10 people You Forgot showed up On The new Prince of Bel-Air will Smith himself has become a vast celebrity due to the fact that The fresh Prince of Bel-Air, however his show also had a many celebrity cameos.

While will certainly Smith is currently an A-list actor, his acting career really started off with The fresh Prince the Bel-Air in 1990. The present was a hit because that NBC and also lasted a total of six seasons. Transparent the show’s history, there were several celebrity appearances choose Tyra Banks, who had actually a recurring role on the show starting in season 4.

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Other celebrities had much more of a cameo duty in the show, based on their pop society status at the time. Regardless, of your popularity, there were a ton that celebrities on The Fresh Prince you might have forgotten about. Below are 10 people You Forgot showed up On The new Prince that Bel-Air.

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Oprah and Will smith in The new Prince that Bel Air
Oprah Winfrey is often considered one the the most significant women in America and also it"s not difficult to check out why. Oprah is not only a well known talk present host, yet her career has actually spanned into politics, philanthropy, and also even spiritual leadership. With as popular as Oprah is, it"s not difficult to understand why she was favored to be at the center of one of The fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s episodes

Oprah shows up in the episode “A Night at the Oprah” from season 3, whereby the banks family is invited onto the Oprah Winfrey Show. In 1992, Oprah remained in the hey-day of she talk display career, for this reason it provides sense why she got a cameo on the sitcom.

Malcolm Jamal Warner Karyn Parsons, will Smith, and Raven Symone in The new Prince the Bel Air
Malcolm Jamal Warner and Raven-Symoné’s both showed up on The fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but they are an ext known for their function on The Cosby Show. Warner appeared in the episode “Cased Up”, whereby he dram a friend of Hillary’s. Eric ends up suing will after they gain into a vehicle accident.

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Symoné on the various other hand appears in a later episode the season 2 called “Vying because that Attention” as the daughter of Vy Smith’s boyfriend. Both had small, yet memorable appearances on the show, specifically since The Cosby Show ended the exact same year they appeared on The fresh Prince. 

Chris Rock and Will smith in The new Prince of Bel-Air
kris Rock is just one of the most popular comedians in Hollywood, however he likewise had a small duty on The new Prince the Bel-Air in the season 6 illustration “Get a Job”. Absent plays 2 characters, Maurice and also Jasmine Perry. By the time of his illustration in 1995, Rock was still mostly recognized for his stand-up comedy and Saturday Night Live, but he to be still a welcome surprised to the series.

Since then, absent has appeared in films like Top Five, The Longest Yard, and Grown Ups. Rock’s job has likewise taken an amazing turn as of late, together he is starring and producing a reboot of Saw. 

7 Jay Leno

WIll Smith and also Jay Leno in The fresh Prince that Bel-Air
Jay Leno is one of the most famed talk present hosts that Hollywood. Leno hosted The Tonight show from 1992 come 2014. Leno to be at the center of the episode in season 5 referred to as “Will’s increase the dirt Road”. In the episode, will get’s sued by Leno because that slander, which causes Will to infiltrate the collection of The this evening Show to set the documents straight.

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Leno has because retired from The this evening Show, but is still energetic in Hollywood. This day he is mostly well-known for his show Jay Leno’s Garage, wherein he talks around cars.

Queen Latifah is a well known hip-hop singer, yet she additionally is recognized for she acting. Latifah is most well-known for her duties in Taxi, Hairspray, Bringing down the House, and Chicago, the latter of which earned her her very first Oscar nomination. Latifah actually showed up on The fresh Prince the Bel-Air not once, yet twice.

She very first appeared in the season 1 finale “Working the Out” together a demanding actress that hires Hillary as an assistant. She then shows up again in season 2 in the illustration “She Ain’t Heavy”, playing a love attention to Will named Dee Dee Williams.

5 Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin is just one of the many recognizable talk-show hosts approximately due to his work-related on the Live through Regis and Kelly show, Who desires to it is in a Millionaire?, and also The Regis Philbin Show. With his celebrity status climbing even higher in the ‘80s and also ‘90s, the of course had to do an figure on The fresh Prince the Bel-Air.

Philbin shows up in the latter half of the final season in the illustration “I, Stank hole in One”. Philbin shows up as a talk present host the is trying to find a new co-lead. Hillary accepts the position, yet it isn’t fairly what she supposed it would certainly be.

Don Cheadle certainly wasn’t a huge celebrity in the early on ‘90s, yet he is now. Cheadle is mostly recognized for play James Rhodes, a.k.a. Battle Machine, in the Avengers films. In 1990 however, he play the character ice cream Tray on among the earlier episodes the season 1 dubbed “Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy”.

Tray is among Will’s friends from Philadelphia that comes to visit, that Hillary i do not care attracted to. Cheadle would certainly go on come act in movies such as Crash, Traitor, and Hotel Rwanda, the latter of which earned him his an initial Oscar nomination.

3 Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner walk a lot throughout his lifetime, but he is of course most famous for starting the Playboy magazine. Since of this, Hefner had a controversial lifestyle, but he was still always an iconic challenge in popular music culture.

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In 1993, Hefner appeared in the season 4 illustration “Fresh Prince after ~ Dark”, which shows Will deciding even if it is he have to go come the Playboy Mansion or top top a date with Jackie. Hefner showed up in a variety of movies and also TV reflects over the years, many of which had to perform with his Playboy legacy. Hefner passed far in September 2017 at the period of 91.

The surname Jaleel White might not sound at sight familiar, however the name Steve Urkel probably does. White showed up as Urkel in almost every illustration of the sitcom Family Matters, i beg your pardon aired for 215 episodes from 1989 to 1998. Well right into his run on Family Matters, White showed up in The fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the illustration “Not v My Cousin friend Don’t”.

The episode witnessed Ashley (Tatyana Ali) come to be romantically involved with a boy named Derek (White). White has continued to voice Steve Urkel in different projects end the years while making brief appearances in various other shows prefer Raven’s Home and also Drunk History.

1 Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield is among the most renowned boxers around, making background as the only human being to end up being the undisputed champion in an ext than one weight class. Holyfield also won a bronze medal in the 1984 Summer Olympics. Holyfield has appeared in movies favor Summer of Sam, Arthur and Grudge Match, but he likewise made an figure on The fresh Prince the Bel-Air in the ‘90s because that the episode “Deck the Halls”.

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In the episode, Holyfield has an concern with the Christmas lights that Will put up and comes come the mansion to face him about them, through Will not discovering it was Holyfield that yelled at on the phone. Fun fact, the wardrobe department placed a bulky coat on Evander to make him watch bigger due to the fact that it in reality looked like Will might take Evander.

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