In this article, I’ll present you exactly how I hatch brown brine shrimp and answer some of the most usual questions.

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This might be news come you, together it was to me, but brine shrimp (artemia) are not actually shrimps. Lock do but belong to same team ‘crustaceans’ together shrimps do. As a kid, girlfriend may have heard of lock being described as ‘Sea Monkeys’ or ‘Sea Dragons’ and them being sold in toy stores. 

Nevertheless, baby brine shrimp room a really nutritious snack for her saltwater fish. Adult are less nutritious, uneven enriched, however are tho a nice enhancement to your key fish food. 


If you are quick on space take a look at this brine shrimp hatchery which will certainly is a lot much more compact and easy to store. You also won’t need any air stones or pumps in order to each other the shrimp.

A jug or empty plastic soda/drink bottle1 TBSP course sea salt, no table salt18 fl oz. (500ml) dechlorinated water/RO water1 tsp brine shrimp eggsRigid air line, tubing and pump

If making use of a plastic bottle, cut it in half and yet don’t litter away the bottom. Use this to stand the turning back top fifty percent that will host the water and eggs. 

Mix the food salt with the dechlorinated water.

Pour the blended salt water into bottle/jar.

Add brine shrimp eggs.  

Connect the strict airline (if using), tubing and pump and also turn the on. If friend don’t have actually a rigid airline, usage a peg come secure the airline in place.


Brine shrimp normally hatch in ~ 48 hours yet this have the right to take much longer in cooler weather. After this time you can turn the air pump off, if you’re utilizing one, and wait for every little thing to settle. You must then see hundreds of wriggling shrimps. 

Because the north egg instances are currently empty, they will float to the top.

After 48 hrs the brine shrimp should have actually hatched. Select the method best suitable to her purpose:

Method 1: (If feeding directly to fish)

Turn turn off the waiting pump and also wait for the water to settle. Empty egg situations should climb to the surface.Use a turkey baster come suck increase the shrimps and feed straight to your fish.

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Method 2: (If increasing baby brine shrimp right into adults)

Make certain the hatchery bottle/jar is greater than the container you are wanting to deliver the baby brine shrimp to.Using a spare air heat hose, siphon the

I very doubt this would certainly be effective as fish will eat the eggs prior to they have actually a possibility to hatch. That not difficult to progressive brine shrimp in a separate aquarium though as lengthy as there aren’t any type of fish in the aquarium. 

My pointer would it is in to use the an approach above by using a plastic bottle and also an airline pump to flower the eggs. You can then directly add the infant brine shrimp to your aquarium when they have actually hatched.

This could be due to a few reasons. 

Too tiny or too much salt – 1 tablespoon of course salt to 500ml water. Or if you currently have a saltwater aquarium you can use the same proportion of salt come water as you use in her tank (i.e. 1.025 specific gravity or 35 salinity). This is mine preferred technique as i usually have a little amount that ready blended saltwater for my reef tank ~ above hand because that emergencies.

Wrong type of salt – Although making use of table salt sometimes works, if you no having any type of luck v the above, try course sea salt instead. Table salt is not recommended due to the fact that it often consists of additives.