God of battle 3 is one action-based adventure game which has been produced by the Santa Monica Studio. The video game was lastly published by SCE likewise known as Sony computer system Entertainment. Initially, the was released for the PS3 or playstation 3 console top top 16th in march 2010. 

This game is the 5th inclusion in the series of God of War, which ranks seventh in chronological order and last one in the Greek era franchise. That is additionally a sequel to the God that War-2 released in the year 2007. The is somewhat built on the layout of Greek Mythology and also is set in the ancient duration of Greece. The just motive the this video game is revenge. 

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What is God of War-3 about?

The protagonist is controlled by the players and Kratos, who is thought about as an earlier God of wars after he was betrayed by Zeus, his father, and also the King that Olympian Gods. It detailed ignition to the an excellent War, in which mount Olympus to be ascended by Kratos it rotates he gets abandonment from Titan Gaia. The heart of Athena functions as a overview for the game and also helps Kratos in battling away monsters, Titans, and God’s for searching Pandora, i beg your pardon is forced for that to open the crate of Pandora, beating Zeus and finish the era that Olympian gods. 

The video game was awarded by plenty of eminent prizes the end of i m sorry one was “Most anticipated video game of 2010” and also the finest game because that PlayStation 3 in the 2009 and also 2010 Spike Awards for video game consecutively and the ideal artistic accomplishment award in ~ the 2011 compensation session through BAFTA also known as British Academy of Film and also Television Arts. The 2nd best seller video game in this collection had a great demand in the market and practically 5.2 million duplicates were marketed of this game. 


The gameplay of this video game is the same as the of the previously editions, aiming in ~ the combat based upon a combo through the assist of the key weapon the the players which space the chisels of Exile and also the an additional weapons got throughout the game. It makes use of quick-time occasions in i m sorry the player football player in a well-timed stimulate for defeating bosses and potential opponents. 

The player can manipulate four wizardry attacks as well as a power improving capacity as substitute combat choices and there are interesting features choose platforming components and puzzles. In comparison to the previous editions, God that War-3 gives a revamped magic mechanism, several opponents and brand-new editions, new angles the the camera, and easy come download content. 

Features that God the War-3 

If you have a player that the God the War-3 or previously editions of this series you have to be knowing about the an easy features the it offers. But, over there are details added attributes in this edition, therefore let us take a look in ~ the functions of the game:


Heavenly Possession 

The heavenly Possessions are also known together godly possessions. These are magical points that were once devoted to the gods and also now deserve to be discovered concealed in various places in the video game series. As soon as these points are uncovered they deserve to be used while friend play it at the second attempt. Together possessions include Aphrodite’s Garter, Hephaestus’ Ring, Hera’s Chalice, Hades Helm, etc. 

There were an important acclamations of the God the War-3 when it was launched, with a reviewer well-known as IGN which pointed out the redefinition that scaling in the video games. It has actually been appreciated because that the graphics, specifically of Kratos, i m sorry was dubbed by IGN the many attractive video game ever. 

God of War-3 PC video game Download

NameInitial release DateDesignerSeriesAwards
God that War-3
 16 march 2010
Todd Papy
God that War