Back as soon as I was a teenager (many moons ago), at any time someone found out i did gymnastics, the very an initial question castle inevitably inquiry me was: “Cool! So deserve to you like, perform a backflip?”

“Of course” was usually my answer, knowing complete well that their follow up would be a inquiry to present it off.

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And display it off ns did!

When you discover a standing tuck, you have this advice to do it precise anywhere and also everywhere. But if they wanted to view it a 2nd time, it would price them.

This small scheme result in 50% of mine high school lunches being completely covered for. It even helped me rest up a fight as soon as – i mean, what son in their right mind desires to take on someone who deserve to backflip? So instead of wanting to placed a fist with my face, it was prompt friendship!

Basically, come me the standing tuck is not simply some backflip, it’s vital life skill. And today I desire to teach it come you making use of the very methods the gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artists and break dancers salary me an excellent money for. Trust me, even if you’re just starting or have actually failed to nail your tuck in the past, you’re walking to discover something new. And this time, it’ll stick!

Quick Warning: Please make sure that you perform not attempt the methods you see below without the professional supervision that a coach. Also, me gift young and stupid does not typical you must go about doing earlier tucks everywhere. I will certainly take no responsibility if you hurt yourself. Train smart. 

Prerequisites Needed

If you’re a gymnast or cheerleader and you right now do not have a round-off ago tuck, then standing tucks must be put on the ago burner. Ideally, a round off ago handspring tuck would be one even far better base to start from. This is just how I train all my compete athletes.

The only time ns make an exemption to this dominance is as soon as break dancers, martial artists and also parkour guys book a personal lesson v me to specifically learn a was standing tuck. If you occur to be in this camp, climate you can want to work with a certified coach to discover the round off tuck (it won’t take long and in the lengthy run, you’ll have actually two an abilities to present off). Therefore, for the remainder that this guide I’m walk to assume you already know how to carry out a round-off back tuck in ~ the bare minimum.

Terminology GuideRO = round OffBT = ago TuckSBT = Standing back TuckBHS = ago Handspring

Phase 1: The Eagle

The absolute very first thing i teach is other I choose to contact The Eagle position. This is crucial since 99.9% of the moment athletes discover their BHS well prior to they gain to tucks.

This means they many probably have actually a habit of maintaining their chest upright.

An upright chest position is good if you want to go backwards, however a SBT requires height while minimizing any horizontal distance travelled.

In bespeak to accomplish this, you have to drop her chest. Also, just as in a BHS, a SBT needs a an extremely aggressive eight swing and shoulder lift, giving you some included height (more on the soon).

Here are some key points come remember about The Eagle:

Head position stays neutral (i.e look right ahead, not down or up)Drop your chest (but no so far that your torso is parallel come the floor)Arms go as far ago as lock canDo no sit all the way down (this is no a squat, for this reason no must go too low – thighs at a 45 degree angle is all you’ll need)Get into position slowly, yet come the end of the explosively

Drill #1: Eagle to directly Jump (15 reps)

Be certain to monitor the timing and also rhythm specifically as shown. Carry out not rush it.A Vault is not required, you deserve to used stacked carpet or blocks. Just make sure it’s above-waist height.

Drill #3: Eagle come Dead-Bug Jump earlier (30 reps)

Notice exactly how I drive my hips right into the air and also appear come “float” because that a second? This is what you’re looking for.Do not drive your knees & hips up quickly here, as it will cause you to rotate and land on her neck. You have to take the fall on her back. We’ll work specifically on the rotation in step 2.Leave your arms up and do no drop them

Important Note going Forward: Never initiate a was standing tuck drill (or the tuck itself) indigenous The Eagle or a hands-down position. Always start when standing on her toes with your arms by your ears. The reason for this is simple: you’re pre-practicing the place you want your body to fight in the air. The order of execution because that a standing tuck space as follows: was standing tall > The Eagle > directly Jump > Tuck. Memorize this.

Hand Placement during The Tuck

One of the worst patterns I’ve been noticing over the years is as soon as athletes seize either your hamstrings or the earlier of their legs during a standing earlier tuck (or also a RO BT).

Not just is this inefficient and hideous looking, however it provides you virtually zero control, doesn’t translate well to helping friend learn more advanced skills, and happens come be pretty dangerous.


Don’t think me? try out this experiment: While standing, bend over into tuck position, and also put her hands on your shins. Now tilt forward together if you’re walking to fall on her face however at the very last second, capture yourself through your hands. Opportunities are regulated just fine and still watch pretty.

Now go back into the tuck position and also grab your hamstrings (behind the legs). Now tilt front and try to record yourself in ~ the critical second. This time around, you’ll notice there’s about a half-second hold-up in speed, and it was much harder.

In the civilization of tumbling, half a 2nd might too be as lengthy as fifty percent an hour. It can mean the difference in between saving yourself and falling straight on your confront (see my instance in point below):

Now granted, the human being in the video clip were law a most things incorrectly, however I’ve seen this precise incident repeat itself one too countless times. So placed your to trust in someone who’s been doing this because that a while and also grab the shins. You’ll say thanks to me later.

“But Coach, i feel like I must pull my foot over, or ns won’t make it!”

If you absence the core strength to drive her hips and also snap your knees end your own head then you’re not all set for a SBT. Girlfriend can quickly test your tucking power by law a RO BT there is no grabbing anything and also leaving your arms by your ears. If you land short, you understand your rotation speed is as well slow, and needs work.

So rather of making use of a Band-Aid solution by pulling her legs over, job-related on your core strength and also hip drive. It will certainly not only boost your tucks, yet further under the road it’ll make her layouts and fulls faster, prettier and safer.

Think around it for a second: you deserve to cheat a tuck now, however what space you going come do as soon as it’s time to job-related a layout double twist? take one side of her body and yank you yourself over in mid-air? ns think not.

“In the civilization of tumbling, fifty percent a second might as well be as long as fifty percent an hour”(Tweet This)

Phase 2: Tuck time & Rotation

The two best differences between a RO tuck and also a standing tuck (besides the take it off) are:

The rate of rotation.The timing of the “open” during landings.

While the really rotation technique stays the same, you have actually much much less time to make it over, requiring girlfriend to it is in explosive. This is why among my favorite transitioning drills is a directly jump cant to ago tuck ~ above a Tumble Trak, as watched below.

Drill #4: right Jump Rebound come BT (50 reps)

It’s extremely vital to film you yourself at this stage since if you’re making any of the typical mistakes such as:

Not throwing her arms up and also opening your shouldersThrowing your head backDropping her arms during the tuckNot having enough hip drive

…then you desire to fix them now quite than later. As soon as you type a negative habit, it’ll take double as long to learn it right.

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Drill #6: SBT Without clues On Tumble Trak (50 reps)

Phase 3: space You strong Enough?

As a coach ns make that my task to constantly be ethical with mine athletes – and also sometimes, this needs telling them things they need to hear (even if lock don’t want to). So let me just go on record to say the if you have actually a disastrous vertical jump, the SBT will forever be out of her reach.

Unlike a RO BT where you can rely ~ above technique, angles, momentum and a sprung floor to offer you the height you need, the SBT calls for you to generate power from beside nothing, and also therefore, strength has actually a huge role come play in the equation.

I’ve written an entire article on exactly how you can an increase your jumping power and I imply you review up top top it. Contained in the short article is likewise a conditioning routine that you have the right to use which counts on both explosive movements, appropriate squats and resistance training with weights.

If girlfriend don’t have access to weights, here’s a basic leg conditioning regime you can perform with just bodyweight:

x Bodyweight Squat: 2 x 20Jump Squats: 3 x 15Eagle To straight Jump (Drill #1): 2 x 20Straight run Rebounds: 2 x 100Calf Raises (one leg in ~ a time): 2 x 30

Do this regimen 3x a week, either after her SBT training session or on job you’re no tumbling. Remember, air conditioning doesn’t make girlfriend stronger right away – in reality it makes girlfriend weaker since your muscle fibers are placed under stress, and experience micro-tears.

You become stronger when you’ve recovered. And how does your body recover? fine it demands two crucial ingredients: Sleep & Nutrition.

Don’t mean your muscle to be rebuilt bigger and also stronger if you’re absent those two vital ingredients. Generally speaking, a high protein diet is recommended but you should additionally know that carbohydrates aid spare muscle tissue from malfunction during training. They crucial with carbohydrate is knowing when to eat, what kind and just how much. For more details on that be certain to examine out The Cheer Diet. It’s been specially designed to help improve the power of hardworking cheerleaders and also tumblers.

Drill #7: SBT From A elevated Surface, No point out (30 reps)

There are multiple methods to collection this increase – I chose to make use of both a block and a softer mat on optimal of a resi pit for this specific athlete. You can have to make perform with less equipment however the point is, you have to go turn off a greater surface that gives you zero bounce.As your SBT starts to acquire better, slowly increase the landing surface so that it starts to feel much more like floor. When you can land her SBT ~ above a surface ar that is almost at the floor level, you’re all set for Drill #8.

Drill #8: SBT right into Levelled Pit, No point out (50 Reps)

There’s a good reason why I’ve said doing so many reps – an approach is everything, and also before you shot it on floor, you must be extremely continuous in your pull.

Drill #9: SBT top top Floor through Spot (15 Reps)

Make sure you have a spotter you know you have the right to trust, this goes without saying.

Do not, under any circumstances, under-power or gain lazy while attempting this last drill. If you’re as well tried, take a break and do it as soon as you have actually energy. If anything, you want to be extra-aggressive. Tumbling that’s fast and also tight is will store you safe. Tumbling that’s slow-moving and loosened will rest you.

Last couple of Pieces Of Advice

To this day, the standing ago tuck happens to be one of my favorite skills to perform. And also because i took the moment to find out it right, it’s a ability that my old beat-up joints have the right to still manage to do. I additionally give complete credit to the great coaches ns was fortunate enough to have actually in my corner.

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At this point, the best advice i can offer you is to not sirloin it, and also follow the progressions when doing the encourage reps (or more).

Oddly enough, anytime friend mentally prepare to find out a skill by taking as lengthy as it’ll take, you end up discovering it quite quickly. Tumbling functions in secret ways. Good luck, train hard and let me know exactly how you favored this guide in the comment section below. Also, please don’t forget to share this guide with her friends!

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