Freak the Mighty is a renowned novel created in 1993. It tells the story of Max Kane, a saturday grader who is formidable in stature but struggles through an undiagnosed finding out disability and the trauma of losing his mother to violence in ~ a young age. Max"s brand-new neighbor Kevin "Freak" Avery shows up to it is in the polar opposite. Freak is extremely tiny and has a voracious love of discovering coupled with an superior vocabulary the stumps even their teachers! Freak"s dimension is because of a rare hereditary disorder that provides it difficult for him to walk. After striking up a friendship, Max bring away to delivering Freak up on his shoulders and also thus, "Freak the Mighty" is born: ready to embark on quests, slay dragons, assist damsels in distress, and also navigate the ever before treacherous people of center school!

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Freak the Mighty Summary

Freak the Mighty is the story of Max Kane, a seventh grader who takes after his father in that he is very huge in stature. Regardless of looking the dimension of an adult, Max has trouble in school and has an obstacle passing every grade. He has actually an undiagnosed learning disability coupled through trauma from shedding his mom to violence in ~ a young age. However, when Max meets Kevin "Freak" Avery, his life starts to change.

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Kevin, nicknamed Freak, is extremely little for his period at only around three feet tall in 7th grade. He suffers from a rare hereditary disorder that renders it daunting to walk and he has leg braces and crutches. However, in spite of his size, Freak is incredibly well-read and also has one astounding vocabulary. Freak seems to recognize everything around everything! the is specifically fond that literature and adventure story such together those about "King Arthur". Both guys have challenge navigating the human being of middle school and also strike increase an i can not qualify friendship.

Max and Freak kind a nearby bond and also go on plenty of adventures together. Max frequently carries Freak increase on his shoulders which earns them the nickname "Freak the Mighty" because together they space unstoppable. They outsmart bullies and attend all their classes together with Freak help Max ultimately learn come read and write. Freak tells Max that someday he will acquire a "Bionic" body to aid with his condition. Among Max and also Freak"s adventures leader them to the home of Iggy and Loretta Lee, two ex criminal who disclose to Freak (and the reader) for the first time the Max"s dad is Kenny "Killer" Kane, and is in jail for murder.

Max"s father eliminated his mom when Max was only four years old. Kane has remained in prison ever because but is up for parole despite the protests the Max"s grandparents. One night while Max is sleeping, Kane kidnaps him and also forces him come come with him come Iggy and also Loretta"s apartment building in a row of synopsis tenements. Kane ties up his child telling him the all these years he was unjustly imprisoned and also that he never ever murdered anyone. When Max tells his father the he to know he killed his mother, that he remembers that vividly, Kane goes right into a rage. Kane is around to death both Max and also Loretta, that tried to pertained to his aid. In a shocking twist, Freak crashes with the home window coming come the rescue just in time through outsmarting Kenny through a water gun!

The police arrive and Max"s father is sent back to jail. However, their relief is quick lived when a quick time later, Freak sick a seizure and also is rushed to the hospital. The is at the hospital that Max learns the Freak"s story around a "Bionic" body was simply that - a story. The knew that he would not make it through his condition, i m sorry is referred to as Morquio syndrome, however wanted to provide Max other to expect for. Prior to Freak overcome away, he offers Max a blank notebook telling him come write around all their adventures together.

Max bring away Freak"s passing really hard. He is depression for around a year before he ultimately summons the courage come take the end the empty notebook that Freak provided him and also begin come write. The is here when the reader realizes that the publication we"ve been reading is simply that: Max ultimately channeling his grief into writing around his and also Freak"s "unvanquished" friendship and their epos adventures.

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Who are the main characters in Freak the Mighty and what obstacles do they face?What are few of the symbols and motifs existing in the novel? just how does the symbolism assist you better understand the characters and also their motivations?What are few of the themes existing in the novel and also what lessons walk the author try to send to the reader?What space some instances of courage and also compassion displayed in the novel?
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