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The Hebrew word for "Love" is Ahava (Ah-ha-vah.) But, love is an ext than just a word. That is an emotion the involves action and in Israel, where Hebrew is the nationwide language, love is likewise a method of life!


It spells love!

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The sculpture that Robert Indiana modeled his Hebrew one after.

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Faith and also Compassion are also Love

Israeli people are generosity by nature. Most of lock would provide you the shirt off their back. There are theolgists who would argue the the Hebrew native Chesed (Khe-said) also method love. The meaning of chesed is faithful, merciful and also kind. While i wouldn't personally define this word together love, I would most certainly define it together a loving action.

Hebrew surname that median Love

The female name Ahuva comes from the Hebrew native Ahava and way beloved. Chaviva means dearly loved. This are common names in Israel.

A prize of Love

American sculptor, Robert Indiana, created a love sculpture that would become world renowned. It was also used ~ above the joined State's post Office's very first in the collection of "love stamps."

In 1977, he created a Hebrew variation for the Israel Musuem in Jerusalem, Israel. That stands proudly in the garden of the musuem.





How come say "I love you" in Hebrew

Because Hebrew is not gender neutral, I will certainly break this down.

The Hebrew letter khet has actually a gutteral sound. It practically sounds prefer you space clearing your throat when you say it. It is very hard to write in transliteration together there room no English equivalents. When you watch a "Kh" or "Ch", i am introduce to that sound.

Girl to boy: Ani ohevit o-tkha. (Ah knee five hev that oat kha)

Girl come girl: Ani ohevit o-tach (Ah knee oh hev it oat tach)

Boy to girl: Ani ohev o-tach (Ah knee five hev oat kha)

Boy to boy: Ani ohev o-tkha (Ah knee oh hev oat tach)

Girl to more than one person: Ani ohevit o-tchem

Boy to much more than one person: Ani ohev o-tchem.

Israel: wherein you will find the highest possible concentration that Hebrew Speakers.


An Ahava promotion during new York City Fashion Week where the models are slathered in Dead Sea Mud.

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Ahava beauty beauty Products

Ahava is the surname of a beauty agency that makes products from Dead Sea minerals. They have a large line that products, consisting of scrubs, lotions and also soaps. They room sold everywhere the world and online. As soon as you room in the to buy mall, friend will more than likely see lock in kiosks. They are also sold in plenty of of the large department stores. The company began in 1988, once Ziva Gilad, a spa tech, come up through the idea that marketing Dead Sea mud. It began with one stand and also generated right into a million dollar company in its first year. That is a great product and also highly recommended.

Many the the minerals from the dead Sea space thought come be helpful to our health and also have countless restoratative powers. World visit much and wide to avail us of these powers.

You Don't have to Speak a Language to be able to say a few Phrases

Your reason for learning another language will determine just how far you will go through it. If you are travelling to an additional country or have actually friends who speak a different language, girlfriend may just want to learn sufficient to to speak a couple of key things. Girlfriend may simply be top top a mission to have the ability to say a certain word or expression in as plenty of languages together you can! every little thing your reason, you may be interested in a small bit of history as well. In mine hub, generally Used Hebrew Words and How to Say Them, I get in a bit much more detail ~ above the Hebrew language.

I leave you with the most famous rendition of an already famous Israeli Love Song!

Questions & Answers

Question: have the right to I likewise use words Ahava when talking to mine child?

Answer: Yes. Simply as us use words love in English, we have the right to use Ahava in the very same way

Question: What is the hebrew name for hope and love?

Answer: hope is Tikvah and also love is Ahava

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