Season 2:

2×01 ‘Audition’

A new school year begins and the brand-new Directions get busy trying to recruit more students come the glee club. Glee co-captains and also couple, Rachel and also Finn, technique two college student who appeared to display interest. Rachel talks to international exchange student, Sunshine Corazon, but fears the Sunshine may be an ext talented than she is, so she offers her direction to a crack residence as the ar of she audition. Finn tries to recruit Sam Evans, a talented transfer student, however Sam transforms it down because of the low social standing the glee members have. Shannon Beiste is hired as the brand-new football coach and is ganged increase on by Will and also Sue who space angry the she has actually taken money far from their budgets for the soccer team. As soon as Finn approaches Beiste with the idea that Artie joining the team, she believes he is also coming against her, therefore she kicks Finn turn off the team and also gives the place of quaterback to Sam. Will certainly realizes the his actions room hurtful and makes amends with Beiste. Angry the Will has actually abandoned her, Sue contacts brand-new Vocal Adrenaline coach, Dustin Goolsby, that swoops in and also steals Sunshine far from McKinley.

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Songs:‘Empire State the Mind’ – brand-new Directions‘Getting To recognize You’ – Tina‘Telephone’ – Rachel & Sunshine‘Billionaire’ – Sam, Finn, Puck, Artie, & Mike‘Listen’ – Sunshine‘What i Did for Love’ – Rachel

2×02 ‘Britney/Brittany’

brand-new Directions are preparing because that a institution assembly whereby it has actually been requested by the college student body that they do Britney Spears. Will refuses since he believes she is a poor role-model. When Emma’s brand-new boyfriend, Dr. Carl Howell, walk dental job-related on several of the college student they have hallucinations the they room singing Britney songs. Finn tires come rejoin the football team, yet Rachel fear if he does the will end up being too famous to date her. Coach Beiste relents and permits both Finn and also Artie to sign up with the team and Rachel feels much more secure when Finn still transforms down breakthroughs from reinstated head cheerleader, Quinn. Will grows jealous of Emma’s partnership with Carl and also tries to impress her. He allows the children to execute Britney in ~ the assembly and also joins them. The college student body becomes aroused from the performance, prompting Sue to set off the fire alarm. Emma tells will certainly to stop trying to be something he’s not.

Songs:‘I’m a slave 4 U’ – Brittany‘Me versus the Music’ – Brittany & Santana‘…Baby One an ext Time’ – Rachel‘Stronger’ – Artie‘Toxic’ – will & brand-new Directions‘The just Exception’ – Rachel

2×03 ‘Grilled Cheesus’

Finn believes he sees the challenge of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich and also asks for it to approve him three prayers. All 3 of his prayers room answered, but when one of them causes Sam to end up being injured during a football video game (which enables Finn to gain back his position as quarterback) he feels responsible. Emma tells him the it is unlikely God to be speaking come him with a sandwich. Kurt’s dad Burt suffers indigenous a love attack and is taken, unconscious, come the hospital. The glee club members try to sell Kurt comfort through prayer, however he refuses and tells them the he is one atheist. As Burt stays unconscious Kurt begins to feel guilty for no accepting his girlfriend prayers. He cries at his father’s bedside and Burt is able come squeeze his hand.

Songs:‘Only the an excellent Die Young’ – Puck & brand-new Directions‘I Look come You’ – Mercedes, Quinn, & Tina“Papa, have the right to You hear Me?’ – Rachel“I desire to organize Your Hand’ – Kurt‘Bridge over Troubled Waters’ – Mercedes‘One that Us’ – new Directions

2×04 ‘Duets’

will announces a duet competition within the club, with the winners receiving a gift map for dinner in ~ Breadstix. Finn lastly convinces Sam to join the club, but worries when Sam agrees to be Kurt’s duet companion that he will be bullied and quit the club. Kurt releases Sam from your duet and Sam end up partnering through Quinn. Brittany and also Artie companion with each other and begin dating. Artie loses his virginity to her, however then division up v her as soon as Santana tells him the Brittany was just using him to shot to win the competition. Rachel and Finn decision to throw the dispute in the wishes that Quinn and also Sam will certainly win, solidifying Sam’s location within the club. Sam and Quinn do finish up winning and when they room at their win dinner Quinn speak Sam that it is their an initial date.

Songs:‘Don’t go Breaking mine Heart’ – Rachel & Finn‘River Deep – mountain High’ – Mercedes & Santana‘Le Jazz Hot!’ – Kurt‘Sing!’ – Tina & Mike‘With You i’m Born Again’ – Rachel & Finn‘Lucky’ – Sam & Quinn‘Get Happy/Happy job Are right here Again’ – Rachel & Kurt

2×05 ‘The Rocky fear Glee Show’

when Will learns the Emma is a fan of the movie The Rocky Horror display he decides to do it this years college musical in an attempt to acquire closer to her. There is concern on numerous fronts the the music is inappropriate for high school and also Sue is request by the neighborhood media to execute an undercover expose. Once Mike is refuse permission to play the function of frank N Furter through his father, Sue convinces Carl come get involved in the production to help save the so she can finish her expose. Will certainly grows progressively jealous the Carl and Emma and begins to persue her much more earnestly until Carl call him out on it. When Finn is suspended for walking through the halls in his underwear in an attempt to acquire comfortable because that his duty in the play, will realizes his engine were not for the kids. He convinces Figgins come lessen Finn’s punishment and also cancels the musical. Instead, the youngsters perform it for themselves.

Songs:‘Science Fiction/Double Feature’ – Santana‘Over in ~ the Frankenstein Place’ – Rachel, Finn, & new Directions‘Dammit Janet’ – Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Kurt, & Mercedes‘What ever before Happened to Saturday Night?’ – Carl‘Sweet Transvestite’ – Mercedes, Brittany, & Santana‘Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me’ – Emma, Santana, Brittany, & Will‘Time Warp’ – new Directions

2×06 ‘Never to be Kissed’

will certainly announces an additional competition between the boys and girls of brand-new Directions, however this time they must perform a mash-up that songs done by the opposite gender. The boys are not thrilled by the assignment and also get annoyed v Kurt’s suggestions, therefore they tell kurt to walk spy on one of the colleges they will certainly be competing versus at Sectionals. Cut goes come Dalton Academy where he watches their glee club, the Warblers, perform. Afterwards he befriends Blaine, a gay member of the Warblers, and opens approximately him about the bullying he continues to receive. Encouraged by Blaine, kurt confronts Karofsky the following time the bullies him and Karofsky end up kissing him, however later denies it ever happened.

Puck is exit from juvenile detention through the problem that he does ar service. Artie helps him v the neighborhood service and also in return Puck helps Artie get ago together with Brittany. Coach Beiste finds out that few of the boys have actually been imagining her whenever they must cool down during sexual encounters. She is hurt and also plans to resign till Will convinces her otherwise and also the guys apologize with their mash-up.

Songs:‘One Love/People acquire Ready’ – Puck & Artie‘Teenage Dream’ – The Warblers‘Start Me Up/Livin’ top top a Prayer’ – brand-new Directions Females‘Stop! In the name of Love/Free your Mind’ – new Directions Males

2×07 ‘The Substitute’

as soon as Principal Figgins and Will space out sick v the flu Sue fills in for Figgins and also substitute teacher, Holly Holliday, for Will. Rachel is worried that Holly’s unconventional and lax techniques will no sufficiently prepare them for Sectionals, however is shortly won over. Mercedes feels left the end by the cultivation friendship in between Kurt and Blaine, so as soon as Sue do the efforts to ban tater tots she leader a protest. The parents assistance Sue’s alters to the wellness plan and also her place as primary is do permanent, at which allude she timeless fires Will. When the glee kids begin to require the help of their teacher Holly feels out of her depth and runs to will for help. The glee society members realize that they need Will and petition Sue to let that come back and she relents. Cut is once again cornered by Karofsky who endangers to kill Kurt if he tells anyone the he is gay.

Songs:‘Forget You’ – Holly & brand-new Directions‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ – Will‘Nowadays/Hot honey Rag’ – Holly & Rachel‘Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella’ – Will, Holly, & brand-new Directions

2×08 ‘Furt’

Burt and Carole announce your engagement and Kurt begins wedding planning, finish with having brand-new Directions carry out the music. After the continued bullying native Karofsky, kurt learns that uneven he physically attacks him over there is nothing Sue, who is quiet Principal, have the right to do. Artie and also Mike face Karofsky in the football locker room and also an altercation ensues. Sam jumps in to assist while Finn remains out of it. Once Burt learns of the bullying and the fatality threat the sets increase a meeting with Sue, the 2 boys, and Karofsky’s father. At the conference Sue expels Karofsky since of the fatality threat. The wedding is a vast success and also during his speech Finn apologizes to Kurt and promises come stick up for him from now on. Earlier at institution Kurt learns that Karofsky’s expulsion to be reversed by the institution board and Sue has resigned as major in protest. Burt and Carole tell kurt that castle have decided to use the money conserved for their honeymoon to salary the tuition vital for cut to transfer to Dalton Academy which has a zero-tolerance bullying policy.

Songs:‘Ohio’ – Sue & Doris Sylvester‘Marry You’ – new Directions‘Sway’ – Will‘Just the method You Are’ – Finn & new Directions

2×09 ‘Special Education’

v Kurt gone, new Directions demands one more member in bespeak to complete at Sectionals and also Puck is able come bribe woman wrestle, Lauren Zizes, to sign up with them. Kurt finds that is not as simple as he had hoped come fit in in ~ his new school as they prepare to go head come head with new Directions in ~ Sectionals. Will certainly takes Emma’s advice and also decides to change things increase by offering the compete solos to group members other than Rachel and Finn, which does no make the co-captains happy. Santana tells Rachel the she and also Finn had sex the year before, i m sorry infuriates Rachel. Brand-new Directions and the Warblers finish up tie for first place at Sectionals, for this reason they space both maybe to relocate on come Regionals. Once they are ago at institution Will learns that Carl and also Emma visited Vegas end the weekend and also got married. Finn apologizes to Rachel for no being honest about Santana and also promises to constantly be ethical in the furture. Feeling guilty, Rachel confesses that in her anger she make out v Puck and also Finn breaks up through her.

Songs:‘Don’t Cry because that Me Argentina’ – Rachel & Kurt‘Hey, soul Sister’ – The Warblers‘I’ve had actually the Time of my Life’ – Quinn, Sam, & new Directions‘Valerie’ – Santana & new Directions‘Dog Days space Over’ – Tina, Mercedes, & new Directions

2×10 ‘A an extremely Glee Christmas’

The glee club tries to raise money because that a neighborhood homeless sanctuary by caroling approximately the school without success. Artie finds out that Brittany still believes in Santa Claus and also asks the various other glee members to aid keep increase the ruse, however when she asks Santa to give Artie the usage of his legs and also Santa agrees, Artie becomes dismayed. Coach Beiste costume as Santa and also tries to define to Brittany that her wish isn’t feasible and Brittany loses she Christmas spirit until she discovers a very expensive mobility an equipment that enables Artie come walk for quick periods that time under her tree.

The faculty that McKinley hold a an enig Santa drawing, but Sue rigs the so that everyone draws her name. As soon as they find out lock reclaim the presents they offered her with the intentionally of donating them come the homeless shelter. She retaliates by dressing together the Grinch, stealing the gifts, and also vandalizing the choir room. The glee society decides to execute for the faculty come return Christmas cheer to the school. They finally receive donations because that the homeless shelter and also Sue returns all of the gifts.

Songs:‘The many Wonderful job of the Year’ – brand-new Directions‘We require a tiny Christmas’ – brand-new Directions‘Merry Christmas Darling’ – Rachel‘Baby, that Cold Outside’ – Blaine & Kurt‘Last Christmas’ – Rachel & Finn‘Welcome Christmas’ – brand-new Directions

2×11 ‘The Sue Sylvester Shuffle’

Coach Beiste requires her football team to sign up with up with the glee society in an effort to end the animosity in between the two groups. Sue schedule a cheer competition for the same day as the football championship in retaliation because that the opposition Beiste and Will offered her for a brand-new and attention stunt in i m sorry Brittany is shot indigenous a canon, for this reason the Cheerios will certainly not be able to perform the half-time show and the cheerleaders who room a component of glee are forced to battered the club. Will provides to have brand-new Directions, v the members the the football team, administer the half-time entertainment. When the football team is slushied because of their involvement with glee they every quit the glee club and also are banned from the game. The girls sell to beat in the game so they carry out not need to forfeit, however when Tina is hurt Finn has had enough and convinces the football players the lacking Cheerio glee members come return. They every come with each other to do at half-time and, with the football players now enabled to play, they are able to success the championship game, conversely, the Cheerios lose their competition. Quinn, who is still date Sam, is impression by Finn’s leadership and kisses him

Songs:‘Need you Now’ – Puck & Rachel‘She’s not There’ – Finn‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ – The Warblers‘Thriller/Heads will certainly Roll’ – brand-new Directions & McKinley Titans

2×12 ‘Silly Love Songs’

In respect of Valentine’s Day, Finn sets increase a kissing booth to raise money for the glee club v the an enig hope the he will acquire to kiss Quinn again. Quinn stays clear of the kissing booth till Sam grow suspicious. Once she and Finn kiss the sparks room reignited in between them and also they start to view each other behind Sam’s back. Santana gets angry as soon as the various other club members judge her for she behavior, for this reason she decides to expose Quinn and also Finn by offering them mono. End at Dalton, kurt is upset to learn that Blaine has feelings for someone else. As soon as Blaine is rebuffed by the person, however, kurt decides to it is in honest around his own feelings. Blaine is shocked and also tells cut that the doesn’t desire to ruin their friendship through attempting a romantic relationship.

Songs:‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ – Puck‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)’ – Artie & Mike‘When I obtain You Alone’ – The Warblers‘Firework’ – Rachel‘Silly Love Songs’ – The Warblers

2×13 ‘Comeback’

at the pointer of Emma, a depression Sue join the glee society for a main to shot to raise she spirits. She tries to sow discord in the group, yet her arrangement backfires. Will takes Sue come visit the pediatric oncology ward at the hospital in an effort to present her that things aren’t as negative as she thinks. Sam senses the growing distance between him and also Quinn, therefore he creates a Justin Beiber tribute band, which Puck, Artie, and Mike every join. Quinn decides the she desires to remain with Sam end Finn, however when Sam realizes she cheated on the he division up with her and also starts date Santana. Rachel do the efforts to to convince the glee club that they should write an initial song for Regionals, yet they all oppose her. At the finish of the mainly Sue announces the she is now the vocal director of Aural Intensity, who new Directions will certainly be competing against at Regionals.

Songs:‘Baby’ – Sam‘Somebody to Love’ – Sam, Artie, Puck, & Mike‘Take Me or leave Me’ – Rachel & Mercedes‘I understand What guys Like’ – Lauren, Brittany, & Tina‘Sing’ – new Directions & Sue

2×14 ‘Blame it On the Alcohol’

Rachel begins her attempts at songwriting, yet realizes the she there is no had any type of experiences to accumulate her, for this reason she decides to litter a party because that the glee society members, Kurt, and also Blaine. Everyone other than Kurt and also Finn gain drunk and during a game of spin the bottle Rachel shares a kiss with Blaine that leads him to believe he may not be gay and the two go ~ above a date. It is not until Rachel kisses Blaine when they are both sober that Blaine realizes the is without doubt gay.

Principal Figgins decides to host an assembly on the risks of alcohol and also asks the new Directions to perform. The team performs while drunk and also Brittany and also Santana vomit in the middle of the performance. Figgins believes the they were acting and also commends them for the performance. After ~ a night the drinking through Coach Beiste, will dials a number he think is Emma’s and leaves a suggestive voicemail. It transforms out the number he dubbed was Sue’s and she theatre the blog post over the school intercom. Will certainly feels hypocritcal obtaining onto the children for your drinking, for this reason he provides a pledge through them that none will drink till after Nationals and, in instance they slip up, he offers them his cabinet number so they can speak to him to pick them up.

Songs:‘Don’t You desire Me’ – Blaine & Rachel‘Blame It’ – brand-new Directions‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ – Beiste & Will‘Tik Tok’ – Brittany & new Directions

2×15 ‘Sexy’

Holly Holliday return to McKinley, this time together the sex education and learning teacher. Emma does not grant of Holly’s lessons, however when Carl asks Holly to counsel him and also Emma the is revealed the they have actually never had actually sex and Emma still has feelings for Will. Holly also counsels Brittany and also Santana to aid them kind through their perplexed feelings. Santana admits that she is in love v Brittany, yet afraid of gift in an open up relationship through her and being bullied. Brittany tells Santana that she loves her too, but that she likewise loves Artie and also is not going to end her partnership with him. When the Warblers try to amp up the sexuality in your performances, Blaine discovers that cut is very ignorant and also goes to Burt to suggest that he speak to Kurt. Burt take away Blaine’s advice and tells cut that he needs to host on come his self-respect and gives him information pamphlets to review through and also then concerned him with any type of questions. Holly is eventually asked to leave due to complaints native parents. She asks will certainly to teach her around romance and the 2 share a kiss.

Songs:‘Do girlfriend Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)’ – Holly‘Animal’ – The Warblers‘Kiss’ – will & Holly‘Landslide’ – Holly, Santana, & Brittany‘Afternoon Delight’ – Emma, Carl, Puck, Rachel, & Quinn

2×16 ‘Original Song’

brand-new Directions and The Warblers prepare for Regionals. With Quinn’s support, Rachel is ultimately able to to convince the group that they should write initial songs. The group finds motivation from Sue’s bullying and also write the anthem ‘Loser prefer Me.’ Rachel confronts Quinn about the truth of her relationship with Puck and also Quinn admits the two have actually been dating for number of weeks. She speak Rachel that her path does no follow Finn and she can not be angry v Quinn for forcing she to check out this. Rachel is really upset by the altercation and also uses Quinn’s words to create the tune ‘Get that Right.’ over at Dalton, kurt complains that Blaine always gets the solos and, ~ watching cut sing an emotional song, Blaine insists the he and Kurt do a duet for Regionals. Once they gain ready come practice, Blaine confesses that he has developed feelings for Kurt and also wanted an excuse to spend much more time through him. The 2 then re-publishing their very first kiss. Brand-new Directions end up placing an initial at Regionals and the team unanimously awards Rachel the first ever MVP award.

Songs:‘Misery’ – The Warblers‘Blackbird’ – Kurt and also the Warblers‘Trouty Mouth’ – Santana‘Big Ass Heart’ – Puck‘Hell come the No’ – Mercedes‘Candles’ – The Warblers‘Raise her Glass’ – The Warblers‘Get that Right’ – Rachel, Brittany, & Tina‘Loser prefer Me’ – brand-new Directions

2×17 ‘A Night of Neglect’

new Directions requirements to raise funds for take trip to new York, so will decides they will sell salt water taffy. Numerous members are also on the school decathlon team, which likewise needs to raise money, and Holly Holliday has the idea of stop a benefit concert. Sue develops what she call the “League that Doom” to damage the glee club. Will certainly tries to help Emma with her OCD issues and she tells him the Carl has actually filed for an annulment. Holly realizes that will still has feelings because that Emma and also tells him the she is moving. Kurt and also Blaine to visit the advantage concert and also are harassed by Karofsky, but Santana comes to their defense. Versus all odds, the decathlon team earns enough money to walk to your competition wherein they win.

Songs:‘All by Myself’ – Sunshine‘I monitor Rivers’ – Tina‘Turning Tables’ – Holly‘Ain’t No Way’ – Mercedes

2×18 ‘Born This Way’

Rachel’s nose is damaged during a run rehearsal and her doctor argues she acquire a sleep job. As soon as Rachel seriously considers having actually the surgical procedure Will decides to usage Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ to teach the youngsters to accept their flaws. Santana decides to sign up with the race for prom queen to bolster she popularity. She threatens to the end Karofsky if he doesn’t aid her get Kurt ago to McKinley. After ~ Karofsky dear apologizes and also reveals his true motives to Kurt, kurt is finally persuaded that he will be safe and returns to McKinley. As part of the lesson, Will likewise tries to assist Emma and also get her to concerned terms through her OCD. In the end, Emma goes to view a psychiatrist and also Rachel decides versus the surgery, but Santana and Karofsky room unable to recognize their homosexuality.

Songs:‘I feeling Pretty/Unpretty’ – Rachel & Quinn‘I’ve Gotta be Me’ – Finn & Mike‘Somewhere just We Know’ – The Warblers‘As If We never ever Said Goodbye’ – Kurt‘Born This Way’ – new Directions

2×19 ‘Rumours’

Sue reinstates the school newspaper and has that filled with false stories about members the the glee club. A series of rumors begin floating around causing a good deal that discord amongst the group. Artie confronts Brittany around her cheating through Santana, yet when he grow frustrated and calls her stupid she breaks up through him. That is suspected that both Quinn and also Kurt are cheating on your boyfriends when they space seen on different occasions leaving Sam in ~ a motel room. It is later revealed the Sam’s father shed his job and also they have actually been compelled to live in the motel because their residence was foreclosed on; Kurt and also Quinn to be helping them. The glee club members come together to get ago the etc Sam was compelled to pawn in a show of support. April Rhodes returns and asks will certainly to aid her through a show she is about to placed out on Broadway.

Songs:‘Dreams’ – April & Will‘Never Going ago Again’ – Artie‘Songbird’ – Santana‘I Don’t desire to Know’ – Quinn & Finn‘Go Your own Way’ – Rachel‘Don’t Stop’ – new Directions

2×20 ‘Prom Queen’

it is time because that the junior prom at McKinley and the competition between prom king and queen candidates – Finn and Quinn, Puck and Lauren, Karofsky and also Santana – intensifies. Kurt asks Blaine to walk to prom v him and Blaine agrees, return reluctantly since he had obtained beaten up at a dance at his old school for gift gay. Left there is no dates, Rachel, Mercedes, and also Sam all decide to walk together. They are then joined by Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Jesse St. James, as soon as he unexpectedly reflects up and also apologizes for his behavior the vault year.

Puck, who wants to boost his negative boy image, and also Artie, who wants to admire Brittany, make a arrangement to spike the punch. Artie is recorded pouring something in the bowl by Sue, but he refuses to offer Puck up and also tells her it to be non-alcoholic lemonade. Finn i do not care jealous once he sees Rachel having fun dancing through Jesse and also they both obtain kicked out by Sue once they start to fight. Not long after that is announced that Karofsky winner prom king and also Kurt winner prom queen as a write-in candidate. Cut is humiliated and also runs indigenous the gym, however after Blaine comforts the he goes ago in and also accepts the crown. When he and Karofsky walk out to have actually the classic king and also queen dance Kurt encourages Karofsky come come out, however he claims he can’t and runs out. Kurt is left standing over there alone till Blaine comes up and asks him to dance.

Songs:‘Rolling in the Deep’ – Jesse & Rachel‘Isn’t She Lovely’ – Artie, Finn, Sam, Puck, & Mike‘Friday’ – Artie, Sam, & Puck‘Jar of Hearts’ – Rachel‘I’m not Gonna Teach her Boyfriend just how to Dance through You’ – Blaine, Brittany, & Tina‘Dancing Queen’ – Santana & Mercedes

2×21 ‘Funeral’

will certainly hires Jesse together a consultant come the glee society to aid them prepare because that Nationals. Jesse speak him they require to identify who the ideal singer is and center the performances around that person. Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, and Kurt every audition and also Jesse ridicules them all but Rachel, stating that she is the clean winner. Will certainly decides to neglect Jesse’s advice and have castle write an ext original songs that the entire group can perform.

Sue’s sister, Jean, overcome away and Sue is devastated by the loss. She allows Finn and Kurt to plan the funeral and for the new Directions to sing. They find that Jean’s favourite movie was Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory, so they decision to usage the movie as impetus for the funeral. Sue is really touched by all they do and also tells will that that is a good friend and that she will certainly no longer seek to damage the glee club. After ~ the funeral Finn division up v Quinn since he has realized that he still has actually feelings for Rachel.

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Songs:‘Back come Black’ – Santana‘Some People’ – Kurt‘Try a small Tenderness’ – Mercedes‘My Man’ – Rachel‘Pure Imagination’ – brand-new Directions

2×22 ‘New York’

brand-new Directions travels to brand-new York City because that Nationals where they check out the city, looking for catalyst to compose their songs. Will contemplates leave to sign up with April Rhodes on Broadway, but decides to continue to be with the glee club after he it s okay to sing from a Broadway stage once. Finn bring away Rachel top top a date and also she gets to meet one of her idols, Patti LuPone. Rachel is torn in between her love because that Finn and also her dream the the stage. After to sing on the Broadway phase with kurt she realizes that her dream is her true love and she and Kurt vow come return to brand-new York for college.

The children manage to acquire two song written just in time for the competition, yet are every shocked once Rachel and Finn re-publishing an unscripted kiss at the finish of one of the songs. Jesse speak Finn the their kiss will price them the competition and they finish up coming in 12th place. Once they return home Kurt filling Blaine in on all the transpired and also the two declare that they love each other. Rachel speak Finn the she will certainly be walk to new York after graduation, but they share a kiss once he reminds her the is a year away.

Songs:‘I Love brand-new York/New York brand-new York’ – brand-new Directions‘Still obtained Tonight’ – Will‘Bella Notte’ – Sam, Puck, Artie, & Mike‘For Good’ – Rachel & Kurt‘As lengthy as you’re There’ – Sunshine & Vocal Adrenaline‘Pretending’ – Rachel & Finn‘Light up the World’ – new Directions