Made by Whirlpool. Fits many Whirlpool/Kenmore dryers. Fuse is located on the blower wheel cover. This fuse can not be re-set. Replace if open up (no continuity in between terminals).

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Size: size 92-1/4\", width 1/4\". 4 rib.This belt fits many Whirlpool make dryers (Whirlpool, Kenmore with prefix 110, Roper, KitchenAid, and Estate). Replace instead instead 5 rib (wider) belt. Corresponding idler pulley...more


This is a heating element for dryers. A heating aspect generates the warm for drying clothing in a dryer. It is vital component for the proper operation the a dryer. Specifications because that this part...more


This roller kit is a 2-pack. That comes v 4 tri-rings and one retaining washer. Fits every Whirlpool do dryers (Whirlpool, Kenmore through prefix 110, Roper, KitchenAid, and Estate). Matching belt 341241...more


This is a dryer to ride bicycle thermostat. The thermostat regulates the temperature inside of a dryer if it\"s running. If the dryer runs however does not heat, is no drying apparel effectively, or otherwise has...more


This is a heat cut-off kit the is supplied in dryers and also washer/dryer combos. The objective of the heat cut-off kit is to avoid the dryer from overheating if the high limit thermostat in the dryer fails...more

Fits every Whirlpool make dryers (Whirlpool, Kenmore v prefix 110, Roper, KitchenAid, and also Estate). Corresponding belt 341241 and also rear support...more

Specs. L221 degrees, 3 wire 1/4\" male, 3/16\" male,1/4\" female dryer hi-limit thermostat. Comes through a terminal extension arm attached.

This is a lint filter that is supplied in a selection of dryers. The lint filter is located on the height of the dryer or within the dryer\"s door, depending upon which design of the dryer a user owns. The purpose...more

Original Whirlpool Part. This journey motor fits most Whirlpool-made dryers before 1996 (Whirlpool, Kenmore with model prefix 110, Roper, Kitchen Aid, Estate). Tower length: blower - 1-3/4\", drive - 1-3/4\"....more

This irradiate bu is an authentic OEM replacement part sourced straight from the manufacturer. The is to plan for use with clothing dryers. The irradiate bu is found in the ago section the the dryer and is used...more

This part is a drum support roller shaft. This is a genuine OEM part made by Whirlpool that has actually been sourced straight from the manufacturer. This part is plan to replace a damaged or defective drum...more

This dryer seal is a real OEM replacement component sourced straight from the manufacturer for use on apparel dryers. That seals the door to stop loss of heat during the drying cycle. If clothing takes...more

This instead of product is a leveling foot for dryers or washer/dryer combos. Each an equipment has 4 leveling feet that keep the maker steady and level throughout the drying process when the device shakes...more

This part is a drum support roller shaft. This is a actual OEM part made through Whirlpool and has to be sourced straight from the manufacturer. This component is to plan to change a faulty or broken drum support...more

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