For example say I have actually a $100 bill. If i rip it up right into 2 halves, and shot to cash in each fifty percent at a different financial institution location, could I obtain $100?



You did not state which country you to be referring to, so I"m going to i think Canada.

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Obviously, the standard approach if friend accidentally rip a $100 bill in half would be to ice cream the two halves together. Failing that, though, the bank of Canada will certainly still expropriate damaged bills. A torn invoice consisting of much more than three-fifths that the note is worth complete value. A bill is worth fifty percent if between 40% and also 60% the the bill remains intact. The is precious nothing if less than this stays intact. This information originates from this source and this source (The an excellent Canadian Trivia book by Ray and Kearney).

In her example, each fifty percent would be worth $50. You would not be able to profit indigenous this approach. Indeed, I know of no nation where you can profit native this approach, for apparent reasons.


The united state Bureau of sculpture & Printing has actually a process for submitting a case for damaged or mutilated currency.

From your FAQQ: I have actually some currency that was damaged. My financial institution will no exchange it because that undamaged currency. What have the right to I do?

A: The office of Engraving and also Printing"s Office of currency Standards procedures all requests because that reimbursement because that damaged United says currency. They decide the redemption worth of take it or otherwise unfit currency by measure the sections of the notes submitted. Generally, they reimburse the full face value if plainly more than one-half that the original note remains. Currency fragments measuring less than one-half are not redeemable.


Something absent from every the currently answers, IMHO, is the reason that the U.S. (and every nation as much as ns know/guess) calls for you to existing visibly much more than 50% that the bill, in a single piece. If friend tear a $100 invoice in fifty percent and ice cream it earlier together, a conscientious financial institution teller have to refuse to expropriate it. (I have not experiment this theory in practice.)

The reason is Sam Loyd"s Get turn off The Earth puzzle. If you"re allowed to exchange a bill that"s been torn in two and has a piece missing out that the center — even a tiny piece — then you have the right to multiply your


Each "bill" in the AFTER photo definitely has an ext than 60% of a bill present; but the center two bills aren"t in a solitary piece, for this reason they are no longer legal tender.


Of course we still don"t know the currency you space talking about, i m sorry most certainly would do a distinction in the amount you could recover indigenous one-half of a bill, if anything at all.

For the reasons that have currently been given, this would most most likely not work.

But let"s say, the you controlled to pull it off. At least for united state currency, each half of the bill has the serial variety of the bill. I would certainly imagine that the process would involve record the serial variety of bills that were reimbursed and also it would likely be found out (eventually) the the invoice was reimbursed twice. This would certainly obviously no be good for you.

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In the US, a bank is enabled to replace damaged currency if plainly more than fifty percent of the invoice remains. If it"s no clear that much more than fifty percent of the bill remains, it would have to be turned in to the united state Bureau of engraving & to press or the united state Treasury, for examination and feasible reimbursement. Both of these agencies have actually programs for taking care of reimbursement the damaged currency.