Gretel & Hansel Sequel: will It Happen? Orion Pictures" dark fairy tale Gretel & Hansel is now in theaters, donate by mostly good reviews, yet it"s uncertain if a sequel will happen.

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Alice Krige in Gretel and also Hansel
Be advised, major plot spoiler for Gretel & Hansel are consisted of below.

Orion Pictures" dark fairy tale Gretel & Hansel is now in theaters, backed by mostly an excellent reviews, however it"s unclear if a sequel will happen. Nowadays, it"s gaining rarer and rarer that original horror movies like Gretel & Hansel also get a wide release. When it"s based upon a standard fairy tale, it"s far from a straight adaptation, and definitely feels favor a unique breath of new air in an er with sequels, remakes, and also reboots dominating the studio fear landscape.

While not fairly as stunner as movies like Hereditary or Midsommar - both command by the rapidly rising Ari Aster - Gretel & Hansel is definitely in that same spirit, seeking to unnerve and creep out the audience over hitting lock with many jump scares and explicit gore. It"s a character-based horror story, and really much rises and falls ~ above the lead performance of Sophia Lillis together Gretel, who"s thankfully simply as likeable and also easy to root for below as she was in IT, albeit with a little more of a dark leaf going on.

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Gretel & Hansel absolutely left the door open for a sequel, but will it obtain one? If so, what could such a sequel watch like? Here"s what we think could happen.

Gretel & Hansel 2 Isn"t confirmed (Yet)

Alice Krige and also Sophia Lillis in Gretel and also Hansel
together of this writing, there"s no indication whatsoever even if it is a sequel come Gretel & Hansel could be in the cards. Considering that the box office outlook because that its opening weekend isn"t looking as well good, that could well shut the door ~ above a follow-up. That said, director Oz Perkins" film only cost approximately $5 million to produce, and is pretty particular to at the very least make that ago soon. If Gretel & Hansel then performs well on home video, a sequel could then end up being a actual possibility.

Gretel and Hansel Logo
Gretel & Hansel was first announced together being in breakthrough by Orion photos in October 2018, then moved right into production quickly, wrapping principal photography through the end of that year. Reshoots then took ar in beforehand 2019, and the final film struggle theaters a little less than a year later. The film has actually a lot of of complicated and scary visuals, therefore it"s likely post-production took rather a while. If a sequel it s okay greenlit in the an initial half in 2020, early on 2022 would certainly seem to be a likely release window.

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Gretel & Hansel 2 Story Details

Sophia Lillis in Gretel and Hansel 2020
Gretel & Hansel ended through Gretel using her very own blossoming magic powers to defeat the witch, burn she alive, and also save her younger brothers from a comparable fate. Gretel then sent Hansel turn off to live through the carvers, together was the initial idea for both children. It shows up that Gretel plan to fully allow her powers to manifest, yet wants to usage them for good, unequal the witch. Her fingers turning black definitely does imply that things could not be that straightforward though. A sequel could see Gretel go among two ways. One of two people she manages to become a force for good, and also uses she abilities come combat an additional evil force, or she instead drops to the dark side and also becomes worse than the witch she slayed.