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Catholic bishop Fulton J. Sheen was also a influential radio and also TV personality. Known for his insignificant on the NBC radio display The Catholic Hour, he likewise hosted the well-known TV programs Life Is worth Living and The Bishop Fulton Sheen Show. He likewise wrote extensively on communism, love, and also peace.


Charles Grandison Finney, called as the father of contemporary Revivalism, started his career with the Presbyterian Church, whereby his style of preaching fermented spirited revivals. Later, his dissatisfaction through Presbyterian theology led to formation of Broadway Tabernacle and he started cultivating abolitionism and also equal education and learning for women and blacks. Hespenthis last years as minister of Oberlin’s first Congregational Church.


Congregational minister Henry Ward Beecher,the eighth child of Reverend Lyman Beecher, to be a skilled orator and also a significant Protestant speaker. The was recognized for anti-slavery stance and his id in God's love, one of his best works is the pamphlet Seven Lectures come Young Men.


Hailed together the Prophet the the Poor, William Booth was the co-founder and the very first the basic of the Salvation Army, a Christian church recognized for the world-wide charitable work. At first a Methodist preacher, that was moved by the plight that the poor and also formed the Salvation Army, aiming to deliver salvation by meeting both their physical and also spiritual needs.


William J. Seymour was an African-American holiness preacher. That is credited to have actually initiated the Azusa Street Revival, one influential event in the increase of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements. He was a college student of the early Pentecostal minister Charles Parham. He play a significant role in the spread out of Pentecostalism to miscellaneous parts the America.

Dwight L. Moody was an American publisher and also evangelist. He is attributed with founding the Moody Church which walk on to end up being the many well-known religious outreach the its kind. He provided up his lucrative shoe business to focus solely on revivalism. That played an essential role in the civil War, working with the United says Christian Commission that YMCA.

John Humphrey Noyes was an American preacher, religious philosopher, and utopian socialist. He was the founder that the Putney, Oneida, and Wallingford Communities. He made decision to devote his life to religious beliefs at a young age and also studied in ~ the Yale Theological Seminary. That was also involved in political activism and helped organize an anti-slavery culture in the joined States.

Initially a Quaker preacher, folk painter Edward Hicks is best remembered for his work The Peaceable Kingdom and that 100 versions. His interest in painting perhaps stemmed for his early on years together a coach painter. That mostly portrayed the landscapes of brand-new York and Pennsylvania. His works also featured animals.

William Ellery Channing was an American preacher. One of the most vital Unitarian preachers in the early-19th century, Channing was likewise one the Unitarianism's most significant theologians. Remembered because that his impassioned and also articulate windy speeches and sermons, Channing had actually a significant influence on the brand-new England Transcendentalists. In 1903, he to be honored with a statue in ~ the Boston public Garden.

American theological and philosophical writer Orestes Brownson had actually been with massive spiritual confusion in his at an early stage days, once he switched from Presbyterianism, to Universalism, to Unitarianism, before finally converting to Catholicism. His writings encompass The Convert and also The American Republic. He also wrote extensively on Transcendentalism.

George A. Smith was one of the an initial leaders of the Latter day Saint motion which was started by Joseph Smith. The played an important role in Zion's Camp, i m sorry aimed at help members that the church in Missouri. George A. Smith also played a crucial role in the events leading up to the well known Mountain meadows Massacre in 1857.

Barton W. Stone was an evangelist who played critical role during the Second an excellent Awakening in the US. That is attributed with developing the Christian Church, which worked towards restoring primitive Christianity. Today, plenty of church teams including church of Christ have actually historical link to Stone's efforts. Atlantic Christian university in north Carolina to be renamed Barton college in his honor.

Peter Cartwright to be an American Methodist, preacher, and revivalist. A Methodist missionary, Cartwright assisted start the Second great Awakening in America; that is credited with baptizing twelve thousands converts. Peter Cartwright was likewise a writer and also his autobiography made him renowned throughout the country.

Born come an irish immigrant father and his African-American slave wife, James Augustine Healy to be the very first Black Roman Catholic bishop the the U.S. However, he established as White Irish, owing to his blended race. Although that voiced his support for aboriginal Americans, he never ever specifically speak on African-American issues.

Born right into slavery, Allen Allensworth efficiently disguised himself in a uniform and marched to freedom, along with the Union soldiers throughout the polite War. He later served the U.S. Marine and eventually came to be a Baptist preacher. The first Black American lieutenant colonel, he also formed the town Allensworth.

Edward Robinson was a biblical scholar finest remembered for his work Biblical Researches in Palestine. Concerned as the very first major work-related in Biblical Archaeology and also Biblical Geography, his occupational earned that the titles, Founder of contemporary Palestinology and Father of Biblical Geography. That is additionally remembered because that translating scriptural works.

Frederick wilhelm Robertson, also known together Robertson of Brighton, to be a 19th-century Anglican clergyman. Born to an military captain, he originally wished to offer in the military. His sermons dismissed the theological concepts existing back then and focused ~ above the reform concepts of the 1848 transformation instead.

Isaac Backus to be a Baptist minister that played an essential role throughout the American Revolution. That is ideal remembered for marketing against brand-new England's state-established churches. Affected by the works of George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards, Backus came to be a preacher. His occupational titledGovernment and Liberty Described and Ecclesiastical Tyranny Exposed is thought about a historically important article.

Born come an engineer father, brothers missionary Alfred Saker had constructed a little steam engine by 16. Intelligent and also well-read, he later on departed ~ above a mission to Africa, eventually setting up the city of Victoria, now recognized as Limbe, in Cameroon. He is additionally credited through translating the Bible into Douala.

William Richards to be a politician and also missionary whose occupational on a official land title system gave rise come the Great Mahele in 1848. He additionally helped popularize a liberal constitution monarchy in the Kingdom of Hawaii. He additionally served as a translator come King Kamehameha III and later assisted translate lot of the scriptures into Hawaiian.

Fidelia Fisk was a provided American missionary come Persia (Iran), who championed the reason of women’s education and also health in Urmia, Iran. At first a teacher, she had actually later relocated to Iran to be part of the Nestorian Christians. However, she eventually went back to the U.S. V failing health.

John M. Mason was an American theologian and also preacher who offered as the Provost of Columbia college in the 1810s. In the early-1820s, he also served as the chairman of Dickinson College. an excellent orator, man M. Mason offered as a minister for 17 years.

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Growing up amid indigenous American children, Laura Maria Sheldon Wright developed a love for their culture. ~ her marital relationship to a missionary to the Seneca Indians, she not just learned the Seneca language however also advocated education and farming among them. She additionally formed the Iroquois Temperance League.