An organ is a group of different tissues that work-related together to execute a specific job.

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Organs space grouped together into organ systems.

Examples of organ systems include the circulatory system and also the digestive system.

Layers of organisation

The human body is barisalcity.orgnsisted of of numerous cells, so it is an example of a multicellular organism. A multicell organism has 5 layers of organisation, dubbed a hierarchy. right here they room in bespeak of barisalcity.orgmplexity:

Organelles - tiny structures which bring out various features within a cell.Cells - the simple unit of every living organisms.Tissues - teams of similar cells that work-related together to do a certain function. For example, mind tissue, muscle tissue and also heart tissue.Organs - different tissues working with each other to bring out a particular function.Organ system - a team of organs that work together to perform a job.


In an organ, various tissues work-related together to lug out a certain function. These space the main organs, and their main function:

The brain barisalcity.orgntrols thoughts, memory and also other organs. The heart pumps blood approximately the body. The lungs separate oxygen from the air and remove carbon dioxide native the blood.The stomach help to digest food.The intestines absorb nutrient from food.The liver clears poisons native the blood.The kidneys filter blood and also produce urine.The bladder stores urine.The skin protects and barisalcity.orgntains the other organs.

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Organ systems

Organs room organised into organ systems. One organ device is a group of offal that work-related together to perform a job.

Key human organ systems:

The circulatory system includes the heart, veins and also arteries. Its role is to move substances in the blood, approximately the body. The respiratory system includes the nose and also the lungs. It absorbs oxygen and also removes carbon dioxide. The digestive system includes the stomach and also intestines. The breaks down food and absorbs nutrients.The reproductive system barisalcity.orgnsists of the uterus and also vagina in women, and the penis and testes in men. Its role is to develop offspring. The musculoskeletal system includes bones and muscles. It support the human body and permits movement. The immune system has bone marrow. The protects the human body from infection.