The Half-Blood Prince | Hermione Granger x Male leader (Book Six)


Your sixth year at hogwarts comes with a task that bring life or death consequences.

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Hermione's POV

This summer to be weird. That was the only word I might seem to usage to describe it. I had still yet wrapped my head approximately the fact that Y/N was alive and also that the was probably undergoing some Dark arts training camp personally teach by mr Voldemort himself. I knew that wasn't a poor guy yet I had actually this feeling that being roughly sinister and also cruel human being such together Voldemort would carry out a side of Y/N that none of us had really seen before. I knew he can get angry at times however most of the time he to be able to manage himself so no one had ever really seen him snap.

"Erm...Hermione dear, I gained a letter from those girlfriend of yours." my father, Wendell, said me from downstairs.

Making my means downstairs I saw my dad stop an envelope v an alarming quantity of stamps top top them. Mine mother, Monica, to be standing alongside my dad.

I laughed. "They haven't really obtained the cave of Muggle letter yet. What walk they say?"

My dad opened the letter and scanned it, his eyes moving quickly. "They're questioning if you desire to stay at their residence until institution starts again."

My eyes lit up. "Am I enabled to go?"

My mother seemed choose she to be thinking. "Well, it would certainly be more secure at their house right? i mean, did friend hear about those bridge attacks in London?"

The attacks that were brought about by the death Eaters which supposed that Y/N could've been part of it. "I've heard around them..."

"Maybe it'll be much safer with your magic friends." my dad commented.

That night, ns hastily packed every my stuff as I was going come be accumulated early next morning by grandfather Weasley. The following morning, mr Weasley arrived via our fireplace to come collect me. This wasn't unexplained to my parents because they had gathered me via the Floo Network before. I stated goodbye to both my parents, told lock to stay as safe as possible. V a final hug mine house dissolved into nothingness and also I arrived at the Burrow.

Mrs Weasley greeted me happily prior to I went as much as Ginny's room and also spoke to her.

"Did you acquire made Prefect Gin?" ns asked the girl.

She satellite on her bed and also shook her head. "Nah, yet I think that's a an excellent thing, ns don't think I deserve to handle the push that comes v being a Prefect. How'd you carry out it?"

"It wasn't the hard," i shrugged, "I guess: v the only hard part was having actually to carry out it through Ron."

Ginny let out a laugh. "Could've to be Y/N..."

She trailed off and we both went silent. It's been over a year because he supposedly died however knowing that he was still here, still wait for me gave me hope. Suddenly every time someone stated his name i wouldn't feel this countless feeling the sadness, instead I would certainly feel hope that he would certainly stick with his promise and also that when all of this was over, we could try and return to what points were before.

But life wasn't the simple. Ns knew that, I simply hoped the me and him might have a storybook ending, like a fairytale, yet we were far from a fairytale. I wasn't the princess and he wasn't the prince.

Realising that there was a silence in between me and also Ginny, I chose to say something. "Yeah...anyways, how's things with you and Dean?"

The 2 had acquired together during Dean's 5th year and also Ginny's fourth after Ginny's partnership with Michael Corner.

Ginny shrugged. "He's not Harry but he's nice."

It was at first my idea to obtain Ginny to day other people, to gain herself end Harry and I was pretty certain it was working. She was now able to be in the very same room together Harry there is no freaking out.

"Oi! friend two!" i heard Ron call out native his room. "Have you checked out Harry?"

We poked our heads the end Ginny's room and also looked up to Ron. "Harry's here?" ns asked.

"According come mum Hedwig's cage is downstairs, which method Harry's right here somewhere." claimed Ron.

It wasn't long until every one of us uncovered Harry and dragged him into Ron's room, whereby we greeted him.

"All right?" said Ron.

"Never been better," stated Harry, "you?"

"Not bad. To be the Muggles every right? go they treat girlfriend okay?"

"Same as usual," stated Harry, "they didn't talk to me much, however I choose it much better that way. How're you, Hermione?"

He looked at me with a glance, almost as if that was asking me around Y/N together well.

"Oh, I'm fine...everything's fine." i said. I think Harry supposed maybe more information around Y/N yet I had to disappoint him, ns hadn't spoken to him because the finish of my fifth year.

Harry continued and told us about his adventures v Dumbledore, telling us about a brand-new teacher, his name was Horace Slughorn.

"Is the a good teacher?" ns asked, worried for my education.

Harry shrugged. "Can't it is in worse than Umbridge."

"I recognize someone who's worse than Umbridge," stated a voice from the doorway. Ginny had actually arrived, looking quite irritated, "hi, Harry."

"What's up with you?" Ron asked.

"It's her," stated Ginny, plonking herself under on the bed Harry would be sleeping in, "she's driving me mad."

She expected Fleur, she had recently came and was staying at the Burrow, due to the fact that she and also Bill were currently together.

"What's she done now?" i asked.

"It's the method she talks to me! You'd think i was about three!" Ginny complained.

"I know," i said, dropping my voice, "she's so full of herself."

Ron spoke angrily. "Can't you 2 lay off her for five seconds?"

"Oh, that's right, protect her," snap Ginny, "we all know you can't get sufficient of her."

Harry, looking fairly confused, opened his mouth to say something yet then the door explode open and in to walk Fleur Delacour, i rolled my eyes slightly. Ever since that time throughout the Quidditch people Cup once I observed Y/N acting crazy end the Veelas the Bulgarian team brought, I had a dislike towards anyone and even though she to be only component Veela, i still organized a specific dislike come her.

"'Arry," Fleur claimed in a throaty voice, "eet 'as been also long!"

As she brushed up over the threshold toward him, granny Weasley to be revealed, bobbing along in her wake, looking rather cross. "There to be no need to bring up the tray, i was just around to perform it myself!"

The tray to be filled through food, food the Mrs Weasley presumably produced Harry to eat.

"Eet to be no trouble," claimed Fleur, setting the tray across Harry's knees and then swooping come kiss the on every cheek, "I 'ave to be longing to watch you. Girlfriend remember mine seester, Gabrielle? She never stops talking about 'Arry Potter. She will certainly be delighted to view you again."

" she here too?" bother croaked.

"No, no, stunner boy," said Fleur with a tinkling laugh, "I median next summer, as soon as we...but perform you not know?"

Her great blue eyes widened and also she looked reproachfully at Mrs Weasley, that said. "We hadn't got around to telling him yet."

Fleur turned earlier to Harry. "Bill and also I are going to it is in married!"

"Oh," claimed Harry blankly, "wow, er...congratulations!"

Fleur swooped down upon him and also kissed the again, together I do eye contact with Ginny and also we both rolled our eyes.

"Bill is really busy in ~ ze moment, working really 'ard, and also I only work-related part-time in ~ Gringotts because that my Eenglish, for this reason he carried me 'ere for a couple of days to obtain to understand 'is household properly. Ns was therefore pleased come 'ear you would be coming zere isn't much to execute 'ere, unless you favor cooking and chickens! Well...enjoy her breakfast, 'Arry!"

With this words she turn gracefully and also left the room, close up door the door quietly behind her.

Mrs Weasley make a weird noise after she left.

"Mum no her," claimed Ginny quietly.

"I perform not hate her!" claimed Mrs Weasley in a cross whisper. "I simply think they've hurried right into this engagement, that's all!"

"They've known each various other a year," claimed Ron, that looked weird groggy and also was staring in ~ the closeup of the door door.

"Well, that's not really long! I know why it's happened, the course. It's every this suspicion with You-Know-Who comes back, world think they could be dead tomorrow, for this reason they're rushing all sorts of decisions they'd typically take time over. It was the very same last time he to be powerful, civilization eloping left, right, and also center!"

"Including you and Dad," said Ginny slyly.

"Yes, well, her father and I were produced each other, what was the point in waiting?" said Mrs Weasley. "Whereas Bill and Fleur...well...what have they really obtained in common? He's a hardworking, down-to-earth type of person, whereas she's..."

"A cow," claimed Ginny, nodding, "but Bill's no that down-to-earth. He's a Curse-Breaker, isn't he, he likes a bit of adventure, a little bit of glamour, I expect that's why he's gone for Phlegm."

"Stop calling her that, Ginny," stated Mrs Weasley sharply, as me and also Harry laughed, "well, I'd better get her eggs when they're warm, Harry."

Looking careworn, she left the room. Ron still appeared slightly punch-drunk; he to be shaking his head experimentally prefer a dog trying come rid its ears of water.

"Don't you get used to she if she's staying in the very same house?" harry asked.

"Well, girlfriend do," stated Ron, "but if she jumps out at friend unexpectedly, choose then..."

"It's pathetic," I stated furiously.

"You don't really desire her roughly forever?" Ginny asked Ron incredulously. Once he merely shrugged, she said. "Well, Mum's walk to placed a avoid to it if she can, i bet you anything."

"How's she walk to control that?" request Harry.

"She keeps make the efforts to gain Tonks round because that dinner. I think she's hoping invoice will autumn for Tonks instead. I hope he does, I'd much rather have actually her in the family."

"Yeah, that'll work," stated Ron sarcastically, "listen, no bloke in his right mind's walking to sophisticated Tonks as soon as Fleur's around. I mean, Tonks is okay-looking as soon as she isn't law stupid points to her hair and also her nose, but..."

"She's a damn vision nicer than Phlegm!" claimed Ginny.

"And she's much more intelligent, she's one Auror!" ns added.

"Fleur's no stupid, she was an excellent enough to get in the Triwizard Tournament," stated Harry.

"Not you as well!" I said bitterly.

"I intend you choose the means Phlegm states ' 'Any,' execute you?" inquiry Ginny scornfully.

"No!" harry said, defending himself. Looking away, he tried to change the subject. "Anyways, what's walking on in the Wizarding World? ns haven't read the Prophet in ages."

I sighed. "Just the usual...Muggle attacks, disappearances, all that."

Ron scoffed. "His lot are getting too comfortable aren't they." he was referring to the death Eaters.

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Harry looked in ~ me and I could instantly understand what he was trying to ask me. It was the same concern I had actually been questioning myself all summer.