Amphibians room a varied group the vertebrate pets that have adapted to live in a wide range of land and freshwater habitats.

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Reptiles have adapted to a wide variety of environments and feature a wide variety of forms and functions.

PhysicalWorld OceanOcean Basins and also ContinentsMap DistortionLocating points on a GlobeDensity EffectsDensity, Temperature, and also SalinityOcean Temperature ProfilesMeasuring SalinityDensity moved CurrentsCirculation in Marginal Seas and also EstuariesAtmospheric EffectsWind FormationWind SystemsOcean surface ar CurrentsEffect of surface ar CurrentsClimate and AtmosphereWavesWave and Wave PropertiesSea StatesWave Energy and also Wave changes with DepthCoastal InteractionsWave-Coast InteractionsBeaches and also SandTsunamisTidesTidal MovementsTide Formation—Gravitational PullTide Formation—Tide HeightTide PredictionTide Patterns and also CurrentsOcean FloorLayers that EarthChange over TimeContinental motion by plate TectonicsSeafloor Features and Mapping the SeafloorThe Oceanic Crust and also SeafloorNavigation and also TransportationWayfinding and NavigationTransportation and also Ship DesignOcean DepthsLight in the OceanPressureDepth ZonesDiving TechnologyBiologicalWhat is AliveProperties of LifeEvolution by organic SelectionClassification the LifeAquatic Plants and AlgaeWhat are Aquatic Plants and AlgaeStructure and FunctionEvidence of usual Ancestry and also DiversityEnergy AcquisitionAdaptationsGrowth, Development, and ReproductionBehaviorInvertebratesWhat is an Invertebrate?Evidence of common Ancestry and also DiversityStructure and also FunctionPhylum PoriferaPhylum CnidariaWorms: Phyla Platyhelmintes, Nematoda, and also AnnelidaPhylum MolluscaPhylum ArthropodaPhylum EchinodermataPhylum ChordataFishWhat is a FishEvidence of usual Ancestry and Diversity - FishStructure and duty - FishBehavior and also Sensory solution - FishEnergy Acquisition, Growth, Development, and Reproduction - FishAdaptations - FishQuestion Set: Adaptations - FishAmphibians Reptiles and also BirdsAmphibiansReptilesBirdsMammalsWhat is a Mammal?Evidence of usual Ancestry and also DiversityStructure and FunctionAdaptationsEnergy AcquisitionGrowth, development and ReproductionBehaviorChemicalMatterDefinition that MatterProperties of MatterComposing and also Decomposing MatterChemistry and SeawaterThe salty SeaThe Nature and Organization the ElementsAtoms, Molecules, and also CompoundsElemental AbundanceIonic CompoundsCovalent CompoundsProperties that WaterTypes of Covalent Bonds: Polar and also NonpolarHydrogen Bonds do Water StickyComparison the Water with various other LiquidsConductivityEnergy and the Water CyclePhases that MatterIceSalinity and also Ice FormationLiquid and Gaseous WaterThe Water CycleSpecific HeatBiogeochemical CyclesCarbon CycleAcid RainGlobal Climate ChangeSeafloor ChemistryBuilding blocks of LifeStandards AlignmentOcean Literacy principles (OLP)Next Generation science Standards (NGSS)Science and also Engineering PracticesCrosscutting ConceptsDisciplinary Core concepts (DCI)Physical scientific research Performance ExpectationsLife scientific research Performance ExpectationsEarth and an are Sciences power ExpectationsEngineering, Technology, and also the applications of scientific research Performance Expectations

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