Though Claire Holt has done many of acting because her debut in H2O: Just include Water, fans love the present so much, they have the right to hardly forget Holt for she very very first acting role. H2O: Just include Water complied with three teenage girls as they navigate life in Australia. Not just do they have actually to deal with everyday struggles like family members life, romances, and mean girls, they likewise have to cope through their newfound stays as mermaids.

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NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 05: Claire Holt attends the Build series to discuss her brand-new movie ’47 meter down’ at build Studio ~ above June 5, 2017 in new York City. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

On the well-known show, Holt plays the function of Emma Gilbert. Once the series begins, Emma is a promising young swimmer and also is seriously committed to breaking documents on her school’s swimming team. But, after getting lost at sea close to the secret Mako Island, Emma together with her 2 friends Cleo (Phoebe Tonkin) and also Rikki (Carbia Heine), acquire transformed into mermaids.

How Claire Holt landing the duty of Emma ~ above ‘H2O: Just add Water’

Along v a mermaid tail, Holt’s character additionally inherits the power to turn water right into ice. Later on in the series, those strength increase, permitting her to control the weather and make that snow. The show lasted for three seasons, but Holt left after ~ the second because filming because that the 3rd season conflicted through a movie the she was doing in ~ the time. But just exactly how did Holt soil the duty of Emma because that H2O: Just add Water?

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Like plenty of actors, Holt is energetic on social media and occasionally walk Q & A’s through her numerous followers. Back in early 2020, she to be asked how she obtained into acting. Holt revealed the she very first started doing commercials until her agent was able to submit her for film and television. “I’d done a couple of TV commercials and my agent at the time sent out me an audition to play a mermaid top top a brand-new kids tv show,” Holt shared around how she eventually got cast in H2O: Just include Water.

The ‘Pretty little Liars’ alum is a strong swimmer

Holt likewise revealed that she actually learned just how to act on the set of H2O: Just add Water since she didn’t have much experience. She even shared that she felt that she only gained cast due to the fact that of her solid swimming skills. “I had no idea just how to act yet I loved to swim and also was an excellent at holding mine breath underwater. I’m pretty certain that’s the only reason ns booked the job. Ns was lucky sufficient to learn every little thing on set,” the Pretty tiny Liars alum shared.

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periodically I concern that ns peaked also early…

A article shared by Claire Holt (

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While we’d argue that Holt landing the component of Emma top top H2O: Just add Water wasn’t solely because of her swim skills, she definitely does invest a lot of time showing them off in the series. Specifically in the an initial two episodes, Emma is portrayed as the strongest swimmer that the bunch. Clearly, learning the handmade of exhilaration was miscellaneous that functioned in Holt’s favor as she continued working long after the show stopped filming.

Holt reminisces on she iconic ‘H2O: Just add Water’ function

Though it’s to be over a decade since Holt stopped acting in H2O: Just include Water, she still seems to look ago on her suffer with fondness. Top top February 22, 2020, she common a throwback snapshot of herself in character. “Sometimes I worry that ns peaked too early…” Holt jokingly captioned the photo. It seems that Holt truly enjoying filming the famous series. If girlfriend too space feeling nostalgic, all three periods of H2O: Just add Water are at this time steaming for cost-free on YouTube.