opening on Friday is “P.S. Ns Love You,” the new dramedy certification Hilary Swank and also Gerard Butler. Here’s the synopsis:

Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) is beautiful, smart, and also married come the love of she life—a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry (Gerard Butler). So when Gerry’s life is take away by an illness, that takes the life out of Holly.But before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of letter that will guide her, not only through she grief however in rediscovering herself. The an initial message arrives on Holly’s 30th date of birth in the type of a cake and, to she utter shock, a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to order she to get out and also “celebrate herself.” In the weeks and also months that follow, an ext letters from Gerry are ceded in how amazing ways, each sending her top top a brand-new adventure and each signing turn off in the exact same way: P.S. Ns Love You.

through Gerry’s words as her guide, Holly embarks ~ above a touching, exciting and also often hilarious trip of rediscovery in a story about marriage, friendship and how a love so solid can rotate the finality of death into brand-new beginning because that life.

for this reason to help promote the movie, i was maybe to get involved in roundtable interviews witha the majority of the cast and also the one below is v King Leonidas… I average Gerard Butler.

during our roundtable interview Gerard covered a variety of subjects – from all the success he is been having actually to every the jobs he can have comes up. If you a fan of Gerard you’ll absolutely like this interview. And even though I already posted several of the "Watchmen" price quotes a couple of weeks back, i figured you can want to read the remainder of the interview.

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Q: deserve to you phone call me how difficult the opening fight sequence on this movie was compared with the 300?

Gerard Butler: Well, over there were less troops to rally, although sometimes I think rallying myself is more daunting than rallying various other people. This scene’s a actual mixture due to the fact that on the one hand us had good chemistry together, and a most things fell into place immediately, ns was amazed just how we played off each other, however on the other side the that, this has acquired to be one of the longest opening scenes in a modern-day movie. It’s prefer 15 minutes long, and also to try and save that going and justify that size of scene, since your typical scene is two minutes maybe, this was ridiculous, for this reason to shot and store it v actions, and movement and also emotion and mood and tempo, to allow it to it is in that long without acquiring bored, that was the challenge. That was much more finessing. And also then to execute that and also still keep it natural and keep the spark and also that chemistry the we had actually alive and also fresh, the was a challenge.

Q: as soon as do friend think the the best time to get back into the dating video game when you’ve lost someone?

Gerard Butler: (he laughs) Well, my ethical opinion ~ above this is – once is the appropriate time come get back into it, i don’t know, i’ve never been in that situation and I think the it probably depends on the person. Yes a friend of mine mom’s who passed away who had the many amazing partnership with her husband, castle were one of the many incredible marriages and he married within six months of her dying, i beg your pardon was kind of a little weird, but everybody rather who construed that in a way that the was simply filling it v a friend, and yet with other human being it would certainly be five, ten years, ns think it simply depends top top the person, you can’t ever have a rule for that.

Q: We know you sing, yet you had actually to play guitar for this – did girlfriend actually loss asleep stand in front of a mirror.

Gerard Butler: ns did, ns did, but that to be the heroin though. It wasn’t heroin by the way, however actually think it was an Ambien but I was play – ns obsessive, right, and also I’m not a etc player and I often uncovered the best method to define for me do the efforts to find out to pat the guitar and also sing a song and then action in any kind of way, I could never execute all three. I could do two, yeah, I might only execute two. I can either perform this and move roughly where lock told me to yet not acquire the native right, or I can sing the words and move yet then the notes would be a mess, I might never quite acquire all three. And I practiced and also practiced and practiced, and also the other who was to teach me maintained saying, ‘Just do it simple, simply go with two or three notes,’ however I want to acquire every note in the song. And I just wouldn’t provide it up, and I would simply play all the time, all the time, and also I remember stand in former of the mirror one night, and I was just like (feigns fall asleep) and I uncovered myself collapsing, and I walk it like three times, I’m choose (sleeps), and also then I believed I should go come bed. And also I tho fucked it up.

Gerard Butler: (he laughs) there was certainly Amsterdam (everyone laughs). Wow, that’s a good question actually. Ns wish ns had much more time to think around it though due to the fact that there have been a most highlights this year. I would certainly say number one would most likely be the night the 300 opened and we sort of jumped native cinema come cinema, over there were like 25 the us, agents and also the producers and all the civilization from the film, jumping right into the earlier of every cinema, and to see exactly how busy castle were, and to see the lines, and also suddenly everyone I’d ever before met calling, ‘We can’t also get in to see this cursed movie,’ and also they were getting these emails literally going 10 million, 15 million, 18 million, 19 million, the following day, 25, 29, 31, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, for it to save going favor that is something that I’d never experienced, particularly this no a franchise, it no a Superman or a Pirates, and likewise it to be a film that ns was in, this no happen. So that was a to mark of my career, and what was exceptional was, ns was surrounded by some really serious producers who I could tell this had actually never happened to them before either. Ns was enduring something the was also a to mark in a lot of their lives. So over there was the – ns trying come think what else there was – therefore much has happened to me this year. Oh God, you know what, it took me long enough to explain that one, that was pretty amazing. It was a great question though.

Gerard Butler: friend know, I’ll call you, ns don’t know. Zack’s crazy. So am I. Therefore it’s funny cause... That’s a male I owe sitting below to, yeah ns was a big part that 300, however that’s Zack’s movie. It’s his genius the made 300 what that was, it was a an excellent marriage between the two of us. I was in a an excellent position…I would’ve loved to jump right into Watchmen and done something, but I had plenty to be doing top top my very own as well. I’ve excellent the graphic novel movie so because that me not to walk on and also do one more one is fine, but I would certainly love to work with Zack again… yet that duty has been on and also off and on and off and the funny point is us haven’t also talked about it, but I store hearing rumors that, ‘Zack’s walking to give you a call.’ I know he’s busy, one minute the function was cut cause of budget and then the was back in and then it to be cut…so I store hearing, ‘he’s going to contact you… oh, probably not.’ however my stunt male who is ~ above my movie – the one in brand-new Mexico - just went approximately there and he texted me and said, ‘Zack’s providing you a call reason he desires you to execute that role.’ so I have actually no idea. Ns think, appropriate now, they are so recorded up with the main body of the movie that ns guess they probably don’t know if they’re walk to perform that or not. However if my schedule permits, i don’t complete my film until the finish of January, and I think they’ll still it is in going... If it’s roughly I’d love to walk up there. It would certainly be yes, really cool come get earlier on a set with Zack.

Q: It’s great to view you gain bigger projects and an ext profile, will this damn you, will you ever do something prefer Dear Frankie again, which is among my favorite movies?

Gerard Butler: No. I’m done with the low budgets (everyone laughs) Absolutely, i mean, ns hope so. Girlfriend know, Nim’s Island come an extent, and it’s a bigger budget, but it’s – because that me in some methods it’s quite a square film, it’s a children’s film, the a the majority of fun and also it’s beautiful, yet it’s no 300. Also this movie to an extent, it’s for this reason the opposite, if I read this script and the budget plan for this film had actually been $500,000 I’d still have actually done it, since I walk by the script and the character, and you have your paydays and also then you have your ones the aren’t paydays, and also to be moral the first three movies ns did after ~ 300, none of them were yes, really paydays because that me. There’s man Ritchie’s film, i beg your pardon is definitely not a payday, and also even Nim’s Island since it wasn’t my movie, and also they’re all fine however there was a suggest where ns said, ‘I’ve acquired to begin thinking around that a tiny more.’ for this reason I would certainly absolutely go back. At the end of the work I have the right to survive, ns make enough to get by, and that’s my sustenance anyway, to execute that. Mine sustenance is not simply to carry out the smaller sized ones, it’s to do them all, that to acquire a possibility to carry out the larger ones, the smaller ones, the tool ones, the comedies, the dramas, the action, the thriller. That as much to keep myself interested and also to keep trying brand-new things all the time.

Gerard Butler: There’s things I prefer about both. Generally when i’m doing activity I think I choose comedy, and when i’m doing comedy i think I favor action. I think the as much as i’m loving – ns doing an activity movie appropriate now and in terms of – girlfriend don’t obtain much an ext fun 보다 the activity in that because it’s every encompassing, it’s everywhere, you’re surrounded by it, explosions, gunfire, and just prefer 300 the the best set up, none of it is gratuitous due to the fact that it’s all – the plot to adjust it increase perfectly. It’s set in a game, you have to see every this. As with in 300, it’s like, look, this is 300 bad-asses, however let’s put them versus an army of a million, it’s the perfect set up because that the many kick-ass fight you’ve ever before seen. Likewise, in a way, for this reason is Game. However that’s cool, however while i’m doing i’m like, I certainly don’t want to perform that sort of stuff forever, and yet I’m having actually the ideal time on it, i really am, but it’s hard work, it’s difficult work and also you miss the chance to sit down and do scenes where you’re just having actually a continual conversation, you’re acquiring the opportunity to it is in funny. Similar to as a human being being, ns wouldn’t want to work every work of my life, I want to have some leisure time, I desire to have actually some sexy time, I want to have some – friend know, you desire to have the ability to experience every the parts of her psyche and all the components of humanity and also life, and also it’s like that in films, I desire to have the ability to do every the various areas, you know. Ns couldn’t just do acting.

Q: It was so important that you and Hilary had some chemistry in this, what did you carry out at the start when friend met to get some sparks going? Did you have any type of rehearsals in ~ all?

Gerard Butler: yes we had rehearsal. Well, we had actually rehearsal and also we hung out. I in reality though don’t think the it to be something us really had to work-related at. If we had actually to job-related at it probably we would certainly have, but we never had actually to execute that, we have a good spark with each other and additionally we’re both, I mean – she a pretty exceptional actress, so maybe she – girlfriend know, i felt we actually had it, probably she had to play it a little bit, i don’t know. Ns feel that us have great chemistry together, for this reason that component of the is simply you have. I recognize for me, prior to I go in, i made a decision that ns was walk to get out of that leading guy head you obtain into, which is not – I’m no a diva in any type of way, ns think I’m an extremely down come earth, yet when you’re playing the title function in a movie or the lead in the is a substantial role, girlfriend can’t help but get captured up in your own head, and sometimes you just want come throw that away, and I thought, ‘I’m going to try the opposite,’ i beg your pardon was litter my focus fully onto Hilary and Richard, and I claimed that come Richard when I met him, I stated I’m simply going to go, ‘How space you doing today? and also how’s boy name doing?’ and I yes, really tried that, and also I had actually so lot fun doing the movie, taking all the push off myself, and also I felt no pressure in mine performance, ns felt therefore relaxed and at ease, and I know that if anything that simply opened up more of a trust in Hilary together well.

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Gerard Butler: Yeah, that’s exactly it. Ns knew the she wasn’t out to acquire me, ns wasn’t out to acquire her, us were just having fun and also making other that us both loved.

Q: speak of big paychecks and huge action movies, the rumor is the you’re going come be play Sabretooth in the Wolverine movie. Room you looking forward to fighting Wolverine?

Gerard Butler: It’s not true.

Q: It’s absolutely not true?

Gerard Butler: ns haven’t also met top top it. Ns haven’t spoken to anybody and also I haven’t seen a script. And I think i’m working as soon as it’s going on. So it’s not…

Q: therefore if they to be to offer it to you after friend wrap Game, would certainly you be interested in law it?

Gerard Butler: Listen, I’d be interested in anything approximately I review a script.

Q: and what’s the story v Untouchables? room you tho in the running for this DePalma thing?

Gerard Butler: Yeah, i was signed up to perform it but now it’s a little bit ~ above the backburner in ~ the moment… trying to get every little thing together, financing…what execute you contact it Capone. It’s prefer a most things, you get connected with them and also it takes a small longer, girlfriend know.

Q: so what does that average for ~ when video game wraps? perform you have actually anything lined up?

Gerard Butler: yes nothing i’m doing because that definite, but there are a couple of things that I’m near to. That hard because of the win right currently to understand what needs to be re-written and what doesn’t. What can come before the actors strike…if that happens. There are too numerous variables to have actually a definite.