because that 3,000 years, the woman recognized as Helen that Troy has actually been both the right symbol the beauty and also a reminder the the terrible power beauty deserve to wield.In her search for the identification behind this mythic figure, acclaimed chronicler Bettany Hughes supplies Homer"s account of Helen"s life to framework her very own investigation. Tracing the cultural impact the Helen has had on both the old world and also Western civilization, Hughes explores Helen"s function and representations in literature and also in arts throughout the ages. This is a masterly work-related of historical inquiry about one of the world"s most famous women.

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November 01, 2006
5.26 X 1.01 X 7.96 inch | 1.07 pounds
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About the Author

Bettany Hughes is a social and society historian, writer, and also television presenter. She received degrees in ancient and medieval history at Oxford University and also has carried out study in the Balkans, Greece, and also Asia Minor. She has actually presented plenty of documentaries and historical series for the BBC, PBS, and the exploration Channel, and also writes piece on popular background for several newspapers and magazines.


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"Dazzling. . . A look in ~ the love match between beauty and power, displaying the archetypal "trophy mistress" come the modern world." -O, The Oprah newspaper

"A magnificent biography. . . . Sizzling. . . . , a young brothers historian, explores not only the Bronze age babe but also what she has actually meant throughout background and the social significance of gift both desired and also despised." -USA now

" multi-faceted, multi-hued, and multi-period portrait that la Belle Helene will record the imagination of professional scholars and general readers alike. I cannot introduce it too strongly." -Professor Paul Cartledge, Cambridge university

"Hughes bring a passion for ancient history and archaeology crossed with a stress, overload of feminism come the figure of Helen." -The Washington post Book people

"The publication triumphantly reclaims Helen from several of her traducers. Hughes"s portrait is together close come a real, living Helen as we are likely to get." -Financial times

"When Helen launched her "thousand ships," was she a "shameless hussy?" Or, favor her mother, to be she a rape victim? . . . The answer have always depended on who you speak to and when. Hughes has them all." -The times

"Hughes skillfully brings this duration back to life. A fascinating home window onto the power politics of period . . . A genuinely amazing historical narrative." -Sunday Telegraph.