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The method that the deliberately leans toward her in this scene provides it clean to me the he was giving her an out. That knew Helga didn’t really desire to very own up to what she said in the warm of the moment quite yet, yet what was stated was said, and Arnold isn’t stupid. He knows a confession choose that doesn’t come native nowhere. Ns think that this kinda smug smirk he has actually as she walks away at the end of the scene says it all:


As for Arnold’s feelings for her? Well, I’m not certain he thought about it till Helga’s confession. Sure, he thought of her together a friend. Regardless of her upset outbursts, he could see that she was a good person what in there. Arnold’s a yes, really emotionally smart person, after all. After she confession ns think things began to change, though. Points were an alleged to go back to the standing quo, but I don’t think they totally could at that point, as the April Fool’s Day illustration proved.

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However, like Arnold claims in his confession in The tropical Movie, the wasn’t ready to hear Helga’s confession at the time. Helga’s feelings because that him room so deep and also intricate! She’s to be harboring this love for practically her whole life! ns think the Arnold essential time to process the intense feelings Helga has for him, and also figure out just how he feel in return. It’s the just fair point to do.

So that’s wherein The tropical Movie choose up. Arnold knows Helga loves him, and his feelings for her have actually grown in solution over the course of the year, yet they haven’t to be acknowledged. And part of that unacknowledgement was their sort of silent commitment not to rest the status quo, and Arnold’s parental issues. I don’t think Arnold would have been emotionally ready to go almost everywhere with Helga if he didn’t find some closure for the secret of his parent’s loss one way or the other. This is clean to me native this scene:


Craig Bartlett claims “Yeah, Married was among those shows where it’s prefer well, see, this is how we feel around them. And, and, uh, y’know it’s sort of–they’re forever. And it’s prefer clownin’ around and also not getting it right, and they’re always–y’know, Helga can’t help herself, she’s constantly saying the dorn thing and getting in trouble.” (9:29)

So, they’ll have actually their rough patches and also shenanigans, but they’ll number it out and also be stronger for it.

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Any type of relationship in between them originates from a ar of deep admiration an initial and foremost. Every one of this is straight from the creator’s mouth, and also according to him they’re destined to it is in together.