Las las vegas Road trip Series

When acquisition a road trip to Vegas, the drive is component of the fun. If her journey beginning in Houston and also you have actually road tripped v Texas before, you understand it deserve to be an countless horizon that sand, however the sights you’ll check out in brand-new Mexico, Arizona, and also finally in las Vegas room worth it. The cherry ~ above top? your Houston to las Vegas journey ends up with plenty of excitement in the city to consist of for the drive!

Pack your bags, rally the troops, and also fill the tank, due to the fact that we have all the road pilgrimage recommendations come embark top top the finest Houston to ras Vegas drive.

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The Logistics: Route, journey Time & Traffic

Taking a Houston to ras Vegas road trip can be a lengthy trek in someday or divided between two or 3 days – relying on if you decision to take your time in ~ road expedition stops follow me the method or not. The Houston to ras Vegas distance is about 1,475 miles through Texas, new Mexico, Arizona, and also Nevada via the I-10 W. With appropriate traffic and also weather conditions, the road pilgrimage takes roughly 21 hrs to complete.

If possible, avoid beginning the Houston to las Vegas journey on Thursday through Sunday, the most popular driving days. Instead, leaving on less-popular driving job such as Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday as soon as traffic tends to be lighter than the hustle and bustle of weekend driving. Allow for longer drive times if you plan on traveling to the city for las Vegas events or throughout the holidays. No issue where you driving indigenous or which day of the week, the traffic is certain to pick up closer to the city.

Houston to ras Vegas Road expedition Stops


Watermelon Water Tower | 1,337 miles to Vegas

Start off her Houston to las Vegas road trip with a standard roadside attraction. Luling has actually quite the love because that watermelon, and also their gigantic watermelon water tower is just a glimpse right into the remainder of the town.

Natural leg Caverns | 1,294 miles to Vegas

Before you on a lengthy journey v desert landscape, treat yourself to an adventure through fascinating caverns. Girlfriend do have actually to book this road pilgrimage stop in advance, for this reason be certain to setup ahead if you want to perform some cavern exploration.

San Antonio flow Walk | 1,282 miles to Vegas

The san Antonio flow Walk is noted as the #1 attraction in Texas, and also it is the perfect way to stretch your legs in ~ the begin of your roadway trip. Stop by the shops and restaurants, and also while she in san Antonio, you need to remember the Alamo!

La Posta de Mesilla | 688 miles to Vegas

Since the last Houston to ras Vegas road expedition stop was practically 600 mile away, treat yourself to part delicious food. La Posta is well known for serving significant Mexican food and also steaks due to the fact that 1939, and it’s clear they understand their stuff. 

Pima waiting & space Museum | 424 mile to Vegas

It doesn’t rather feel like a road trip to vegas without one aerospace museum! Pima waiting & space Museum is among the world’s largest non-government sponsor aerospace museums and features end 400 iconic aircraft.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum | 412 miles to Vegas

This avoid is not only a natural history museum, the is likewise a zoo, aquarium, and also botanical garden. Avoid by to get a dose of nature and also learn much more about the Southwest ecosystem. Over there are likewise plenty of dining alternatives if you’re emotion hungry.

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch | 377 miles to Vegas

Ostriches, stingrays, and also goats, oh my! Rooster Cogburn’s ranch offers an up-close-and-personal experience with part pretty fun animals. Prevent by to pet and feed the critters to do for a truly adorable pit stop. 

Phoenix Japanese Friendship Garden | 301 miles to Vegas

Phoenix may seem like a desert city, however the Japanese Friendship Garden bring a stunningly lush landscape to the area. If you’re feeling tense from driving, stop here to unwind and feel tranquil prior to your critical stretch of driving.

Wildlife people Zoo | 276 mile to Vegas

The Houston to ras Vegas drive appears to be filled with animal activities! v an aquarium, zoo, safari park, and also even part low-key rides, this zoo will get you some fresh air and an chance to stretch your legs.

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon | 25 mile to Vegas

Right prior to you pull into Vegas, acquire in a road trip thrill that will excite you because that the rest of your vacation. You may have just viewed a most the desert driving, but ziplining over it is a way far better view.

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Some to speak life no only around the destination, it’s about the journey. If she planning your next trip to las Vegas, take into consideration hitting the road and also making one adventure the end of it.