There are tons of methods of saying “hi” in Swedish. Some are for much more formal situations yet in general most of them room used simply for friend or acquaintances. This blog write-up will conference as plenty of ways of saying hello to somebody as possible into one ar for you and try to offer you an idea of when to usage them. Most of this words yet just typical the very same thing an interpretation that that is as much as you come choose and also use the ones girlfriend like.

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SvenskaEnglishExample sentenceEnglish translate in of exampleComments
tjayoTja, läget?Yo, what’s up?informal
tjenahey / hiTjena, vad görs?Hey, what’cha do’in?informal
tjabahey / hiTjaba, allt bra?Hey, exactly how ‘ya do’in?informal
tjenamårshey / hiTjenamårs tjenamårs!Hiyainformal, type of a happy greating
tjenarehey / hiTjenare snygging!Hiya handsome!informal
tjohejhey / hiTjohej nu drar vi igång.Alright, let’s gain started!informal
tjohohey / hiTjoho, är det någon hemma?Hello, anybody at home?informal
hejhejhelloHejhej, länge sedan sist!Hi, long time no see!informal
hejsanhelloHejsan, mitt namn är Lasse.Hello, my surname is Lasse.informal
hallåhelloHallå? Är det någon här?Hello? anybody there?informal
hallojhelloHalloj halloj! Roligt att ses!Hey there, nice conference you.informal
morsninghey thereMorsning!Hey there.informal
godmorgongood morningGodmorgon.Goodmorningformal
goddaggood dayGoddag i stugan.Hello (to people sitting in a cottage)formal, however was provided as informal a long time ago. When civilization still lived in cottages.
goddagensgood afternoonGoddagens!Good day to you.formal, however sounds a little more happy or friendly the goddag.
godkvällgood eveningGodkväll gott folk.Good night ladies and gentlemen.formal
godaftongood eveningGodafton! Vilken fin kväll.Good evening, what a nice evening tonight.formal
godnattgood nightGodnatt, sov gott!Good night, sleep tight.both informal and also formal
hej duhey thereHej du! Vilken fin tröja du har på dig i idag.Hi there, what a quite shirt you’re wearing today.informal

In sweden if you say something double then friend sound happier. So over there is in reality no difference between “hej” and also “hejhej” apart from “hejhej” sound happier. The very same thing because that “tjenamosh”.

Now go the end the and bombard civilization with friend “tjenare” and “hej du”s.

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