What is the bowling score that has actually been bowled the fewesttimes?

Some the the possibilities that have been said are 291, 292 and also 297.

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Possible answers(submitted by gry66, Nov 2019) ns guarantee girlfriend in all the millions & millions of gamings bowled in history, all scores have actually been bowled at part time or another. Whether on objective or through accident. Come say you recognize for a reality that a specific score has never to be bowled is hilarious.(submitted through Tom Jablonski, Sept 2019) What about 246, v two open up frames, including the tenth frame.I did the last Wednesday, Sept 18, 2019. I"m 81, and also would have actually been frustrated through it forty or so year ago, because of the open frames, however now i think it"s pretty neat, with an eight bagger, and also I don"t care what rather happens.(submitted by Randy, Nov 2010)"Well I know for a truth that there has been several 292 games bowled, in truth I witnessed one a couple of years in ~ Del Rio Lanes in Downey, CA by the notorious Tim Greenwood. He"s a cranker, gained it broad and took the end the 6 & 9 only on his to fill ball. Then this evening in Sturgis, MICH a bowler again, playing deep, sent out it wide, hit OB and also took off the 10 pin just for a 291 game and also 801 3 game set ... Don"t mental the name of the guy, but my friend dubbed me from the center right after it happened.Not sure how numerous other 291"s have actually been bowled despite ... "(submitted by Marty mountain Felippo)"A 292 game has only been thrown one time as I am told by Kent Wagner that Florida. That deliberately took out the 6,9 ~ above his last shot. Numerous of my PBA member friends in Florida State; "a 300 game is no thrill any type of more, so we deliberately shot for the 2 pin counting on our last shot."(submitted by Evan Looney)"I think the answer is 297, since it is yes, really hardfor a an excellent bowler to leaving the 3 pins on the last shot,where he would typically have left a break-up or just the tenpin (for appropriate hander) or the 7 pin (left hander)"
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(submitted by Kyle)"I think ... Back a 297 is challenging to shooting ...that a 292 has been bowled the fewest time ... Having to chopoff the 6 and 10 or 4 and 7 is extremely challenging to do."(submitted through Carl)"What about a Zero? just how many civilization have rolling the ballinto a gutter 20 continuous times?" site reply: I would think it would be more difficult to get a singlepin than to simply bowl it down the gutter each time, so maybea score somewhere less than 10 however greater 보다 0 is the rightanswer?(Submitted through Travis)"The score that the game that has actually been bowled the fewesttimes is 299 1/2. It has only to be bowled once. That happenedback in the beforehand 1900"s and also one of the pins damaged in halfon his last ball and one half of the pen was still standing."(Submitted by Feelinfrosty247)"299 1/2 what a joke - I think its 292/271"(Submitted by Matt)"I think that 291 has been bowled the fewest times becausewho bowls 11 in a row and also then access time a clean 7 or 10 pin withthe last sphere they are throwing?"(Submitted by Ryan)"I shoot 291 just last week. I occurred to gain stuck onthe approach and drop the ball. I cleanly took the end the 7 pin."(Submitted by Sean)"I don"t think 292, 1 or 0 has ever before been bowled inABC league play"(Submitted through Bob)"I am about 95% sure it is 291. 299 and also 290 are someof the many common, bowlers leaving the 10 or loosing it anddumping in the gutter."(Submitted by Bobby J)"292! ever try to gain a 2 count? 292 the is ... 290 isa spare and also 11 in a row and 7 counts are common."(Submitted by Brian)"271!!!!! to either get 1 miss and throw the following 11or obtain a dual (or any up come 9 in a row) then 1 spare andstrike out, it is the just score that has actually NEVER been bowled.Therefore mine guess is 271."(Submitted by Raymond)"I do understand of a sanctioned 294 video game where rob Harding from Sheffield, England took out the 6,7,8,10 on his critical shot!! 292 could likewise probably be completed through acquisition out the 6-9 (right handed) or 4-8 (left handed) clean on her last shot and also I have virtually seen it accomplished deliberately in practice!! yet unfortunately the 10pin decided to fall!! A score either an extremely high or an extremely low is what your looking for, as anything else has too numerous possibilities of being achieved! Something favor 271, 292, in between 1 and 10 but then again, I would literally laugh myself to fatality if I saw someone have or had actually myself a 299 1/2!!!! HAHA! I would guess in ~ it being something favor 283 or something choose that!(Submitted through Matt)"The answer needs to be 292. 271 is uncommon, however there space other means to carry out it as well as the 1-miss/strikeout or the 1-spare in the middle of a game. Together is the case with any type of game under 287. Over there is only one possible method to gain a 292 and a 2-count is the hardest to litter on the an initial ball. Thus it needs to be the least usual game thrown."(Submitted by Lou)"I think the score bowled the fewest times as well as the 2991/2 is 292."(Submitted by anonymous)"I know that the score that 290 and also 291 has actually been done since I have actually done that while I remained in league. The only score the history of bowling that has actually never to be bowled is a 292.""The most an overwhelming bowling score to gain is certain 292, which deserve to only be scored through 11 consecutive strikes and then a two on the last round ... Through ten standing, two is certain the toughest pin counting to acquire with one ball."

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Years ago in Reno PBA MEMBERS were giventhe chance to any dinner in the basic (Hilton)if they might take down just 2 pins. Mine wife and I took pleasure in a great meal. (george zelenka, Sept 2020)Raymond R Cormier (2020)Unfortunately i bowled a 291 in 1989 ,at an abt tournament in Wallingford CT... I fully choked!!!TD Tom (2017) 292. The 6-10 or 4-7 chop ~ above 12th role after 11 continually strikes the easiest way. The ball broader than a bowling pin renders it tough... .A curve ball through the 6-9 or 4-8 is an additional way.TD Tom (2017) 292 for sure. The 6-10 choose off on best side many common. <6-9 second, continuing to be on best side (the luckier way)>. Currently the 6-10 way; The geometry: The round being broader than pins and the 3 pen must simply be let go by sphere are vital points. The 6 pin and ball need to go clean to ideal of the 9 pin, the sphere taking the end the 10 pin. The ball must be irradiate in load to bounce an ext to best too... The 6-9 way hmm... The ball and 6 pin might go clean v the 3-10 hole as the 6 pen hits the 9 pen only, and also ball goes in between the 8 & 10 pins... I"d simply practice 2 counts top top a complete rack The odds probably 1 in 75 with a an excellent 150 game average bowler. Most likely happens 1 in 250,000 naturally among any bowler playing normal games. Yes the rarest complete rack shot is a 2 counting obviously, thus 292 game too. Way harder than 300 uneven you"re bowling duckpins. That"s got to be about a 1 in 244 million (1 in 5 to win avg.) come a sunshine (1 in 10 strike avg.) possibility on the latter; one more topic. Don"t think a credible perfect duckpin bowling video game has ever before been bowled. I know 2 pen counts are much easier to obtain on a complete rack of narrow (~4 inch) pins and also smaller ball (4 ½ - 5 inch wide). It"s difficult to uncover duckpin bowling specs.Timothy TD Tom (2020)I probably organize the document for hooking mine spare sphere through a Murphy 보다 anyone ~ above the planet...not even a wobble the end of one of two people pin. Nothing is impossible!Harry (2016)I bowled a 272 game ago in 1960 has actually anyone ever bowled the score?Michael Spulecki (2015)Hi Guys, I have been trying to find where someone keeps monitor of exactly how many kind of gamings are bowled..like the 291, 292 or a 293 in a year or over the years. BUT, I deserve to tell you ns shot 293, right here at strike and spare lanes in Louisville, Ky.....LOL....I was having some sticking worries with my ball as result of all the rain we got in 24 hours....I tossed 11 in row, and also the critical one just stuck on mine thumb...I pulled it so bad and took out 3 on the left....I to be laughing cause I have actually shot 8 300"s, however that critical shot was a mess...I don"t know where the variety of 293"s room on the board yet it is very hard to capture that 292 game..and the nite prior to I shoot 795....go figure.

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