Developing an abdominal muscle routine at home is extremely important for teenagers to prosper their core strength. Here is an easy ab workout for teenage men at home:

Before we begin you have to note the abs are not totally achieved through working out. A healthy and balanced diet is the majority of your development while working out is just to develop your abdominal muscles.

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Both dieting and working out combined is what will offer you those ab muscles that you’re looking to achieve.

Read this write-up for more information top top How to acquire Abs.

This ab workout a straightforward 4-step process that will certainly be repeated 3 times the you deserve to do at house in about 5 minutes. Seize a mat and also let’s gain started…



First up are crunches! the is a really easy ab workout because that teenage men to perform at home.

For those of friend that have never excellent them before, here is the basic idea the the workout:

Get into a sit up position (lay down, feet level on the ground, legs bent)Put your hands behind your earsUsing your abs, lift your ago so that your human body is in ~ a 45 level angle with the floorControl your way back under (don’t just flop down)

Do this 15 times (you should rise this number together your body gets supplied to this workout)

If her neck hurts, it’s pretty usual so don’t panic (our heads sweet a lot). Make sure you’re actually placing your hands behind her ears and not pulling her neck up during the exercise.

Right after ~ you’re done, move onto the following workout…

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Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks room a basic ab exercise for teens to perform at home.

Here’s the malfunction of this workout:

Lay downLift both your earlier and legs slightly (your body need to look like a really wide v-shape)Keep your hands to your sideAlternate flapping your legs up and down (about 1 foot off the ground)

Do this because that 20 seconds to start (increase as your abs get stronger).

If flutter kicks are hard for you, placed your hand under your butt. I know it sounds strange, yet it actually helps relieve few of the anxiety on your abs.

Try your best to gain through it through your hands by her side, even if you have to switch every couple of seconds to walk under your butt.

If this abdominal workout feel easy, shot lifting your back up more. This will certainly squeeze your abs and make the harder because that them to store your foot fluttering.

After this, go straight into the third ab exercise…


Leg Raises

Leg raises are one of the best abdominal workouts because that teenage guys because of how effective they are! They can be slightly complex to understand, however here’s the best means to number it out:

Lay Down through your hands by your sideBring her legs all the way in so your knees are close to her chestFrom this position, lug your legs right up right into the airYou will most most likely need to roll on your back slightlyBring your legs earlier down to her chestThen lug them ago to the begin position

Do this 15 times – you will be tired by now ?

When you shoot her legs up right into the air, make sure you’re squeezing your abs to acquire that burn.

Once you’ve perfect these, relocate on come the final workout that the cycle…

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Hump Planks

Yes i know, the surname sounds weird, yet that’s the name and we’re going to address it.

The practice is in reality done specifically how it sounds. You obtain in a plank position and also you basically hump the ground.

It’s wonderful way to feeling the burn (especially due to the fact that it’s the critical workout) and also finish of your very first set. Here’s just how you perform it:

Get in a plank place (whole body flat, forearms on the ground, hand together)Using your core, background your target up right into the airBring it earlier down come a totally flat position

Do this 15 times.

Pretty simple, right? that burns like hell as soon as you do it properly… so do it properly!

This is no an abdominal muscle workout to it is in rushed. Every time you go up and also down must be done progressively with a focus on squeezing her abs in ~ the top.

If you room not emotion it the way you think girlfriend should, try bringing her arms in closer to her body. That means your body have the right to lift up greater and feel a higher squeeze.

Full abdominal muscle Workout for Teenage Guys

Now that you know just how to carry out every practice properly, right here is the full ab workout in a simple step by action format:

Crunches (15 Times)Flutter Kicks (20 Seconds)Leg Raises (15 Times)Hump Planks (15 Times)Repeat 3 Times!No resting, no breaks

That’s it! basic and straightforward to remember, but burns her abs to perfection.

If you’re wondering how regularly you should do this, I would certainly recommend at least 3 time a week. You have the right to then rise this all the means up to as soon as a day.

Abdominal muscle are easily burned, but likewise have a really fast restore time.

Always keep in mind the the objective of this workout bike is come squeeze your abs and not have to rely on other muscles to carry out it for you.

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Follow this routine, and you’ll be on your way to solid ab muscles.

Hopefully this 4-step ab workout has actually helped girlfriend develop basic practice to grow those muscles! If you have any type of comments, questions, or proposal leave them down below. Many thanks for reading!