Rubbing you yourself up versus a dink or giner is great for having actually an orgasm, but all too often these guts of pleasure space attached to a human being being who may end up bring about you trouble, strife, or, worst of all, loss OF MONEY.

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Rubbing you yourself up against a dink or a giner is an excellent for having an orgasm, yet all too often these organs of pleasure are attached come a person being that may finish up resulting in you trouble, strife, or, worst the all, ns OF MONEY.

In this time the economic world downfall, numerous are opting the end of sex with other people, preferring instead to satisfied themselves using a technique known together “masturbating,” “jerking off,” or “onanizin’.” It’s regular for both men and women to usage their hands or store-bought “dildos, “Rabbits,” or “anal ass-destroyer ass exploders” to practice masturbation, but thriftier, smarter human being are looking ago to their beforehand teenage years, when family implements were utilized as objects of erotic stimulation, regularly in the woods behind the college playing ar or your grandparents’ bathroom together Gramps snored noisily in prior of


Murder, She Wrote


Keen come investigate this methods, we performed a transatlantic clinical experiment to deduce even if it is the modern technology employed in teenage sexual explorations is effective enough come render future human copulation redundant.

The three criteria were:

1. Quality of feel

2. Challenge of use/assembly/cleanup

3. Basic skeeze factor

We now current you v our findings.




Back as soon as I was 14, i awoke indigenous a naked midafternoon nap with my dog licking mine vagina. And I may or may not have let her go at it because that a couple of seconds before swatting her away. Unfortunately, ns wasn’t hardcore sufficient to shot this again. My girlfriend Hannah, however, loves letting she cat lick she pussy. She swears the receiving cunnilingus from an pet is way much better than from any man tongue. I think her exact words were, “It’s favor oohhhmygodooohhmmyyygooooood good.” and also despite what you may have heard, cat tongue actually feels way far better than dog tongue since of that is rough, sandpaperlike texture. This picture is a little bit shit, but shot getting your cat to pose because that a photo 5 minutes ~ you’ve simply tricked it right into licking her vagina. Whoops, I mean my friend’s vagina.

Goodness that feeling:



It’s less complicated to toilet-train her cat, like Charles Mingus did.

Skeeze factor:

Through the roof and probably illegal. Actually, wait—is dental sex v a cute fluffy pussycat illegal? It should be.



I to be a firm believer that the showerhead is God’s gift come women. In fact, mine love for the showerhead is so strong that I now associate taking a shower much more with coming than I carry out with cleaning myself. It’s perfect. It’s self-lubricating, it never ever sneakily tries to placed itself in her ass, and also it leaves you feeling clean, together opposed to sticky and smelling choose discharge. Masturbating with a showerhead is so good that I even sexy dreams around it. Rather of being pummeled by Jamie Bell, I’m having an intimate minute in a roman bath through a beautiful crafted, antique showerhead. It’s so romantic.



Anyone who says she’s never stuck food up her vagina is simply a fucking liar. Back in high school, girls offered carrots. Now that I’m a bit older and also my flesh cavern has stretched out to the point that it’s verging ~ above baggy, I have moved on native slim-fit come super-plus tampons and also use cucumbers rather than carrots. (If you make it come eggplant, you’ve gone also far.) Fucking yourself with a cucumber feels OK yet not amazing. You definitely have come cover it in some kind of lube first, otherwise it’s painful. But still, there’s no clitoral stimulation, which is shitty. This is why i don’t recognize dildos. If it doesn’t vibrate and your clit isn’t getting any type of action, it’s meaningless to me. Gash-tly, even. Get it?

Goodness the feel:




Skeeze factor:

I thought around cleaning it off and putting it back in the refrigerator for around five minutes however decided against it. That was yes, really embarrassing once my roommate asked me why I’d thrown far a perfectly an excellent cucumber.


Alongside shampoo bottles and also highlighters, the electrical toothbrush and also its slightly girthier cousin the Squiggle Pen are on the front lines that teenage ladies’ ongoing war v their vaginas. Here’s what Karley had to say

: Anything that vibrates feels an excellent on your clit: a washing machine, a vibrating bus seat, or Michael J. Fox. This vibrating digital toothbrush belong to mine roommate Dale. That doesn’t recognize I borrowed it. However if you’re choose me and you’re too negative to purchased the Rabbit, a vibrating toothbrush will carry out the job. In regards to vibrating potential, this toothbrush to be a bit of a wuss and I took 20 minutes to “climax,” which to be pretty boring and also quite pains on the old clit.



I knew a goth girl that was into having actually her boyfriend fuck her through a BB gun that was modeled ~ above the style of a Sig Sauer. She was additionally into cutting her arms open up whenever she acquired stressed, however on the totality she was OK. Fucking myself v a BB gun was my tribute come her. Ns guess it was OK for the sheer new of it, but it didn’t actually feel the greatest. That was kind of sharp, slightly painful even. But the idea of being fucked v a gun was such a turn-on that ns came an ext from the sirloin of adrenaline I acquired than ns did native actual stimulation. It also helped to imagine the it to be Bruce Willis doing the defiling. Fantasizing around his big strong arms and also shiny bald head never falls short to send me to satisfied Town, so the really helped push me over the edge.

Goodness of feel:



Getting that in there’s a small rough, yet the rest is a breeze.

Skeeze factor:

Both nasty and also weird.

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I read around this technique on the internet. You usually just organize a blanket in between your legs and also pull it ago and forth as you rock her pelvis gradually up and down against it. You deserve to do that naked or through underwear, yet I found it’s far better with underwear since it allows you to obstacle harder and faster. It’s also a pretty good workout for your arms.