After receiving the touchscreen mirror from Aphrodite at Poseidon"s Palace, walk west to the statue the Poseidon climate dive under the water. Touch the big air bubbles on the way to replenish your oxygen. You will reach what looks prefer a movable stone floor, yet if you connect with it, you say that you execute not have actually the strength to break with this barrier. Keep diving, and also you will come throughout a pearl in a shell. The covering closes on girlfriend so it is in careful. Try approaching the shell from the appropriate side and immediately going because that the pear. Grab it:Sacred ItemGiant PearlThe 5 sacredEnter the underwater cavern that has the sign "Danger Gnarly Monster". You will certainly come throughout the Hydra. The Hydra has five heads, and also each time a various head will strike you. You should jump as soon as a head assaults you to protect against it"s attack, and land on peak of that head. This requires cautious timing and it will probably take a few tries to death all the heads. Once you have beat the hydra, friend get:Sacred ItemHydra"s ScalePoptropica!Now the you have all 5 sacred items, return to Zeus. Athena stop you on the way. She to know you have the 5 objects. She has actually learned something about them, they space dangerous! you ask her what she means, and she speak you to take it a closer look at those clues. This opens up the secret message puzzle whereby you need to organize the clues in a sentence. The exactly order for the indigenous is together follows:"Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica!"As soon as you fix the puzzle, Zeus arrives. That laughs and also steals the five items from you. Currently he deserve to control every one of Poptropica. You ask the what about your immortality. Yet Zeus calls girlfriend a foolish mortal and also admits the he was simply using you. You demand he gives you the item back, yet he says not a chance, every one of Poptropica will certainly be under his regulate by midnight! the disappears. Speak to Athena. You have the right to tell her:This is no goodWhat execute I doBut that won"t helpWhen girlfriend tell she the case isn"t good, she says that just the strength of Poseidon and Hades can stop her father. Ask her what you need to do and also she speak you the Hercules can help you with them. If you tell her that he won"t help, she says to hurry and ask him.Go to Herc"s Hero Hut and also talk to Hercules that is handing autographs. You can tell him:Please assist me!You have actually to assist me. Your father wants to rule all of PoptropicaYou don"t have actually to. Aphrodite provided me a mirror. We have the right to teleport where we must goChoose the 2nd option. Hercules claims it is tempting however he does no feel favor walking ideal now. Call him around Aphrodite"s mirror. He ultimately agrees to help you, saying that autograph saves have actually been sluggish lately.The mirror deserve to take friend to certain places in the realms of the gods, but only if you"ve currently been over there once. Click on the green realm to walk to Hades"s realm. Hercules goes to the boulder impede the throne room and also says that a small pebble is no complement for Herc"s mighty muscles. Get in Hades" throne room ~ Hercules has actually moved the boulder. Talk to Hades. You have the right to tell him:You have to be HadesCan you prevent him?Thanks! What execute I execute with itIf you tell him that he need to be Hades, he says that he knows why you have actually come, his brother Zeus is very dangerous. Ask that if he can stop Zeus. He speak you the he cannot leaving the underworld, but he will offer you his crown. If you ask that what to carry out with Hades" Crown he tells you that you will know when the moment comes.Leave Hades"s Throne room and click top top the usage the mirror again. Click the purple trident kingdom to travel to Poseidon"s Kingdom. Hercules breaks the obstacle there. Go into the small underwater house and talk come Poseidon. You have the right to tell him:You need to be PoseidonCan you stop him?Thanks, What do I execute with it?Poseidon cant leaving the sea but he offers you his Trident. Go earlier to Hercules.

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Use the winter on the top lightning realm. You will certainly arrive at the entrances of mountain Olympus.