Catalonia is an autonomous region within Spain that has its own distinct identity and also culture, which includes a language referred to as Catalan i m sorry is remarkably various from the Spanish language i m sorry is talked all end the country. The roots deserve to be traced earlier to the vulgar Latin language which was offered in the old Roman Empire. In different times of history the Catalan language has been suppressed, and also these days the is the official language, in addition to Spanish, that Catalonia, moreover, the is spoken in Andorra, Valencia (as Valencia), the Balearic Islands, southern France and also in some locations of Sardinia, Italy.

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As a tourist visiting Barcelona and also its surroundings, you can be preparing yourself through some an essential phrases in Spanithat’snd thats great, however, if you would really desire to admire the locals, you might want to have some that the key Catalan phrases that every foodie and traveler alike should have at hand. The is a way of mirroring respect to greet people, refer gratitude and ask because that some straightforward things. In this article you will discover a few Catalan expressions the are basic to learn and also will assist you communicate effectively once you visit this region.


You will probably fulfill a couple of interesting strangers during your trip to Barcelona, Catalonia and you might want come say hello to them. Saying your greetings in Catalan will surely entice a warm-hearted response. You can even do a couple of friends in the process. To get started, the phrases provided below will be an extremely useful come you in break the ice during social interactions;

1. Great Morning – Bon dia.

2. An excellent Afternoon – Bon Tarda.

3. An excellent Night – Bona nit.

4. Please – Si united state plau.

5. Thanks – Gracies or Merci.

6. Cheers – Salut.

7. Carry out you speak English? – Parla angles?

8. Pretty to fulfill you – Moit de gust

9. Ns sorry – Ho sento



Catalonia boasts among the world’s most delicious cuisines. This Mediterranean cook has strong Italian, Arab and also French impacts which provide it a unique savory blend the you can learn by taking food preparation classes in Barcelona. Your expedition to this an ar cannot be complete before you sample few of the impressive Catalan gastronomy. And also when friend visit the hotels and also restaurants, placing your orders and expressing her appreciation in Catalan will earn you several respect. The phrases listed below will be helpful to any kind of foodie throughout their trip;

1. A table please – Una taula si us plau

2. The menu – La Carta

3. Red alcohol – using negre

4. White alcohol – vi blanc

5. Glass of alcohol – Copa de vi

6. Breeze beer – Una canya

7. A glass the water – Un obtained de aigua

8. The invoice please – El comte si united state plau

9. That was delicious! – Estava bonissim!


BONUS tips FOR advanced USERS

1. An excellent Health and also strength to her balls! – Salut i Força al canut! – it is provided when toasting for an aim.

2. Give me the quick version – Fer-ne cinc centims – it translates regarding make it five cents, however it method to walk to the point.

3. Couple of people – Quatre Gats – it translates as 4 cats and it is provided when couple of people reflects up.

FER VERMUT ∼ the epitome of Catalan phrases

Catalan civilization have a long-standing social heritage of regularly getting along with friends and also family while sipping top top a glass the vermouth. The ax fer vermut loosely equates to ¨go have a vermut¨ and it is the prelude come the lengthy Sunday Catalan lunch. Nowadays, however, the hatchet is additionally commonly used to refer to the act of going the end for any type of kind the drink. Therefore if someone tells you ¨fer vermut¨ in Cataluna, friend are just being asked come go the end for a fun drinking conference that absolutely implies eating some delicious tapas.

You can have a glimpse of this an excellent tradition in Barcelona and a lot much more by joining one of our cooking experiences, specifically the Bodegas and Tapas tourism at El Born and also La Barceloneta, the Authentic Food tour of Barcelona at Sant Antoni´s foodies district, or the Wine Tasting experience at El Born, all include a glass of vermouth and incredible insights around this drink add to other local drinks such as cava and also wine and the finest tapas that this beautiful city.

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You have now hopefully grasped the most essential Catalan phrases. You will hopefully have actually a blast visiting Cataluña in future. Therefore adeu (goodbye) and que vagi it is in (take care).