His royal Highness The Prince Alexander. Knight commander P.O.M, (H)Lt. General Of The Stag Regiment, duke of Stagmoore and Sovereign Prince the The Princedom the Moorland - pictured

The duke of Hillgate is His Grace, teacher Kelley Michael Simich KPOM is titled by H.R.H. Prince Alexander.

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“The Princedom the Moorland is an live independence Sovereign country with territories extending the world, the is rule by The Royal residence of Morton, and maintains near friendships with other Noble House’s, consisting of The residence of Dos Santos and also The house of Simich.”

“Currently, Moorlands Royal household under take in duties that help the neighborhood during the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

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His royal & royal Highness Prince Elector Margrave Archduke teacher Kelley Michael Simich KSMOML of Pomerania and also Livonia is titled byHGDH Prince Ludwig 1.

The grand Dukedom the Pomerania and also Livonia existed from the 12th to the 17th century and was ruled by dukes the the house of Pomerania the Griffins; the is from various old regions that include the German Empire, Russian Empire, Kingdom of Poland, and also the holy Roman Empire. In 1264, battle each other Wartislaw III died, Barnim i the an excellent became the sole leader of the duchy, in 1266 the married Mechthild, the daughter of otto III, Margrave of Brandenburg, Barnim died in 1278 at Altdamm close to Stettin. The duchy then was dispensed to the boy of Barnim I, otto I and Bogislaw IV. New lines the Pommern-Wolgast and Pommern-Stettin were started. Harbors, warterways, etc. To be to be hosted in common.

Pomerania and Livonia is now a Micro-nation and also the House restored and HGDH Prince Ludwig 1 was chosen to the House and also became known as the house of Pomerania and also Livonia. The ar of the duchy is positioned in north Germany and also Poland and is in exile and also has no intention come act upon it, together Germany is a republic, it has actually the Juridical condition as any government in exile top by a Prince Pretendant come the Throne and is defended under global Law the 1945.

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The Royal residence of Pomerania and Livonia is the following: renovations, acknowledgments that titles, predicates, Coat-of-Arms, qualifications and possible deeds or providing ex-novo that titles, qualifications and also predicates. Presently, the Royal residence of Pomerania and also Livonia is top by HGDH Prince Ludwig 1, and also not all heirs room tied to the house by blood, however are anointed by the head the the house of Ludwig. HGDH Prince Ludwig 1 is acting in his royal capacity as the can be fried of Pomerania, Livonia, Trebizond, and also Constantinople.