It’s always nice to wish someone a happy date of birth on their one-of-a-kind day yet why not execute it in a language that way something to them.As well together wishing your loved one a happy date of birth in Welsh, why not likewise sing the Welsh variation of the happy date of birth song! review on to learn more about this.

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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Welsh

To great someone a happy birthday in Welsh, you deserve to say:EnglishWelshPronunciationHappy birthdayPen blwydd hapus Pen bloo-with hapis 
To hear the pronunciation of this phrase, check out the below video:
Alternatively, girlfriend can also use few of these phrases:

EnglishWelshPronunciationAll the bestPob hwylPob hoowilCongratulationsLlongyfarchiadauShonkuh ver khear tarHappy date of birth to youPen-blwydd hapus i tiPen bloo-with hapis ee teeHave a an excellent dayCael diwrnod brafKayl dewrnod braaf

The word ‘congratulations’ is a tricky word, inspect out the below video for the pronunciation:
If you’re speaking to someone one-of-a-kind then you’ll desire to know how to say I love friend in Welsh.

How To song Happy date of birth In Welsh

If you desire to walk the extra mile for her loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday song in Welsh. You will do it be happy to recognize it’s the same tune as the English version, they simply sing that in Welsh.Check out the video below come hear the Welsh birthday song:

Here’s the lyrics so you deserve to sing along:“Pen blwydd hapus ns ti,Pen blywdd hapus i ti,Pen blwydd hapus ns *name*,Pen blwydd hapus i ti!”This equates to:“Happy birthday to you!Happy date of birth to you!Happy birthday to *name*Happy birthday to you!”Thanks for reading this short article on how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Welsh. It’s a an excellent idea to make the effort to learn exactly how to say this in someone’s indigenous language or a language that method something come them.

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