Kirstie Alley visits the hot in Cleveland set, wherein the actors brings she up to rate on the series thus far, and presents a repertoire of highlights and bloopers.

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A male Melanie to plan to rest up with dies, happiness dodges phone call from she mother, Victoria tries an ab-toning belt, and also Elka and also Mamie Sue write roast jokes for a centenarian.

Victoria contacts all her exes to find out what she can have excellent differently, unexpectedly seeing in-person Julian, the one who broke her heart.

The women"s group birthday has a professor and also a reunion of Elka and Mamie Sue"s bowling team.

At Victoria"s bare-bones wedding to Emmet in prison, the officiating tabloid photographer transforms out to it is in Simon, the man who got Joy pregnant as a teenager.
After Alex Trebek introduce the episode, the females are hosted hostage by Chester, Lily and a Mrs. Ladypants-loving plastic surgeon.
Following Emmet"s escape from prison, Victoria is under close clock by an FBI agent, and Alec"s brand-new girlfriend questions Melanie"s pregnancy.
As Joy, Owen and Simon lie around their family background to acquire Wilbur admitted right into a reputation preschool, Elka helps Melanie uncover a medical professional to treat her brain tumor.
Discovering the Emmet faked his very own death, Victoria decides come follow fit to be with him, as Simon rethinks his career, and Melanie dates a man who doesn"t spoon correctly.
Victoria is shocked when her daughter Emmy reflects up really pregnant, Bob speak his parents he"s involved to Joy, Melanie"s dentist is misled through texts, and Elka has a fling.
Determined come secure Oscar nomination votes, Victoria has actually the women target a previous heartthrob, a young actress and also an old-time west star.
With their hearts collection on an adorable dog, Melanie, Victoria and Joy room scammed through a handsome young rescue facility inspector, as Elka and Mamie Sue simultaneously date Roy.
Melanie capitalizes ~ above her mind tumor to fulfill a singer, happiness sleeps v a tell-all DJ, and also Victoria has actually an digital romance the isn"t what that seems.
When your dog George plot depressed, the women carry in an animal-communicating radio host, who advises lock to remove the negativity in your household.
In brand-new York, the women remain with Victoria"s acting college roommate, Melanie lives in the moment, happiness wants to be a Rockette, and also Elka hawks her polish.
Joy falls for Bob while working undercover with him, Melanie hosts a 24-hour marathon of she radio show, and also Elka decides come run against Councilman Powell.
Joy is jealousy that her new boss Mitch has eyes for Melanie, Elka strategizes with her campaign manager, and Victoria awaits her feasible Oscar nomination.
Victoria, Joy and also Elka each have their very own reasons in imploring Melanie to date a billionaire newspaper publisher, who confides in she a mental secret.
During a thunderstorm, Victoria is stuck with a coast bum, Melanie is excited by her friend, joy objects to her mother"s fiance, and Elka fears a ghost.
When Elka to produce a play around the women, Melanie, Joy and also Victoria are livid over exactly how they"re portrayed, then accomplish with your actor counterparts to collection them straight.
TV land is celebrating its brand-new look with 4 days of sewage marathons, featuring favorite episodes and classic tv trivia, proceeding through the holiday weekend.
From relationship and also friendship drama come parenthood to new career endeavors, the brand-new season the Younger packs a punch.

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While prepping because that Younger Season 6, the cast and also crew look ahead to Liza and Charles"s romance, Josh"s paternity questions and the show"s long-anticipated to sing moments.