Does anyone recognize of any type of RPGs whereby you can marry, have actually children, and then play as those children, and also so on?

I believe record of agarest war and also some fire emblems perform this (Idk i beg your pardon ones).

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Any others that do this as well? Really searching for a game like this due to the fact that it's different from the usual single protagonist all the means through a story kind of games.

Phantasy Star III for the Genesis plays the end over three generations. Depending on which characters marry, you have different possible protagonists in each successive generation.

Came come say this.

Very cool story and game yet you really have actually to obtain into it since the music and sound effects are annoying, irritating, and awful every at the very same time

I carry out like the one monitor in the chapels, it's like a 10 2nd loop however it sounds neat.

Came here to say this. PSIII is the black lamb of the family yet I thought the generations concept made that a complete stand out

Maybe Fire Emblem: family tree of the divine War? You have the right to matchmake systems in the game, and those systems will have children, that you’ll play together in the second component of the game.

Where else can you stimulate your son to marry the genius attractive daughter of your sister, then make her fall in love through you and have a child that's your son, grandson and grand-nephew in ~ the exact same time?

I believe Agarest battles plays ~ above for three generations. There space multiple gamings with the same idea.

Edit: through multiple games, I typical multiple Agarest games.

I believe there are four:

Agarest the war

Agarest of battle 2

Agarest of war zero

Agarest marriage

Not a timeless RPG (more of an XCOM format strategy/tactics game), but Massive Chalice has actually you kinds marriages between your characters to develop hybrid class offspring, and children get good and negative traits from their parents and also can inherit weapon upgrades

Romancing SaGa 2 does specifically this. Haven’t played it, yet take a look. An alleged to be an extremely difficult, though.

No, Romancing SaGa 2 has actually a "generations" mechanic, but no marital relationship or children. It's an ext like picking a different generic character/team after some time (completing specific events). But the personalities aren't paired and also the next generations aren't descendant, but other people that have actually inherited the skills and expertise of the previous. This is not a spoiler, by the way, it's the straightforward explanation the the video game mechanics v the plot of the game.

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Thank girlfriend so much. Heard of this one. I recognize there's an Android harbor too. Supposedly their really open ended. I'll give it a shot!

Kynseed apparently has actually this as a core feature. Its meant to sit in the RPG/Stardew hybrid space. In EA on heavy steam atm


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