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Genevieve Hannelius and also Bradley Steven Perry to be in one on-screen matchup.

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On display screen Matchups

Genevieve Hannelius and Bradley Steven Perry to be in good Luck Charlie(2010) together.


Genevieve Hannelius is a 22 year old American Actress. Born Genevieve items Hannelius on 22nd December, 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, she is renowned for Courtney Patterson in enduring Suburbia, Dakota Condor in Sonny v a Chance, Jo Keener in an excellent Luck Charile, Avery Jennings in Dog with a Blog in a career that spans 2006–present. She zodiac authorize is Capricorn.

Bradley Steven Perry is a 22 year old American Actor. Born on 23rd November, 1998 in Ventura County, CA, USA, the is famous for good Luck Charlie. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


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Genevieve Hannelius
Bradley Steven Perry


Good luck Charlie2010


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JasonNov 23, 2014

They space not dating and leave it at that.Yes ns am Jelious!!!!!!!!!

callieAug 29, 2014

they r not dating im sure.he"s cute it is sure.i really favor as an actor and also plan to accomplish him c:

Jackie ZunigaJul 11, 2014

I think they room a great couple if they are or aren"t date they deserve to be together also if she is short since I"m short to and I"m no that perfect. However she deserves come be through him cause he is cute guilty together charge yet its true so ns disagree through who were selfish to say the they are much better than G Hanneluis also if they room pretty they cant simply say that.

Adrienne_FayeJun 1, 2014

I think they"re rlly cute together.. The doesn"t issue if she"s shorter. It"s typical for the girl to be shorter than the guy.

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NatalieDec 23, 2013

There a terrible couple it place the i in devastating gross and also shes means to short for the hes way netter for that p.o.s. Im means better

jacquelineNov 19, 2013

this is therefore cute this place the u in cute

EliseOct 27, 2013

I think that should date Sidney Fullmer

vanessaSep 29, 2013

ithink they no dating they just friends

KiltApr 10, 2013

Is that true cuz she looks shorter then Bradley

SarahMar 4, 2013

They look choose a good pair but they i m so sad aren't dating

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