Germany, is a country in western Europe. This country is known for its development technology, provides it among the top location for Indonesian student to continue their education in the ar of an innovation and engineering. In fact, Germany is likewise known as “Das land der Dichter und Denker” or the nation of poets and also thinkers. Together the 3rd blog of ours countries series we will talk about Germany!


Here’s are the perform of things that could make foreigners experience culture shock once they room in Germany:

Stores space Closed ~ above Sunday

Shops in Germany are closed on Sundays, its due to the fact that Sunday is a noncommercial day explicitly. Sunday was already a remainder day because that customers and also retailers in Germany, also long prior to COVID-19 pandemic access time the world. That is regulation in the “Ladenschlussgestz” or Shop Closing law that half all kind of stores from opening. 

Paying the Bills

In Germany, as soon as you walk to a restaurant or go out v your friends, when the waitress comes because that the bill, lock will immediately ask if you want to pay with each other or separately, and about 90% of people in Germany will pay separately, wherein they will only pay what castle order. 

Pfand logo design in Plastic Bottle and Cans 

You have the right to return plastic bottles and cans through Pfand logo design at any type of supermarket of your choice. Girlfriend can find collecting machine inside or in the enntrance gate of supermarket. Yet if friend squeeze the bottle and also logo is not known by the machine, the scanner will refuse it, publication the recycling process and girlfriend will lose your money.

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Germany is an extremely different native Indonesia. Friend don’t need to pay to usage the autobahn, you deserve to enter and also exit together you great without paying anything. Of course you salary this in you taxation every month, yet on the autobahn chin you don’t have to stop, queue, and also pay anything. In various locations of Germany’s autobahn, there is no rate limit, where human being can drive as fast as castle want.

University totally free Tuition System

Public universities in Germany perform not charge tuition fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s programme (except if you pick un-linear study program). The only exception is the federal State the Baden-Württemberg, i m sorry students indigenous non EU countries have to salary 3000 EUR/year. Most of universities in Germany room public, whereby students only have to pay an administration fee, which generally costs between 100 – 350 EUR/semester.

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German Language

German language is the most widely spoken language in the EU. Around 130 million people speak German together their mommy tongue and second language. And also it is the main language in 7 countries. German and English share 60% of your vocabulary. To to compare this, French just share 27% of your vocabularies. Among the most amusing thing about German language is that part German speaker don’t understand each other. Conventional textbook German is largely being talked in Hamburg, but that is no the dialect that German speaker use and also some of lock have obstacles understand each otter. The hardest dialect to know is in Bavaria, even it has been said that when world in phibìc German needs to use subtitles if watching Bavarian movies.

So over there you have it, some facts around Germany. Us will continue to take it up information that most human being don’t know about in the soul to strengthen our knowledge and understanding around nations and its people!