G-Shaped kitchen setup makes her kitchen an ext spacious and inviting especially if it incorporates seating arrangement for serving meals. The setup creates much more storage space for her kitchen appliances.

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The G-shaped kitchen is an extension of the U-shaped kitchen which mainly used with small size house designs. Before considering making use of a G-shaped kitchen, you should know its pros and cons and also evaluate even if it is it’s ideal for girlfriend or not.


1. Private/open kitchen: having actually a G-shaped architecture gives girlfriend an opportunity to cover every the wall surfaces of the kitchen making it an ext private or friend may also decide to leave the walls open thus having actually an open kitchen plan.

2. Communication space: This layout helps you create more space for working in the kitchen. Girlfriend will be able to have more surface areas to carry out your work contrasted to a U-shaped design.

3. Wall surface cabinets: G-shaped design permits you to build cabinets ~ above the three walls creating much more space because that storage of your kitchen items.

4. Base cabinets: Not just will you have the ability to have wall surface cabinets but additionally some basic cabinets which gives you an ext room because that various house appliances like fridge, a dishwasher or any kind of other under the counter appliance.

5. Peninsula: Most the the G-shaped kitchen layout has an open setup living area and also a peninsula in ~ the front area of her living space. This provides you the opportunity to affix with her guest and family if cooking.

6. Breakfast bar: If you include peninsula to her kitchen area, it deserve to act as the breakfast bar.

7. Flexibility: G-Shaped layout has ample flexibility by giving a the majority of counters or communication to job-related on and also create enough storage space.

8. Kitchen work-related triangle: You have the right to lay down a kitchen work-related triangle which have the right to accommodate many cooks therefore eliminating access to busy occupational triangle area. The extra counter room allows more than one chef to work-related together at the exact same time.

9. An ext privacy: G-shaped layout provides you much more privacy than the U-shaped layout. You deserve to raise the walls of the layout come add much more privacy.

10. Good design: G-shaped architecture can job-related well for any size of the kitchen. You deserve to easily develop walkways, have the ability to socialize and also entertain in this form of layout.


1. Too much space: A G-Shaped kitchen gives you more room to save items. If her living alone, girlfriend may find the space too lot for you and if you don’t require that much space, then you don’t need to use this design.

2. Overstuffed kitchen: Having also many wall cabinets and also other warehouse units’ makes the kitchen look little than it is.

3. Corner constrain: Getting items native the edge cabinet deserve to be a bit complicated unless you have actually some accessories which can assist you get items stored at the edge base.

4. Complex design: G-shaped style involves an ext work and you have to be more an imaginative on wherein to install the cookers, sink and other kitchen appliances.

5. Affects accessibility: If G-shaped kitchen is not effectively designed, it have the right to limit accessibility into the kitchen area.

6. Size: also though you have the right to have added cabinets in ~ the wall surface and ~ above the base, if the kitchen is small, it will only accommodate one cook.

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7. No-throughway: If the kitchen is also a collection spot, there will be no throughway and the people gathered can obtain in the means of the cook.

8. Spread of appliances: Kitchen appliances space spread out. Therefore, the layout is not suitable for a large kitchen design.


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