Sootopolis City is fairly big, and also shaped choose a ball. To the west of the city is the PokeMart andsome structures. To the ideal of the city is the Pokemon Center and also some buildings. At the center of the cityis the Gym. What you want to perform now is go from the PokeMart"s side (west) and go to the north of the city. Thereyou"ll satisfy Steven and also his frifinish, Wallace. Wallace is also the Gym Leader. They"ll take you to a cave well-known as the Cave of Origin.

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Locations (Sootopolis City)


You"ll need to use Flash in order to view more of the display screen. As you walk deeper, you"ll enrespond to some fog, and then HM 07 - Waterfall. Also as you go, the legendarymonster roars over and also over aacquire, rumbling the cave as it does. In the last room, you"ll accomplish the creature of your version,Groudon for Ruby, and also Kyogre for Sapphire. Go close to them, and also your Orb will certainly glow, and the Pokemon will battle you!

They are lv. 45, and are quite strong. I suggest that you do not use your Master Ball on it, given that there are morelegendaries later in the game. First conserve the game, so you deserve to constantly attempt to capture it aget if you messed up. Try to put it to Sleep, or obtain its HP real low. Then throw an Ultra Ball. After capturing it, obtain ago outside. You"ll uncover that the people has been recovered to how it supplied to be.

Locations (Cavern of Origin)

Now go to the Pokemon Center, and also heal your Pokemon. Then go right into the residence best beside it for a Wailmer Doll. After that, surfacross the water to the other side. In one of the houses tbelow, a Blackbelt will certainly give you TM 31 - Brick Break. Finally, it"s timeto acquire your last badge. Surf to the gym in the center of the city, and gain all set to rumble!

Final Badge

Stalso will certainly talk to you initially, and then fly away. Go inside the gym, wright here your final gym fight awaits you.This gym is filled via trainers with Water Pokemon, and also a hard ice puzzle. To walk roughly on the ice, you must touch every part of the ice (make it crack) with your feet only as soon as, or you"ll fall to the room listed below, wright here many kind of trainers await you. In order to get through without falling, please complying with thisguide once you touch the first item of ice, and also save each time you finish a puzzle:

1 step ideal, 1 step up, 2 procedures left, 1 step up, 1 step ideal, and climb the stairs.1 action up onto the ice, 3 actions left, 2 procedures up, 2 procedures ideal, 1 step dvery own, 3 step right, 1 action down, 1 step right, 2 stepsup, 3 procedures left, and climb the stairs.1 step up onto the ice, 2 procedures right, 1 step up, 2 actions ideal, 1 step down, 1 step right, 3 steps up, 2 steps left, 1 step down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 2 measures dvery own, 2 procedures left, 1 step dvery own, 1 action left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 1 action down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step left,2 steps up, 1 action ideal, 1 action down, 1 action right, 1 action up, 1 step ideal, 1 step dvery own, 1 step right, 1 action up, 1 step appropriate, and climb the stairs.

After all that, you have the right to fight the gym leader.He"s Wallace, and also you"ve just met him a while back. Now you"re going to battle him for your final badge. He has actually thecomplying with 5 Pokemon: a lv. 40 Luvdisc, a lv. 42 Whiscash, a lv. 40 Sealeo, a lv. 42 Seaking, and a lv. 43Milotic. The last Pokemon, is of course, the hardest to defeat. Milotic knows Recover, so knock it out quickly! After winning,you"ll get TM 03 - Water Pulse and the Rain Badge. Now all Pokemon will obey you, and also you can currently use Waterautumn outsideof battle! Leave the gym sindicate by falling via the ice.

You"ve done it. You"ve traveled and built up all eight gym bagdes. Your last location now is the Pokemon League inEver Grande City. Leave Sootopolis City by diving at the dark waters southern of the city. Get out of the smallcave, and resurchallenge. Go east, and then south onto Route 128.

Route 128, 129, 130, 131

As you go southern toward your location, you"ll notification many type of patches of dark water. Dive dvery own whenever you check out one, because tbelow simply may be an object underneath. The Proteinpresented on the left was uncovered by diving into a dark patch of water surrounded by white-colored land also. You"ll be going south forquite a while. When reach Route 129, start going west.

Locations (Route 128)

Go west from Route 129. You"ll fulfill some trainers, proceed on to Route 130, and find theSky Tower in the middle of Route 131. Here, you deserve to attempt to capture the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza. SkyObelisk will just be open to you after you defeat the Elite 4.

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Sky Pillar

Sky Obelisk is a type of trick tower in this game, and consists of a vicious looking legendary Pokemon. Enter thecave, and also go into the tower. The first floor is pretty simple: just walk up the stairs. You"ll find cracks on thefloor on the second floor. Use your Mach Bike to gain previous it. There will certainly be two stairinstances on the third floor. Take the one on the ideal to gain to the fourth floor. This is the tricky component. The cracks below are difficult to gain with, as you"ll must cruise with eexceptionally one of them on your bike in one go. If you soptimal, the bike will lose it"s momentum,and also you"ll drop dvery own. Go to the middle approximately where the location of the middle stairs in the previous floor, and also drop down. From here on, simply discover your means to the staircases, and every little thing will occupational out fine. That is, untilyou reach the sixth floor, wbelow a legendary Pokemon awaits you.