One of the goriest fighting game franchises returns to its roots, presenting a new story that re-tells the events of the first three Mortal Kombat games (with a unique twist).

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I am SO fucking pissed right now all I want to carry out is break things, I am at the suggest in the story right now wright here you initially fight Shao Kahn with Liu Kang and seriously I cannot fucking execute this the a lot of i have actually regulated to get his hp to his 1/2 and he simply rips my fucking shit . I tried doing it on simple and it was specifically the very same... SO WHATS THE STRATEGY FOR THIS BITCH?




What I did was basically simply remain at a distance and play defensively until Shao Kahn does among his taunts and also then supplied the Dragon Kick to dash in and also obtain a brief 2-3 hit combo. Same fundamental strategy uses if you fight him via any kind of various other character.

Cheese it. Double dash in the direction of & jump over him, then bicycle kick till you have sufficient super for your X-ray worked for me.Jump over the hammer & low fireball under the arrows if you"re at full display screen.

I play Sonya. I can beat Kahn pretty conveniently on medium simply pattern recognition through his projectiles then arch kick his stupid confront. On Hard + Its just gain sooooooo fucking cheap I hate it.

For that specific fight I just spammed low fireballs, he couldn"t save up via them. Otherwise you simply have to take your time and do not go as well crazy. Do stop jumping in also much between the shoulder jump and also virtually all of his attacks having actually super armor its practically usemuch less. Bicycle kick is your frifinish also, don"t simply spam it though given that the downtime is pretty negative if it whiffs. I hated Khan eextremely time I had actually to fight him simply take your time and you have to gain via. Also not sure if it works on Khan however sticking close to Goro on 275 in the tower quit the majority of of the even more annoying strikes worth a shot at leastern.

Characters with a teleport = wait for him to carry out a move/taunt and also teleport behind him and uppercut or combo.

The key really is simply that you have to be patient. Use up the permanent. Kahn has method also many type of unblockable attacks to permit for exceptionally aggressive strategies, imo.


Yep. Good old MK II cheap tactics still job-related. God bmuch less you Mr. Boon


Honestly, I discovered him a lot harder in older games, and thats because a lot of of his assaults did about 1/3 damage. Now points seem ok so lengthy as you deserve to stop his xray (and also the same holds true for kintaro)



LackLuster: The trick once an adversary is playing cheap, is to play cheap too. That indicates lame jump kicks, endmuch less projectiles, continuous teleports, and also the inescapable timeout win. Remember that while they are overpowered and have bullshit moves that can not be blocked and also perform 50%+ damage, that"s all they have and are actually pretty weak against hit and run methods.
People are sudepend exaggerating the difficulty of the bosses in this game. I intend, IGN even put it as an adverse suggest for the game. Gimmie a break, SF4 boss was waaaaay cheaper. I beat Goro on 2 tries on Expert and Shao Kahn in about 10 tries. Sure thats a lot however I"d intend also more on the hardest challenge. They also taunt a lot which is basically totally free hits.

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Alright then so:Shao Kahn"s Charge Attack on the ground-just block or jump over it. You can not execute a lot else.Shao Kahn"s Anti-Air Charge Attack-If you"re on the ground, you can punish him after he misses. Don"t go for jump-ins or he"ll usage this attack, unless you"re crossing-up.Shao Kahn"s Overhead Hammer Smash-Block high, although he will not be doing this a lot, specifically if you"re crossing him up ideal.Shao Kahn"s Hammer Swing-One of his scarier moves. Decimates jump ins and also early on and late cross-up attacks, and he combos after occasionally. It"s additionally, but, going to acquire you a fair little bit of damages. On wake-up, he does this assault to take out jumping enemies. If you cross him over just ideal, you can combo him afterwards. Try to obtain him in a location wright here you can execute the same thing after (so jumpin punch, upperreduced is a way that helps through eincredibly character).Shao Kahn"s Spear Attack-Not really that great, simply a projectile. Jump over and also punish if you have the right to.Shao Kahn"s Hammer Throw-BE WARY OF THIS ATTACK. This is the assault that renders human being scared of Shao Kahn. It"s unblockable. it stuns and also hits difficult. If he wanted to, he can chuck one more one after the first and it"d stun you aacquire for infinite damages. But he"s nice, so he does not. Make sure you"re all set for it. Jump over it, and also it"ll leave you a huge window for combos.Shao Kahn"s Tyrannical Taunt-Just combo the motherfucker. He has actually a tendency to do this prior to he"s around to die in the initially round of arcade. Just kick his sorcerer ass.Shao Kahn"s Fucking Hammer Smack Attack (X-Ray)-If he has X-Ray, he deserve to perform an unblockable strike that deserve to perform 52% damages. Basically, he hits this and also you lose that round. It counts on distance as to what you have to carry out, although teleporting is generally ideal. If he is cshed, dash in and duck. He should jump ideal over you. If even more ameans, attempt jumping back or jumping forward and also hitting him out of it-delay it a moment before the strike comes out or the armour that this attack gets will certainly beat you. You have the right to additionally count on some X-Ray attacks to obtain you out of it, as well as some armour-breaking moves.General Tactics:Do not run amethod. He will charge you down.Do not stay close. He will certainly beat you down.The finest area to continue to be is approximately a character space-a space wright here he will miss out on hammer attacks other than the hammer projectile, and also you deserve to punish stupidity, and also dash in and duck for that troublesome X-Ray.Don"t use projectiles various other than to chip and complete that round or enhance. Shao Kahn"s super armour Hammer Projectiles will ruin your ones favor a gigantic humping a dwarf.Crossover on wake-up as soon as you have the right to and time it simply right. It"s the ideal way to carry out continuous damages.Don"t be afrassist. He"s scary, yet you need to face him favor a male.If you"re Baraka, possibilities are you"re currently dead.