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Erik and Arthur room laughing ~ Mike Costello"s death since they room such insensitive, cruel boys that they discover humor in Mike"s little brother"s reaction to the death.

Joey, Mike"s small brother, fairly understandably panicked and behaved strangely as soon as his brother was all of sudden killed. Joey came to be fixated on taking off...

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Erik and also Arthur are laughing after ~ Mike Costello"s death because they space such insensitive, cruel boys that they discover humor in Mike"s small brother"s reaction to the death.

Joey, Mike"s little brother, rather understandably panicked and behaved strangely once his brother was suddenly killed. Joey became fixated on acquisition off Mike"s shoes for him; in the process, the was getting in the means of the paramedics that were trying to resuscitate Mike. On web page 51 that the publication (in the chapter referred to as "Tuesday, September 5") we find out about this, and we view then that Arthur and also Erik space trying to save from laughing and smiling together they define Mike"s fatality to Erik"s mother and also brother Paul.

A few minutes later, Paul witnesses Erik and Arthur in the backyard, laughing together and also imitating Joey, saying "The shoes! Gimme the shoes!" They even laugh over how the lightning the struck Mike make his hair stand up: "He obtained Mohawked, man!"

Paul is appalled by your behavior, and also he reasons that Erik and Arthur are actually happy around Mike"s death because he had been the star player of the team, so currently they will have a far better chance the grabbing the spotlight themselves throughout football games.

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Erik and Arthur"s inappropriate and cruel reaction come Mike"s fatality is critical instance the foreshadowing in the novel. The is, if Erik can find fatality genuinely funny, then there"s something no right around him--he is at least bordering on being a psychopath. Reader will find out later other terrible things the Erik does. Mrs. Fisher"s reaction is also critical instance the foreshadowing: if she notices at all the her boy is laughing while informing she of his teammate"s death, then she doesn"t do anything about it. She"s blind to the fact that her oldest son is capable of such cruelty.