Some writers compose stories no to phone call a tale however for the thrill the surprises that just words deserve to offer. In the story, Hearts and Hands, the author presents characters who cross-paths and also strike up a seemingly innocent conversation. These personalities are oblivious and they are simply surging v the positive outlook of youth and also still experimenting their very own individual identity. Because that instance, Ms. Fairchild that believes the she has actually known Mr. Easton for numerous years and also considers that to it is in an old friend, has no idea around Mr. Easton’s current predicament. In fact, the readers and also the passenger on the train, who room not blindfolded through familiarity, know much more about him than she does.

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Also the location of the story is for sure fitting as it symbolizes both the appeal of the young woman and the goodness of the marshal because that the character of Easton. It has actually a rhythmic ring come it when said out loud and makes the leader curious around the story. There are at least three come four various perspectives of the same event in the story and it’s the diversity that these personalities present which makes it such a vibrant and endearing tale. The two handcuffed men, also in your physical description provide a comparison where one is handsome and frank and the various other is heavily built and glum. The beauty beauty of the writing lies in the truth that in spite of these outward distinctions they share an understanding which is rare and yet universal.

The protector the the law and also the criminal offender are linked to each other with something much more abstract than simply the stole handcuffs. The marshal cure the prisoner choose a friend, conserving him native embarrassment by lying to the lady because that him. He could have conveniently given him up for what he really is however he respected him as a person, who had actually an identity above and end being a criminal. The kind officer can guess the the girl and her opinion that the man she knew in the past might mean something to the prisoner and also so he provided him his one private moment of previous glory prior to continuing on v his duty of deporting the criminal.

Compassion when received from totally unexpected sources can warm our hearts and also make us want to be a much better person. A promise that the nice girl’s attention him and the kind gesture that the marshal could have possibly motivated the criminal to want to live a better and an ext responsible life in the future.

Hearts and Hands Themes by O. Henry

The story, Hearts and Hands style=”font-weight: 400;”>, has actually an underlying layout of the reality versus the lie. The speaks about how appearances have the right to be deceiving and also that a small harmless ruse can likewise brighten up a who day. We have actually been taught the the truth is the ultimate definition of goodness and also purity of emotion. However, the character of the the personality is bad marshal, whom the readers at an initial believed to it is in a ruthless criminal, was in truth a nice human being who could show kindness come someone that was a perpetrator the illegal actions.

In a civilization where human being are usually intolerant towards people who are different from them in culture, ethnicity and religion, this officer shows outstanding tolerance. Criminals are usually treated through a lot of insults, humiliation and also cruelty, part would even say rightly so, however this action of kindness can have a much greater influence upon the psychology of Easton than any punishment or terms of imprisonment can ever have. The memory of the conversation he had with the pretty miss out on Fairchild can assist him endure the darkest nights in prison while likewise giving that hope because that a far better world wait for him outside.

Hence, we deserve to conclude the the basic theme the the story is the unreliability of appearances and that us should offer everyone a opportunity through an act of kindness even when it’s difficult or unnecessary to do so.

Hearts and Hands Character map out by O. Henry

Apart from the three main characters the story presents amazing side characters, as the passengers and on lookers the the train have actually a personality of your own. It’s through their observation and also gossip only that the readers pertained to know about who the actual culprit was. Otherwise, just based upon presentation and the following conversation who could have guessed that Mr. Easton is not the marshal but the criminal? The readers were additionally fooled just like the young and also beautiful and also gullible Ms. Fairfax. Her character in the story is a an essential aspect in the breakthrough of the plot. She beauty has been defined with great care by the author to develop the accurate impression about her in the mental of the reader.

She was the type of girl that was accustomed to fist and an excellent living. Lugged up in ~ a veil the high society she could not contemplate a life of misadventure or crime i beg your pardon Easton had certainly indulged in. She demeanor exuded beauty and poise and she preserved all to herself sit on a next of the train until she came throughout the 2 men. She to be frank sufficient to identify Easton, in spite of the handcuffs and extended she hand come him in a sign of remembrance and also friendship. She surely admired the handsome and also bashful Mr. Easton whom she still believed to be a affluent gentleman from previous acquaintance. It was for their sake that the good old marshal intervened and also presented self to be the negative guy. Mr. Easton, despite embarrassed to be sly sufficient to play in addition to this ruse.

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The author O. Henry has produced a unique place for self in the ar of literature and the charming personality which he brings to his creating is irresistible. His stories space both at once predictable and also unpredictable. Predictable when, if the leader knows anything about the author, then they are definitely expecting a surprise ending and also unpredictable since of the means he twisted the tale at the an extremely end, simply when girlfriend are least expecting it. All in in all, his stories administer an exciting read and the story, Hearts and also Hands is no exception.