Is é. Is é seo mo dheartháir. Iss ay. Iss ay shuh muh ghrih-hawr. Yes, this is mine brother.

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This is an almost right pronunciation of the phrase:

Iss ay. Iss ay shuh muh ghrih-hawr.

It"s hard to “catch” those brand-new sounds of ours beautiful ireland language, right?

Our Irish routine features considerable phonetic pronunciations of Irish.

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The Conor Pass, ~ above the Dingle Peninsula, ar Kerry, Ireland. Civilization speak a mix of English and the ireland language in Dingle.

Translation in irish Language

Yes, this is my brother. = Is é. Is é seo mo dheartháir.

Disclaimer: this translation was extracted from ours irish program. There may be an ext context roughly this translation 보다 we can present here because that non-members. Because that example, don"t get a tattoo with our translate in above!

What is The irish Language?

Kenmare, county Kerry. It"s a beautiful clues in Ireland.

If you wanted to obtain the translation because that “ Yes, this is mine brother.” in "Gaelic", Now"s your possibility to dive deeper!

Irish Gaelic is the native old living language the Ireland.

It is two thousand year old.

Maybe you speak to it “Gaelic”. However that deserve to lead to confusion v the associated language spoken in Scotland.

In Ireland, us just speak to it “the irish language”, or merely “Irish”.

If you have actually Irish blood, your ancestors spoke ireland Gaelic.

Why you Should learn to Speak part Irish

Larkin"s pub in Garrykennedy, county Tipperary, Ireland. It"s follow me the shores of Lough Derg.

The ireland language chin is in peril. That"s with half of the world"s language expected to become extinct (unused) in the next pair of generations.

Speaking even just a small Irish lets you do a real, depths connection with your ireland heritage.

How have the right to I learn Irish?

Na hAoraí in county Kerry, Ireland. A picturesque ireland village.

Actually, it will take less than you thought to start with your very first conversation!

At Irish, we failure the ireland language right into easy lessons.

Our technique is the you learn tiny bites of the language, regularly.

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