use!

12) Hoe gaat het? — what’s up/How’s the going?

In the netherlands language, this is another method for you come say just how are you to someone.

13) Tijd niet gezien — long time no see

Tijd niet gezien is the expression to say in the netherlands language if you desire to note the truth that it’s been a lengthy time since you experienced your interlocutor.

14) Hoe gaat het met alles? — How’s everything?

If you’re searching for another different to asking how are friend in Dutch, this can be the one.

15) Alles goed? — Is every little thing alright?

Upon greeting a friend in the dutch language, you might ask alles goed to know if her friend is doing okay or not.

16) Hoe is je dag? — How’s her day?

Ask this question to her friend ~ above greeting him. That knows, he might need someone to re-superstructure his everyday experience with.

17) Het is goed om je weer dare zien — It’s good to view you again

To lastly meet someone you can not use met for a long time can be gratifying and fulfilling in ~ the very same time. The appropriate manner to display your gratitude is by speak het is goed om je car zien.

18) Het is leuk u te ontmoeten — it’s nice to satisfy you

Make and also get brand-new friends by saying this expression. The suitably uttered when you’ve met a new person.

How to Respond To dutch Greetings


After see the long list of unit volume of dutch greetings, you might think what are the ways to reply and also answer these Dutch phrases? Well, acquire ready because, in this specific section, you’ll recognize what are the different approaches you can say in return upon being greeted in the dutch language.

1) Goed — Fine

If she feeling good whenever a human asks just how are you, you have the right to say goed in return!

2) heel goed — very well

If you’re in good fettle and feeling supervisor well, you can respond by speak heel goed!

3) Het gaat — for this reason so

Het gaat is the words come utter if you don’t specifically feel good or poor — the feeling you experience is undistinguished, mediocre, and also just average.

4) Slecht — Bad

If she in bad shape, this is words to say come let your friend know.

5) Ik ben moe — ns tired

If friend bumped right into somebody after a long, tired day and you’re all worn out, tell lock by saying ik ben moe.

6) Ziek — Sick

However, if she green about the gills, you might want to say ik ben ziek.

Dutch Greetings: exactly how To say Goodbye In Dutch

Now that you have learned and understood the common ways of saying hello in Dutch, the time to learn just how to to speak goodbye in the dutch language.

1) Dag — Bye

The pronunciation of this indigenous sounds prefer “dakh“. If you have actually trouble imagining the /kh/ sound, it’s very comparable to the sound the the English indigenous ugh. In Dutch, dag means goodbye and it deserve to be supplied widely with anyone in all kinds the situations.

2) Tot ziens — Goodbye

Try listening come what people or employees say once you leaving their shops and stalls. If you pay close attention, you’ll an alert they to speak tot ziens a lot. The a familiar expression to say good-bye or check out you again in a formal context.

3) Doei or doeg — Bye

This is a casual method of saying goodbye in netherlands to those you’re near with.

4) Tot straks — watch you later (on the exact same day)

If she parting with a person but will watch him again on the very same day, you deserve to say tot straks, which way see you later.

5) Wees voorzichtig! — be careful

Add a sense of attentiveness or care to your goodbye wish by asking your interlocutors to be careful and also look ~ themselves.

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6) Veel succes! — good luck

A an excellent manner to finish your meet-up with somebody is by wishing that luck in his future endeavors.

Other important Dutch Phrases

Here’s a list of other important Dutch unit volume you must acquire:

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