lunes - Monday martes - Tuesday miércoles - Wednesday jueves - Thursday viernes - Friday sábado - Saturday domingo - Sunday la semana - the week

Unlike in English, the days of the main in Spanish are usually not capitalized.

Most of this names finish in -es, in which situations the singular and also plural creates are one and also the same; for example lunes method both “Monday” and “Mondays”. Therefore, to distinguish in between “on Monday” and “on Mondays”, that is crucial to use the definite article - el or los.

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Tengo muchas citas el martes, pero nada el miércoles.I have many appointments ~ above Tuesday, yet nothing top top Wednesday.

Vamos a servicios religiosos los sábados o los domingos.We go to spiritual services ~ above Saturdays or top top Sundays.

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Basic Vocabulary

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Speaking around the week

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Esmeralda: Yo trabajo el lunes.I work-related on Monday.

Esmeralda: Mi hijo llega el martes. My child arrives on Tuesday

Esmeralda: Mi hija parte el miércoles. My daughter leaves on Wednesday.

Esmeralda: Mi esposo parte el jueves. My husband leaves on Thursday.

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Esmeralda: Mi mamá llega el viernes. My mother arrives on Friday.

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