April 23 significant the 6th anniversary the the debut of “AmericanHot Rod” top top The finding out Channel. However most vestiges the BoydCoddington, the Rupert-born auto designer that was the centerpiece,have disappeared.

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Coddington and also his tense La Habra, Calif., auto workshop werestars the American cable fact television. His crew would takejunked cars and transform them right into gleaming marvels, or develop carsfrom scratch.

In the show’s 5 years ~ above TLC and also the discovery Channel,Coddington fired or asked for the resignations the 11 employees.

All of which transfixed America. “AHR” was among thehighest-rate cable TV shows leading up to Coddington’s fatality fromcomplications that diabetes two years ago.

“It’s love wrenching,” she told the Orange County register ofgiving increase the warm rod enterprise. “It’s like obtaining adivorce.”

Coddington to be born in Rupert 65 years ago, and also as a boy in thehot-wheels obsessed 1950s review every auto magazine he can get hishands on. He gained his first rig, a 1931 Chevy truck, at period 13,trading a shotgun for it.

After high school, Coddington checked out trade institution at IdahoState University and completed a three-year apprenticeship inmachining. In 1968, he moved to southern California — the Mecca ofhot-rodding.

He landed a task as a machinist in ~ Disneyland, structure hot rodsby night. By 1977, he was able to open his own shop, hot Rods byBoyd, in Cypress, Calif. His service boomed.

At the moment Coddington fetched up in SoCal, most warm rods lookedlike car the beach Boys would drive. That cleaned up and streamlinedhot-rod designs, make his rods look more like auto classics andless favor rolling freak shows.

By 2004, Coddington’s 50,000-square foot shop had actually 70 employeesand turned out 12 come 15 warm rods a year for prices the ranged from$50,000 to $500,000.

It to be a roller-coaster ride, v Coddington making and losingfortunes. But he still proved up for work-related at 4:30 every morning,and supposed the same dedication native his employees.

“We pretty well did all the work on the car right here in ourown shops,” he told “Forbes” magazine in 2004.

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Coddington to be honored as “Hot Rod” magazine’s “Man of the Year”in 1988 and inducted right into the Speciality tools MarketAssociation hall of reputation in 1995. His vehicles won the GrandNational Roadster Show’s “America’s many Beautiful Roadster” awardseven times.




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