Don’t acquire lost in a sea that ghouls and monsters as soon as picking out a new Monster High doll for your child’s collection. This list of Monster High dolls has every little thing from the standard characters, like Draculaura, to brand-new characters, choose Isi Dawndancer. You’ll have a doll picked out in no time.

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Take top top the obligation of pet ownership through Lagoona Blue and also her beast pet turtle. She is the daughter that a sea monster and looks exceptional in a sea themed dress and also scaly shoes. She also has a ball for she pet turtle to pat with.

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This metallic beauty certainly is not lifeless in she gala outfit. Elle Eedee, that is the daughter of the robots, stuns in this blue dress v a metallic belt. She additionally has a blue lace cape come wear, a blue satellite headband, and also translucent blue shoes.


Explore Monster High for the an initial time all over again v Isi Dawndancer. She is the daughter of a Deer Spirit and ready to begin learning in ~ Monster High. She wears native American inspired clothes with a dream catcher purse and also a headband v antlers.

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Prepare to stun with the super stylish Luna Mothews, who is the daughter that the Moth Man. She watch ravishing in a black and also red shirt and also pants combo and also a lace skirt. She attract a gold moth head piece and also has beautiful black wings.


Skelita Calaveras is a great doll to add to her Monster High repertoire if you have one. She is the daughter of Los Eskeletos and is wearing an outfit that is influenced by traditional Mexican clothing from Oaxaca. She headband and also pigtail holders function beautiful skulls.


Get dressed come impress and also ready for the gala v Nefera De Nile, that is the daughter the a mummy. She is ready to stun at the comet happen gala, put on a snake decorated bodice and also mummy pave high heels. She even has a item of the comet to host in her hand.


Uncover covert secrets with this nautical themed doll, Dayna Treasura Jones. She is the daughter of well known pirate Davy Jones, and also her outfit has numerous hidden treasures. You deserve to pull her skirt to transform it, reveal a jewel in she necklace, or discover gold coins in her blue heels.


Help Cleo De Nile take care of she adorable pets kitty when you gain Beast pet Cleo De Nile. She is the daughter of a mummy and also has her very own kitty. The kitty comes v a gold feeding dish and statement necklace. She is pull in a cute blue dress and gold shoes.

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Start a new semester at Monster High with new student Batsy Claro. She is the daughter the the White Vampire Bat and is dressed to admire for her an initial day in ~ school. She outfit is lime green, through a coffin purse, knee high shoes, and also a headband. She additionally has white wings.


Dress her best and also get all set for the gala v Catty Noir, who is the daughter the a werecat. She makes a interlocutor fashion explain in a violet dress and bright silver bodice through a declare collar. She carries a cat purse and also wears a blue cat ear headband.

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Swim with Gillington Gil Webber, the son of a flow monster, and get lost in the deep water. He is dressed for and ready to walk swimming in fish bone swimming trunks and also boat shoes. He carries a blue backpack and a snorkel mask with a pirate eye patch.


Become a movie star once you play through Elissabat. She is the daughter that a vampire and also a renowned actress. She also comes v her newest movie in a coffin case and the award she got for she performance. She is pull in a gorgeous black and also purple outfit.


You can obtain your makeup done by Viperine Gorgon. She is a gorgon indigenous Barcelgroana and a fabulous assembly artist. She is pull in a cute black dress and pink snake knee-high boots. She has a reptilian headband and also snakes in she hair.


Toralei is dressed to impress and also ready to perform in this Freak du Chic version of she character. She is ready to walk the tightrope put on a circus pattern dress. She stop a spider web umbrella because that balance together she delicately walks across a high rope.

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Get all set for the comet gala with Mouscedes King. She is the daughter that the Rat King and looks positively dashing in her cheese accumulate gown. Her mouse ears surround she blue crown and also her tail pokes out of her dress. This is one outfit fit because that a princess.


This sugary sweet Monster High student is decked out in a very delicious outfit. Abbey Bominable is extended head come toe in and also ice cream motivated outfit and accessories. She has actually a headband made of ice cream cones, an ice cream scoop belt, and an ice cream cream sundae to carry around.


Cast out to sea through Rochelle Goyle and her nautically themed outfit. She is the daughter of a gargoyle and dressed to impress on this sea voyage. She looks stunning in her octopus publish dress. She additionally has one octopus and pirate ship headband, a translucent eye patch, a treasure chest purse, and also a gargoyle pet.


All aboard this spooky ship. Catrine Demew, who is the daughter the a werecat, is pull in her nautical best and ready to set sail in this Shriekwrecked variation of she character. She is wearing a nautical themed dress, a purse through an anchor top top it, and blue shoes.


You deserve to be creative and spooky through this student from Monster High. Porter Geiss is the son of a Poltergeist and is pull in chains and translucent shoes. He additionally has pink and blue ghost spray cans to paint everything scary pictures he likes.


Get all set to execute at the Freak du Chic dance with Honey Swamp. She is dressed as a beautiful puppet through attached marionette strings. Come to be the puppeteer and also bring the present to life v dance moves that you control. She dressed in a heritage-inspired dress and also knee high boots.

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Celebrate the distinct at the Freak du Chic dance through Jinafire Long. She is the daughter the the Chinese Dragon and is dressed to display off her heritage. She is more than happy to present the an abilities passed down to her, and she comes through a eco-friendly fan and also green flame that you can place so the she is blowing it the end of she mouth.


Help Ari Hauntington steal the display as you move closer and farther away to regulate the performance. She is the daughter the a ghost and also has a huge secret. She is adorned through chains and also wears a gorgeous purple dress. Control the lights and also sounds with the motion of your hand.


Make a wish and it can be granted by Gigi Grant. She is the daughter the the Genie and also is dressed to admire in a modern-day Genie style. She has actually a black color shirt with a blue and also pink genie-style skirt. She also wears a high height ponytail.

Prices Vary

Rule the seas with Posea Reef, who is the daughter of Poseidon. She is pull on in numerous items pertinent to the ocean, native a shirt make from coral reef to a skirt do from seaweed. Her tentacles space adorned through fish and eel skeletons and also crabs, every one of which light in the dark.


This hauntingly beautiful doll is none other than Kiyomi Haunterly. She is the daughter that the Noppera-Bo, or the faceless ghost, which is evident through her practically non-existent face. She is decorated in pink chains and also carries a bag that seems to have actually a face of that own.


Something appears fishy about this Monster High doll. Kala Mer’ri, that keeps she parents and also heritage a secret, is all set to swim roughly in she fabulous outfit. Her tail leader to tentacles, and some the those tentacles in reality glow in the dark.


You can’t aid but noticing this awesome personality from Monster High. Invisi Billy is the boy of the invisible man and also is pull on in a at sight cool blue outfit. The carries a messenger bag because that school and wears a blue beanie on his head. His skin is white and he starts come disappear in ~ the ankles.


Travel with Boo York in layout with the fashionable Operetta. She is dressed come slay in this outfit that is therefore gorgeous, the is scary. She is put on a red dress that has actually gory graphic on the skirt. She additionally has translucent pink sunglasses and a killer silver purse.


This one-eyed beauty has actually a fashion feeling of she own. Iris Clops is the daughter of the Cyclops and dresses to present off her fabulous heritage. She is pull on in a vivid dress v a big eye on it and also stockings that space covered in eyeballs.

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This ghoulish beauty, beauty is all set for the high seas. Vandala Doubloons is the daughter of the pirate ghost and also is dressed come impress. She comes v a pirate hat, with a pirate ship on it, one anchor purse, and also her very own detachable peg leg the is irradiate pink.


Join Spectra Vondergeist on a spectacular getaway adventure. She is the daughter that the ghosts and is all set to walk on vacation dressed in this wild, jungle-themed outfit. She hairpin, sash, and shoes are made native pink flowers and also bamboo.


Shuffle around and dance the night away through Moanica D’Kay. She is the daughter the the zombies and also is dressed in stylish undead fashion. She attract coffin earrings and shoes that looks choose brains. She additionally comes through a wacky photograph booth prop for the dance.


Race to the end up line with Finnegan Wake, the spectacular swimmer. He is the boy of a Mermaid and also gets approximately in an awesome wheelchair v flames on the wheels due to the fact that her has a mermaid tail. That is pull on in his classic 01 shirt and comes with his speed goggles.


Jane Boolittle is the daughter of foolish scientist medical professional Boolittle and shows off she family history with pride. She carries about her pet voodoo sloth, called Needles, who hangs ~ above her earlier like a backpack. She likewise carries a purse the looks favor a doctor’s bag. Her walking stick also hides a pen!


Get right into the institution spirit v this enthusiastic college student of Monster High. Venus McFlytrap comes with her very own bullhorn to yes, really spread institution spirit in the loudest way possible. She shirt sporting activities the Monster High logo, and she additionally comes with some killer tree jewelry.


For anyone who collects Monster High dolls, this combo definitely needs to be included to her collection. Both Robecca heavy steam and her father, Hexiciah Steam, are included in this set with packaging the is interactive. They are ADCC 2016 exclusives.

Prices Vary

If your child loves fashion and clothing, this Wydowna Spider Monster High doll is perfect. She comes with a few fabulous outfits to wear and will look spectacular in them. She is the daughter that Arachne and has six arms and two legs. Check out her spider-inspired fashion.


You deserve to dive into the deep blue waters v Lorna McNessie, an exchange college student at Monster High. She is the daughter of the Loch Ness monster and shows off her heritage v a plaid outfit and Celtic knots. She has actually fins on her arms and legs and also a cute tail.


This evil cool witch is prepared to rock for all of Monster High. Casta Fierce, that is the daughter that Circe, come in a spellbinding outfit the is orange and also purple and decorated with black animal leather straps and also buckles. She additionally comes with a broom that can double as a was standing for her microphone.


Get spooky v this ghoulish girl that is the daughter the the Grim Reaper. Flow Styxx come dressed to death in this fabulous blue and purple outfit. She dress and shoes are adorned v chains. She even has her very own scythe which is gorgeously decorated through a bow.


Put on her white glove and also get ready to dance favor a zombie v Meowlody and also Purrsephone. These two cat ladies space dressed and ready for a zombie themed party, finish with vinyl vests and also gore-inspired dresses. Her child can sing your heart out with the duo.

Prices Vary

Design fashion and show it off through Amanita Nightshade, a gruesome and also fabulous designer in the Monster High world. She comes wearing a gorgeous violet flower-inspired dress. Every one of her jewelry and also her shoes are made of rise vines to finish her flowery look.


Learn about other cultures and their exorbitant monsters with Marisol Coxi, a international exchange college student at Monster High. She is the daughter the the southern American Bigfoot. She comes through a super awesome outfit and also killer heels, as well as a purse with footprints top top it.

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Careful not to capture fire when playing v Heath Burns. He is the child of the fire elementals and also loves playing with flames. That comes through marshmallows the he have the right to roast without having to collection them end a fire. He likewise is wearing a fire shirt come really display off what he can do.

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