Think about when and how frequently you encounter decimals on a dailybasis. You might meet decimal in your daily life once you room shopping,such as prices or discounts, or measure something, such as just how tall youare or how far it is indigenous your residence to college. Shot to think of a few andask your friends what they usage decimals because that or where they have seen them.

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Activity: Sunflowers and also Winners

In a sunflower competition, Ahmed, Bert, and also Cathy had the three tallest sunflowers. The heights that the sunflowers were measured; Ahmed’s is 1.8 feet tall, Bert’s is 1.67 feet tall, and also Cathy’s is 1.72 feet tall. Which is the tallest sunflower? which of these is the shortest?




To decide which of these three numbers is largest,you have the right to either draw a number line and mark the heights onit, or usage a place value table as presented below.

Starting in ~ the left-hand column, compare the digitsin every column.

All the number in the units column are 1, so girlfriend needto look at the one per 10 column. The very first number has actually eighttenths, the 2nd number has actually six tenths and the finalnumber has seven tenths.

First place: Ahmed through the greatest sunflower at1.8 feet.Second place: Kathy with the 2nd biggestsunflower at 1.72 feet.Third place: Bert v the 3rd biggest sunflowerat 1.67 feet.

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