If you’d choose to say “What is her name?” in French, you typically have two options. To pose the inquiry formally, you’d say “Comment vous-appelez vous? speaking informally, you can simply questioning “Comment t’appelles-tu?”

The literal meaning translation that the inquiry “What’s her name?” in French is “How perform you speak to yourself?” What sounds prefer an unnecessary double reference to you/yourself comes from the usage of a reflexive verb. While these verbs likely sound a bit awkward, you more than likely use lock in English all the time without noticing. An instance would be, “I threw myself top top the bed.” or “I wash myself.” and also just together you usage them without reasoning in English, most students of French tend to embrace French reflex verbs simply as naturally.

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When you very first start learning French, you might be tempted come wade right into memorizing lengthy lists of vocabulary words. Yet this is not an effective means to learn the language. Instead, you must focus very first on learning simply a couple of of the most frequently used phrases and also their pronunciation. After all, the score of discovering a brand-new language is not vocabulary acquisition. Rather, to accomplish a level the comfort and confidence essential to have actually conversations in French.

Most learners realize immediately that there are typically used words and also conversational paragraph that make up the backbone that the language. Learning these typical words and also phrases will offer you a solid foundation. In addition to greetings favor “Bonjour” or “S’il vous plaît” it’s likewise smart to find out the indigenous that aboriginal French speaker sprinkle throughout your sentences, such together quoi, où, qui, quand, pourquoi, and comment. These typical words room very comparable to the English native who, what, where, when, why, and also how—and they will pop up regularly in day-to-day conversations.

As you most likely know, the French language is infamous for that is je ne sais quoi—which is an indefinable quality that renders the French interval sound somewhat mysterious. However what might seem to be an elusive aspect of the French language’s appeal is really just a nuance the pronunciation. The language can be daunting to learn, because it is much an ext nasal sound than various other languages. Exercise will help you end up being comfortable through this distinct difference. And also that’s why it’s vital to find out French pronunciation as you learn typical words and phrases.

The French alphabet has actually the same letters as the English alphabet, yet some the the letter sounds room pronounced quite differently. Among the most acquainted sounds in French is the together of the letter e. In French, e is pronounce “euh” and also can it is in heard in many French conversations. That’s since it’s used in the same method English speakers usage the sound “uh.” In French, e is supplied as a pause or as a connector to another thought.

You’ll it is in glad to recognize that the French language includes advantageous accent point out to overview your pronunciation. There are five different French interval marks to learn: the cédille (Ç), the aigu (é), the circonflexe (â, ê, î, ô, û), the tomb (à, è, ù), and the tréma (ë, ï, ü). these accent marks most frequently indicate that the together of the letter is irregular. That said, the circonflexe is provided only in French writing and also doesn’t impact the joint of the indigenous in which it appears.

Acquiring appropriate French pronunciation relies on obtaining immediate feedback and making corrections. Rosetta rock helps friend dial in her pronunciation through our patented TruAccent™ speech-recognition engine. It soon compares her voice come native and also non-native speakers—so you gain real-time feedback for the most accurate pronunciation. That is a an important tool in help you discover to understand and also speak in French.

After you space comfortable through the structure blocks that French, you can move on to finding out the longer phrases that make up the backbone of everyday conversations. Rosetta Stone’s brief and bite-sized, 10-minute great are developed to help you do just that. The language class will guide you towards speaking French through comfort and also confidence.

Surround yourself v French whenever, wherever through the Rosetta rock app .

Download a unit and also knock it out on the train or a flight. Pick a 5-10 minute lesson and sneak it in while friend wait in heat or for her ride to show up. And explore dynamic features, prefer Seek and also Speak, whereby you can point at things in the genuine world and get a translation .

The ideal part? friend don’t have to select between application or desktop. Both come through your subscription and also sync, therefore you can switch in between devices seamlessly.



I've been making use of Rosetta stone for years to gain straightforward competency in many languages consisting of German, French, Italian, and also recently Chinese and also Russian. Starts through the really basics teaching straightforward vocabulary and also grammar without any memorization. I've also impressed part locals in mine travels with pronunciation and fluency. This is terrific place to begin if interested in beginning to find out a brand-new language or brushing up ~ above one learned year ago.

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I am trying out Rosetta Stone, to check out if the will assist out with the correct grammar and conversation (as well as learning just how to read and also write the language). Within a week, i can already master the sentence structure and also start learning the grammar v particles. The local neighborhood is for this reason excited to check out that i am beginning to learn their language. The end of every the language finding out tools out there, i 100% recommend Rosetta Stone!


I've tried other language discovering software however Rosetta rock is lot more an overwhelming and professional. Ns don't need to worry around earning points and also following the leader board. I'm trying the end the ninety work trial to learn some Russian and I will certainly pay because that the privilege once I with the end of the trial.